Sharepoint proposal as Collaborative system


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  • Here, we have a document library used for learning resources, called “Curriculum Library”.
  • Under “Distribute the Assignment”, we can add the students we want to take the assignment.You can select an entire group from lists of groups, all learners, or individuals.
  • Sharepoint proposal as Collaborative system

    1. 1. PFA My PartFinal_My_part.doc Mine too Finally_Final.doc Can you change section 2 Done. PFA Finally_Final_v0.1.doc
    2. 2. Finally!!!! Report Ready. PFAReally_real_Final_Actual_Version_v2.3.doc
    4. 4.  Requirement Alternatives Available Features and TCO comparison Recommendation Case Study
    5. 5.  Common Digital Platform Need for  Collaboration  Knowledge Management
    6. 6.  Communities  Blogs, Wikis, Extranet Sites  Ease of communicating with others  Showcasing work, employees, etc. Teams  Group Chats  Internal Team Sites  Internal Blogs, etc.  Secured Network for Communication
    7. 7.  Intranet Search Version Management Document Sharing
    8. 8. And many more…
    9. 9. Business App. Platform – DekiWiki and Cloud Connect integrates MSMindtouch core. Office with Google Docs, allowsOpen Source Business Model Save and Share.Sells Feature Rich and Support Contracts Not suitable for search, KM.Business App. Platform – Server, Search and Drupal: 1.5% sites running on thisDesigner, seamless integration CMS. Open Source communityFastest Growing MS Product, Available at no support.Cost under MS Campus Agreement. Not suitable for search, KM requirements.
    10. 10. Mindtouch Sharepoint
    11. 11. Package Microsoft Sharepoint MindTouch Standalone MindTouch CloudLicensing Cost 0# 50,000 0Development Cost 0 2,50,000 0Installation Cost 50,000 50,000 0Support Cost 5,00,000 5,00,000 19,20,000TCO 5,50,000 8,50,000 19,20,000*All figures in INR. #Campus License cost Nil else 5,00,000.Total Cost of ownership = Licensing Cost + Development Cost + Setup Cost + Support CostLicensing Cost:Sharepoint 1000 user license approx. INR 20,00,000. Assuming 4 years to upgrade, INR 500,000 per year.MindTouch standalone, 1000 user feature/support contract approx. INR 200,000 (50% discount). 4 years toupgrade, INR 50,000 per year.Microsoft SharePoint however, available FREE under Microsoft Campus License Agreement.Development Cost:MindTouch Standalone: Part time developer approx. INR 2,50,000 per year.Sharepoint: No dedicated developer required for IIML requirements. Administrator sufficient.Installation Cost = Xeon Server as per requirements, INR 200,000. 4 years life. Per year = INR 50,000.Support Cost:1 full time administrator INR 5,00,000 per year for SharePoint and MindTouch standalone.For MindTouch Cloud, $7/month/user. At Edu. Discount 50%, for 1000 users, INR 19,20,000 per year.
    12. 12. Drupal Sharepoint
    13. 13.  Setup Cost: (Both) Intel XEON server, standard configuration as per requirements. INR200,000. Assuming 4 years of life, INR 50,000 per year. Support Cost: (Both) One dedicated administrator, approx. INR 500,000 per year. Development Cost: For SharePoint, no dedicated developer needed for IIML requirements. For Drupal, it will depend on kind of customization needed, assuming adeveloper would be required, costing INR 500,000 per year. Licensing Cost: Drupal is under GNU General Public License, no licensing cost. SharePoint, under Microsoft Campus License, no licensing cost.Based on features and cost, SharePoint scores more than Drupal.
    14. 14.  MindTouch cloud costlier than on-premises solutions Google Cloud connect is in nascent stage. Even though looks promising, identity management issue existsInternet Connectivity • Slow speed from many hostels and Wireless • Very frequent disconnections and other issues • Cloud based solutions store data outside campus on Vendor’s servers • Internet disconnection will disrupt the access and day-to-day work • Cloud approach not recommended in this scenario
    15. 15. Sites: One-stop shop for all website needs. People can share and publish using this systemCommunities: Collaboration tools to share ideas find people and expertise and locate business infoContent: Enterprise Content Management – ease of usage Well managed information – easy to find, use and share
    16. 16. Search: Find info needed to get job done Intranet search, people search, etcInsights: Business Info and Decision Making Interactive Dashboards, Scorecards and ReportsComposites: Building Blocks to assemble, connect and collaborate Create Sharepoint Solutions without code
    17. 17. *Courtesy: Microsoft Corp.
    18. 18.  Web based learning portal using MS SharePoint Server 2010 Students get access to past exams with answers, lesson plans, multimedia files from digital library Teachers can create and edit study material, manage class lists, track grades and performance Parents track children’s grades and mentoring system and track progress of goals set “Our objective is to listen to the … students to discover what will help them learn better … [they] told us that they wanted to be able to get to their resources all the time, and from anywhere*Courtesy: Microsoft Corp.
    19. 19. MS SharePoint 2010 features helping this initiative Enhancements in Designer 2010 help reusability of workflows Webparts help in extracting information and draw detailed analysis of students Rich editing environment like wiki pages to plan content of lessons better Tools for students to tag, rate and comment on content Enhanced blog functionalities simplify maintaining blog sites This initiative helped in improving distance learning program, better availability of educational resources and higher efficiency*Courtesy: Microsoft Corp.
    20. 20. *Courtesy: Microsoft Corp.
    21. 21. Professors – We need campus wide learning management system (LMS) Students – We want central, easy-to-use web portal for resources and communication What to do now? MS SharePoint Server – The Savior  Master – class template to create individual course sites  MS Office Live Meeting to broadcast sessions Benefits- Dozens of online courses, increased enrolment and continuous improvement*Courtesy: Microsoft Corp.
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