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Near Field Communication



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IIM Lucknow NFC Presentation



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    Near Field Communication Near Field Communication Presentation Transcript

    • Near Field Communication: Google WalletSourav | Rohith | Sanjay | Vaibhav Section ‘A’ Group 12
    • Agenda Introduction to NFC Introduction to Google Wallet Technical Challenges Google Wallet Ecosystem and Implications Implementation in developing economies like India Conclusion 2 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Introduction to NFC3 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Introduction to NFCWireless technology  operates on short rangesCommunications b/w devicesthat  Touch each other  Momentarily held close together. Cell Phone can be used as  Travel pass, event ticket , office pass  Pay for goods in a store  Interact with outdoor media Placing the device near to an NFC terminal (reader). Works in a similar way to contactless smartcards used for travel in some cities or to access workplaces. 4 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • The Technology Open platform technology Approved as an ISO/IEC global standard in December 2003 Based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and operates at 13.56 MHz on ISO/IEC 18000-3 air interface and at rates ranging from 106 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s. It works via magnetic field induction and operates on an unlicensed radio frequency band. Two things are required: Tags and Reader.“Tags” embedded within Readers Read and Process Data The technology enables such devices that are held together to share information either in one direction or both 5 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Benefits and Capabilities Payments – Access Information Healthcare - Loyalty and identity Transport – control – Consumer collection and service coupons – management ticketing and identity electronics exchange – discovery payments and and business payments management file sharing process Versatile, Open and Variety of Use Intuitive Interactivity Standards-Based from payment for goods to the interactions involving can be easily deployed in a ticketing and from pairingNFC enabled devices require large range of industries, devices to sharing informationno more than a simple touch environments and or discovering new services applications Remote management Security Multi-application use is it is possible to build multiple supported by the NFC Mobile levels of security into an NFC Phones and the addition of a enabled device. mobile network enables application management 6 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Comparison with Sony FelicA  Felica uses proprietary command protocol than NFC, on JIS-X 6913 standard as compared to NFC which is based on ISO-14443A standards  The lower level and framing protocols are similar in both of them.  Data can be transmitted at higher speeds using the FeliCa variation, either 212kBps or 424kBps as compared to the NFC which has typical speeds of 106 kBps.  The different command protocol technology in Felica tags enables deployment of proprietary authentication and encryption in communication messages.  Felica tags are based on Type 3 standardsof tags which are costlier than other types of Tags ( 1 and 2 types are usually used in NFC). 7 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Google Wallet8 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Google Wallet – What it is Google Wallet  a mobile payment system which allows users to use their smart phones to pay at various merchant’s store  Payments, offers, loyalty, and much more  Currently available only on Sprint Nexus 4G handset Supported cards  Citi® MasterCard® credit card  Google Prepaid Card 9 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Google Wallet10 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Google Wallet – Partners & Merchants Issuing bank - Citi Payment Network - Mastercard Merchant processing and Trusted Service Manager  First Data Mobile Operators - Sprint Technology partners  Point of sale - VeriFone, ViVOtech, Hypercom, Ingenico  Semiconductor – NXP Single Tap – Subway, The Container Store, Macy’s 11 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013 Tap & Pay – Coca-Cola, CVS Pharmacy, etc
    • Google Offers Attractive deals from local merchants Offer email based on area of choice Offers can also be searched on various Google products like Google Search, Maps, Latitude, and Shopper 12 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Google Wallet - Security PIN  Reject weak PIN like “1234” Phone Lock Secure Element chip  Only Trusted Service Manager (First Data) has the key to access data Secure data transmission  Follows PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards) Deactivation on entering invalid pin several times Secure Element chip non-identifiable in idle situation Stolen Phone Deactivation 13 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Technical Challenges14 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Mobile Viruses  Due to open nature of OS, Android mark infested with viruses  Can spread easily from mobiles15 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Mobile Viruses RAM  Payment Information on isolated memory on separate chip  No access to other programs  Encryption similar to magnetic tape of Credit Card16 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Phone Battery  Smartphones battery ??  Google Wallet won’t work  How to pay?Possible Solution Passive mode communication supported Similar to RFID Emergency payment subject to authentication17 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Information Delivery  Delivering card information over-the-air  Internet, 3G/EDGE Trusted Service Manager from First Data Neutral Third Party Trusted by both senders and receivers DES and Secure Key Management18 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Interoperability  Currently only works with Android  Google subscription  Phone can be changed..  How to migrate financial records?  Google promised compatibility with iPhone, Windows and RIM  NFC consortium needs to actively define standards  Inter bank transfer of records  Choice to the consumer19 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Implications20 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Google Wallet Ecosystem21 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Implications of Google Wallet - Retailers Advantages  Better serve the customer needs  Retain More Customers  Drive the right audience to store  More conversion from advertising to in-store purchase  Business Analysis  Analyze the customers  Create better loyalty programs and offers Concerns  High Initial Cost  Skepticism in Technology & Security 22 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Implications onCredit Card Companies & Banks Advantages  Digital Money – Secure & Easy Handling  Suitable for Fast and On the Go Generation  Easy Management of Money  Enhanced Revenue Concerns  Integration of Mobile NFC Technology with core banking process  Security & Integrity of Readers 23 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Implications – Mobile Ecosystem Players Advantages  Increased Revenue through NFC chip enabled phones  For both Chip makers and Handset OEMs  Increased data use for Mobile Carriers  Key Players in the Google Offers ecosystem Concerns  Role of players in security of Devices and Network  Liability in case of compromise of device/network  Cost of handset may become high due to NFC chip  Need to justify the high price through successful Google Wallet 24 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Implications – End Users Advantages  One place to house all cards  No need to carry cash  Coupons too stored  Stored in Mobile  An essential tool for today Concerns  Security  Reach of Google Wallet  Acceptance at small outlets  High Impact on compromise of data  Cards, Driver’s ID, etc 25 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Implementation in India India is seeing a economic boom  Mobile Penetration very high  Smart Phone penetration low Mobile Internet Connectivity too low Malls & Stores targeting Upper Middle Class could introduce Google Wallet  Free Wifi  Fast and On the Go Generation Security Threat – Mobile theft too high in India Non Techno savvy customers may face problems 26 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Conclusion Google Wallet  Promising Technology – Easy, Fast and Secure  Very Nascent – Implementation only in San Fransisco Require critical mass without which it will be a failure Very few phones with NFC chip embedded Developing Countries like India cannot support it  Lack of Internet connectivity  High Initial Cost Trust in one company with all data sounds risky  Hacking of Sony PSN , etc questions trust Hope for a successful deployment with critical mass 27 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013
    • Thank You28 IIM Lucknow February 17, 2013