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Unlocking All That Talent
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Unlocking All That Talent


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Increase People Potential, Build Capacity, Bring in a Key leadership, Unlock all that Ta;ent in your team, Division and Organisation

Increase People Potential, Build Capacity, Bring in a Key leadership, Unlock all that Ta;ent in your team, Division and Organisation

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. UNLOCKING ALL THAT TALENT The Human Capital as a Strategic advantage Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 2. • The Human Capital tied up in the workforce is now acknowledged as the greatest source of Strategic Advantage, • The biggest component of most Future Investment, • An Organisation’s Asset. Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 3. • If unlocking the potential of the workforce is seen as the key to success……… • Then, people management is the most challenging, • And…….the most rewarding of all management activities! Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 4. • TO UNLOCK ALL THAT POTENTIAL • Managers need the skill & ability to build confidence based on trust & mutual respect. Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 5. • ONE: Empower your team • FOUR: Coaching for solutions • TWO: Set clear objectives • FIVE: Motivate at all times • THREE: Appraise performance • SIX: Employing the right people Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 6. 1: EMPOWER YOUR TEAM • Be honest about your own opinions & attitudes • Create the right balance between encouraging staff to get on with it & establishing boundaries of responsibility and authority • Establish continual & effective feedback process based on tasks (not personality) • Set the background for trust & openness Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 7. 2: SET CLEAR OBJECTIVES • S M A R T objectives • Meeting objectives is linked to decision making • Is also related to measures of efficiency (how quickly you can deliver) & effectiveness (how good the delivery is) • Check periodically if roles & responsibility are clearly defined • Demystify, clarify and remove ambiguities Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 8. 3: APPRAISE PERFORMANCE • Encourage self assessment & problem diagnosis • Offer suggestions but let them arrive at solutions • Focus on specific tasks • Understand individual’s potential & needs • Use inclusive style for making goals & plans Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 9. 4: COACHING FOR SOLUTIONS • Proven method for developing skills, potential and performance • Means working one-to-one to establish approach to learning • Provide encouragement & guidance to attain set objectives (of the coaching) Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 10. 5: MOTIVATE AT ALL TIMES • Find out what people want most from their jobs • More interesting work greater involvement greater recognition better support more opportunities for growth ….. • Accept that different people will respond in different ways Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 11. 6: EMPLOY THE RIGHT PEOPLE • Plan the recruitment process • Consistent policies & practice in selection • Periodic training & development • Involve them as partners in business • Know what you want in keeping with your vision Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 12. • People are the creative powerhouse of the Organisation and have a direct influence on Quality, Customer service, and Organisational flexibilty. Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 13. • At every level, the way they are managed influences their commitment and motivation. • So, now go on……… UNLOCK ALL THAT TALENT ! Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant
  • 14. THANK YOU Ms Vaijayanti Khare'..Management Consultant