Raise research selection


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Raise research selection

  2. 2. EP FLOW Research Promotions Selection Raising Engagement Engagement plans (matchplans (Raise to Matching Realization to realizematch period) period) Engagement during Re Integration internship Unleash!
  3. 3. University Research Youth Research Before approaching Universities in Youth opinion can be involved in the your local reality, conducting a Market following ways to understand market: Research is important. 1. Surveys can be conducted through Fill this spreadsheet to get a in depth the LC’s Facebook page to know idea of the which countries the city’s youth is university/college/institutes you want looking forward to go to. LC-LC Co- to partner with operations can be worked on using this data. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ 2. Social media can be used to conduct ccc?key=0Ar5p8n_- a survey and find out what kind of mQnRdEJxQkpZY2RKWXdYYTBfckFQZ internships the youth is looking for. W9qakE#gid=0Survey in the LC(Members)Name, Contact Number, Email, Department, College , Year, Course,Exam Cycle, Holiday Breaks, Experience with any other Youthorganizations, details of events in college, Coaching classes andcontact , if they have learned any foreign language and do they plan Researchto go on an exchange. Unleash!
  4. 4. Physical Promotions•Posters•Global Village•Classroom to classroom•Café partnerships Virtual•Campus ambassadors•College festivals •Social Media•Print media •Television•Career Fairs •Radio•Partnership with Youth •Story Telling throughEvents/Colleges Fests videos and Case Studies. Promotions Unleash!
  5. 5. TYPES OF SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONSCountry Based EP Based LC Based• Promotion of • Sharing of Case • I am A Global top IR countries. Studies, Impact Leader• Popular pictures Reports and Campaign for LC of the country, Videos of Members. interesting facts Returned EPs. • LC Members about the write their country to be name and promoted. dream internship destination on a card and then promote it via Social Media. Unleash!
  6. 6. Product Packaging Standard ways of approaching colleges Documents involved RaisingUnleash!
  7. 7. GCDP GEP GLPGlobal Entrepreneurs Programme(GEP) and Global Leadership programme(GLP/IXP) are subproducts of GCDP.•To make GCDP more externally relevant its called GEP(with a few more activities apart from GCDP)This is Product packaging , to get more details check JNC 2012 Output.•Since members/leaders experience work on BDMs/CEEDs/TLP in the hosting country its called GLP.•It doesn’t mean that you cannot talk about GCDP or now its only called GEP.In some cases(eg. a Law colleges) a GCDP will be more relevant so you should talk about GCDP therewhereas in a Arts college you might want to talk about international exposure or the projects insteadof GCDP or GEP. So customize everything depending on the Stream of students you are addressing to. RaisingFollowing slides will tell you how to customize. Unleash!
  8. 8. HotelCommerce Arts Management Architecture Science Law GEP – As Architects want GEP to open their own firms. GCDP Finance/Marketing Countries - as they can go to different Projects countries and learn about their architecture styles while doing the project. International Network Entrepreneurship Product Packaging Unleash!
  9. 9. ARTS SCIENCE HOTEL MANAGEMENT Commerce• English Honors – • Medicine – Health • Value Proposition of Teaching English Awareness AIESEC Internships – --BBA/BCOM/BMS – GEP• Economics – GEP + • IT/ CS/ Electrical – GEP + Depending on what they want from the 25+ value -- Finance – GEP+ Finance Countries IT based projects Based Project• Language – Countries • Mechanical/ Civil/ – GEP propositions of a GCDP + Industrial Internship provides• Psychology – Cultural Education Research(additional• History/ Geography – issue) Entrepreneurship Countries • Biomedical/ Biotech/ /Marketing/Finance• Journalism / Environmental/ - Projects will definitely suit Communications – Environment based them but GEP as such is a Countries + Cultures projects + GEP good product for a• Photography – Countries commerce student. + Tourism• Social Science – GCDP + CulturePlease do not sell issue based project(tourism, environment) if you don’t have IR partnerships Unleash!for the same)
  11. 11. Issue - Projects1. It means you offer/suggest a student one of the following issues to align a GCDPinternship experience to their career.This can be like a personal research work /project that they undertake in addition to theinternship. They can devote 3-4 hours a week researching, taking interviews and makingvideos on the same. It will help them in their CV as they will have a thesis / research on aparticular issue as well as enhance their internship experience as they will more engaged inwork.Please note that this is not part of the internship, its something a EP would do on theirown. They still have to work in the GCDP project they have been selected for with fulldedication.2. We have selected 8 issues which covers most streams , you have to standardize theseissues so that they don’t go and work on anything and everything.3.a. Certificates should be given to an EP for making these.b. You can also run RNR Campaign for the same to drive better quality.
  12. 12. Issues - ProjectsEducation SystemTourismPolitical SystemMicro FinanceMarketingCultural Evolution Research + Food + LanguageArchitecture Industry.Industrial Research Unleash!
  13. 13. Global Village Youth Cells/Councils/Clubs YE in the College Placement Recruiting Cells University TMP Campus Events Ambassadors Dean/ Principal Standard ways of approaching UniversitiesTop to Bottom Approach or Bottom to Top ApproachTry every way to get into a University. Any one of themmight work in your local reality.
  14. 14. Documents involved in Raising Non Objection ExpectationEP Contract Selection Letter by parents Setting Checklist Unleash!
  15. 15. SELECTION1. We want to make our internships exclusive because it will make morestudents apply for it.The idea is not to reject people but enhance the programme value frombeing ones who sell an internship to an organization who providesopportunities on the basis of their skills and credentials.2. Our delivery rate was less than 40% in 2012 which means we need toimprove it drastically which can only happen if we raise the right peopleand do proper expectation setting. Having said that selection can helpyou also identify the area an EP needs to improve on and you can helpthe EP to improve it.3. The idea is to also make AIESEC an exclusive organization which cansend students to Asia, South America and Africa which mostcompanies/agencies can’t(they send to US/UK) and this should be ourUSP not a hindrance. Interviews can be a good place of mentioning thisas well.“You can go to US on a trip but will you ever go a country like this”
  16. 16. THE SELECTION PROCEDUREAssessment Intention For Finances Centre Going Parents Non Interview Language Objection CertificateExpectation Passport Reason For setting Check Going Documents for Selection(Interview Questions , Assessment Centre) will be available on the wiki.
  17. 17. EXPECTATION SETTINGEXPECTATION SETTING • Passport • Sell Issues only through National Partnerships. • Mention specific countries you can send them to before Raising. • Tell them you are not responsible for their VISA, you will just get them the required documents. • AIESEC is a PLATFORM which provides OPPORTUNITIES to students to go for an International EXPERIENCE. We do not guarantee internships. • Do not promise Free food and accommodation. • Tell them we will get you interviews but if you dont get through, Raising Fees will not be returned. • Accommodation will be basic and this needs to be communicated to them. • Make sure you screen the EPs through an interview before having an Expectation Setting with them. You only need to check their English speaking skills, Finances and the reason they are going for a GEP. Unleash!
  18. 18. Unleash!