Showroom_Brand introduction 2013


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Showroom_Brand introduction 2013

  1. 1. IntroductionBrand
  2. 2. Contents Company Overview(Structure) 3 Business Summary 4 Company Outlook GMS/SALES 5 6 7Brands(Product) Brands(Spcae) Mademoiselle Hee 5 Monolik 10 Mzuu C. hoiln VT by ViaTORY Black Muse 12 Joseph&Stacey 15 111-110 17 19 8 n 2 r 2 Co tact 6 Show oom 21 23
  3. 3. Company Introduction On/off-line Fashion Retail & Wholesale Round about
  4. 4. ISE Commerce Company Business Summary ISE Commerce Group has 4 different business area across the World based on business support platform services with many subsidiary companies Company Introduction 4 Business Area Platform Services (In-house) GICS - Global Inventory Control System with global logistics & warehouses SEM - Strategic Enterprise Management NGITA - Next Generation IT Architecture Marketing & 3C+Distribution Business Development Dining Fashion Retail & Wholesale Cosmetic Retail Lifestyle Goods Retail Sporting Goods Retail Fashion Brand Development B2B Business (Distribution Rights & License) B2C Business (On-line stores & Off-line stores) Franchise Business Restaurant Business Food / Beverage Distribution & Commerce Business Digital Commerce Enabler Website Development Advertising Drama Contents Business On-line Community & Contents Service Business Area
  5. 5. ISE Commerce Company Company Outlook GMS/SALES Growth & Forecasting Company Introduction 5 GMS1) Forecasting 1,193 1,493 1,630 2,678 3,704 5,186 *1) Gross Merchandising Sales (unit:100m) CAGR = 34.16% 2010(A) 2011(A) 2012(E) 2013(F) 2014(F) 2015(F) 465 510 536 992 1,422 2,014 66% 67% 76% 75% 77% 75% CAGR = 34.16% Sales Forecasting (unit:100m) Sales Forecasting GMS to Sales Transformation Ratio 2010(A) 2011(A) 2012(E) 2013(F) 2014(F) 2015(F)
  6. 6. Brands(Place) ISE Commerce Company Company Introduction 6 Off-line On-line Urban luxury premium outlets Contemporary multi brand store Showroom Mango+ store
  7. 7. Brands[Product] ISE Commerce Company Company Introduction 7 In-house Label Import Label De velopment LevelDevelopment Leve l Incubating Level Incubat (Showroom)ing Level
  8. 8. Brands Brands Introduction 8 Press Release Designer Eeunhee launched this brand in 2010 and named it [mademoiselle hee] containing her name and brand identity. The mademoiselle hee unveils faminine, softer and refreshing wear like a green rose which is symbol of [mademoiselle hee]. ISE Commerce Company DESIGNER. Eeunhee
  9. 9. Lookbook Brands Introduction 9 ISE Commerce Company 2013 Spring/Summer
  10. 10. Brands Brands Introduction 10 [WE DON’T LIKE COLOUR BUT, WE DON’T HATE COLOUR BUT] MONOLIK - a combination of the words ‘monochrome’ and ‘like’ - is a brand based on achromatic colour used less colour and print. focusing more on various shape & texture instead. NENE started learning classical music at the age of 6. From moving to Tokyo at the age of 20, she has been working in Tokyo, London & Italy as a DJ, song writer, remixing, producing, as well as a recent fashion project, “Monolik”. Her 1st album “Memento”was released in 2010. ISE Commerce Company DESIGNER. NEONETHY aka NENE about NENE Press Release
  11. 11. Lookbook Brands Introduction 11 ISE Commerce Company 2013 Autumn/Winter
  12. 12. Brands Brands Introduction 12 The MZ Company is an up and coming jewelry design company specializing in a wide selection of handmade, unique jewelry design. The MZUU line presents a wide array of trendy and glamorous accessorise. The Rollips line is focused more towards consumers that are looking for original, trendy, and fun accessorises. ISE Commerce Company MZ Company Press Release
  13. 13. Lookbook Brands Introduction 13 ISE Commerce Company M collection De Fleur H collection
  14. 14. Lookbook Brands Introduction 14 ISE Commerce Company
  15. 15. Brands Brands Introduction 15 Press Release The Joseph&Stacey is a bag brand which is spirit of London. It’s vintage and retro style. Proposes classic and casual designed shape consistantly presenting various colors every season. The Joseph&Stacey has been building up its own mania. ISE Commerce Company Joseph&Stacey
  16. 16. Lookbook Brands Introduction 16 ISE Commerce Company 2013 Spring/Summer
  17. 17. Brands Brands Introduction 17 The 111-110 is a brand based on “Minimalism” and “Unique”. It keeps to the basics but adds their own emotional design so enough to get people interested in the 111-110. It was named from “MENO” meaning “-(minus)” in Italian and is used in different sense “one of a kind”, “unique” as a number 1 calculated from [111-110]. ISE Commerce Company 111-110
  18. 18. Lookbook Brands Introduction 18 ISE Commerce Company 2013 Collection Coming Soon...
  19. 19. Brands Brands Introduction 19 The c. holyn aims to be unique and unconventional by challenging new ones. Focusing to make customers get surprised and emotionally charged from the c. holyn. ISE Commerce Company C. holyn
  20. 20. Lookbook Brands Introduction 20 ISE Commerce Company 2013 Spring/Summer
  21. 21. Brands Brands Introduction 21 The VT by ViaTORY is a contemporary designer jewelry brand which adds a modern twist to a simple shape. Their artistic emotions make the jewelry luxury and worth wearing for any occasion. ISE Commerce Company VT by ViaTORY Press Release
  22. 22. Lookbook Brands Introduction 22 ISE Commerce Company 2013 Spring/Summer VT by ViaTORY Animal collection
  23. 23. Brands Brands Introduction 23 The custom jewelry brand “Black Muse” has been created in 2007 by the Stylist Choi Su Jin. Her collections are vintage glam with a touch of that alternative modern look. for creation of ornaments she often uses cuses embroidery with contrasting materials. ISE Commerce Company Black Muse Celebrity
  24. 24. Brands Brands Introduction 24 ISE Commerce Company Lookbook
  25. 25. Company Introduction 25 Map Information Address B108, 656-1222, Sungsu-1dong, Sungdong-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel +82 (0)10 8317 0513 Open / Close 11:00AM ~ 6:00PM ISE Commerce Company SHOWROOM Mango+ MULTI - LABEL Mango+ showroom present the assortment of brands, from progressive designer to contemporary brand - Women & Men’ s Wear - Shoes & Bag - Accessories
  26. 26. ISE Commerce Company Contact Company Address ISE Commerce Inc. Saman Bldg 78 Samsung-dong, Kannam-gu Seoul, Korea About Business Opportunity, Contact to Merchandising&Sourcing Eva, An Email: