Four corner fusion


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Arthrodesis for mid carpal arthritis and SLAC and SNAC wrist

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Four corner fusion

  1. 1. Four Corner Fusion
  2. 2. Indications • post-traumatic or degenerative mid carpal bone arthrosis • carpal instability (SNAC or SLAC) - Stage 2 and 3 • failed partial arthrodesis
  3. 3. Aim • Reduce pain • Maintain ROM • Maintain grip strength • Maintain activities of daily living (ADL)
  4. 4. contraindication for a 4CF • Stiff wrist • Radio lunate arthritis • Erosive arthropathy Consider Proximal row carpectomy
  5. 5. Prerequisites • normal congruity without degenerative changes between the lunate fossa of the radius • At least 40% of ROM in Radio carpal joint • Good bone stock of 4 bones
  6. 6. Complications of implant in 4CF • Nonunion • Hardware failure • Dorsal wrist impingement
  7. 7. Approach • Radially based capsular flap • allows a wide exposure of the radiocarpal as well as the midcarpal joints • dorsal capsule ligament sparing • Preserve volar radioscaphocapitate ligament
  8. 8. Bone preparation • the articular surfaces of the four bones to be fused must be decorticated • bleeding cancellous bone • down to healthy cancellous bone • manipulate the lunate in a neutral position (joystick) • K Wire temporarily fixes the two bones (mini C-arm fluoroscopic), Midcarpal joint in slight extension - to increase wrist functionality
  9. 9. Technique 12 screw holes, 4 cortical screws and 8 TriLock locking screws reamer to create a recess for the four corner fusion plate
  10. 10. Seating recess • Center the reamer on the proximal (medially oriented) pole of the hamate • reamer perpendicularly, create recess by applying axial pressure • Ream downward until the plate can be inserted a little beneath the dorsal bone surface • 4 C filled with cancellous bone graft,
  11. 11. Plate alignment and fixation • 3 holes (1 fixation hole, 2 locking holes) per bone to be fused • at least 2 holes per carpal bone • correctly aligned • fixation hole through one of the lower plate holes 1.6mm drill • gold cortical screw Ø 2.0 mm (lag screw) • Remove the K-wires • blue TriLock locking screws Ø 2.0 mm are inserted through the upper plate holes at least 1 locking screw per carpal bone
  12. 12. Results • both procedures give improvements in pain and subjective outcome • PRC may provide better postoperative range of movement and lacks the potential complications • risk of subsequent osteoarthritis is significantly higher in PRC • Grip strength, pain relief and subjective outcomes are similar in both treatment groups. Mulford, J. S., Ceulemans, L. J., Nam, D., & Axelrod, T. S. (2009). Proximal row carpectomy vs four corner fusion for scapholunate (Slac) or scaphoid nonunion advanced collapse (Snac) wrists: a systematic review of outcomes. The Journal of hand surgery, European volume, 34(2), 256–263.
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