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Enterprise Solutions

  1. 1. SYNDICATE NAME: Group No 9(Roll No.49-54) MEMBERS: NAME PRN Sheth Pooja Shirish 08020541049 Soumik Solanki 08020541050 Suresh Kumar 08020541051 Uma Shankar Jamdagney 08020541052 Vaibhav Misra 08020541053 Vineet Garg 08020541054 Vertical: Enterprise Customer Solutions provider Indian Companies Market Size:Rs.95,273 Cr. Market Growth:24% Year on Year Competition: Major Indian Competitor in enterprise Customer Solution business are Bharti Airtel Enterprise Services , Reliance Communication, BSNL , SIFY, Tulip IT services etc. Description: The scope of work includes study of all kinds of Services, Solution & Support(SSS) provided by a Provider company which either has its Infrastructure or leased out Infra. to its Enterprise Customer. Today’s scenario is very diff from the ones we had seen even in last decade. What was seemingly impossible earlier to large Enterprise is now a common and available to even a small entity in arena of Business. With economic liberalisation India has seen mushrooming up of several SME which mostly are at remote location from the presence of the Operator providing them connectivity, also the data rate which was prevalent earlier ranged in Mbps at maximum requirement or else Kbps allowed smooth functioning. Not only with advancement of technology seen in OMEs but also increase in customer base requiring solution for enterprise business which can be blend of say Mobile & Voice solution to an enterprise Customer for their low cost voice application needs, provoked increase in solution provided by these companies. There is also a great demand for Ready made Office solution for the enterprise customer business applications. The need for storage and Backend server support for their E-Mail management was again seen a great demand in upcoming time. These were the customised solution provided by the Provider to its customer for day to day Business needs. But there was another section of Enterprise customer coming up because of the Back Office job of countries like US & other European Countries out sourced to India. This requires real time applications and so high speed seamless data was reqd. for International Voice & Data outbound BPO. Also the Indian companies were growing competitive and Customer purchasing power and its behaviour was seen as a major parameter in deciding the fate of its business. This led to advent of Domestic Voice &
  2. 2. Data applications like Inbound BPO. There was also felt need to provide services at your door in least possible time which was covered by certain network and satellite connectivity in most secured manner in customer premises itself. All these Services and solution once provided need to be maintained 24*7 and be monitored and troubleshooted remotely was required. This led to birth of several Remote management Enterprise Solutions. This how enterprise solution business evolved from being just the media provider earlier to whole end to end solution provider for all business needs,making it a Separate Strategic Business Unit on whole to meet market synergies which vary from meeting all necessary standards and security of Enterprise Customer today. Top Companies in Vertical:- 1.Bharti Airtel Enterprise Services(High Market Growth) 2.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited-BSNL(High Market Presence)