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Maac brochure

  1. 1. InsideThe Industry of Imagination An Introduction to AnimationThe Institute of Ideas About MAAC Our Affiliations MAAC Advantage Academic Advisory BoardChapters in Creativity Courses at MAACAmbition and Inspiration Placements Infrastructure Industry Interface Alumni SpeakMAAC Centres
  2. 2. Here doodles give birth to superheroes. Magic turns muse. And daydreamshelp realise dreams. Welcome to the world of animation.An Introductionto AnimationIn India, a new animation revolution is underway. While TV channels like Cartoon Network,Disney Channel, Hungama, Pogo and Animax are bringing world-class animation tohouseholds, movies like Avatar and Up are reaching out to audiences beyond children.Technological advancements have increased the accessibility and utility of animatedcontent, and today animation has spread to video games, television news content,e-Education and mobile games. Even sectors like medicine, automobile and defense aremaking use of animation in a big way.A multi-billion dollar industry, animation is also generating a great deal of employment. Theanimation industry offers career opportunities in a range of profiles - from technology-basedjobs such as compositing and game designing to creative profiles like visual-effectssupervisors, 3D modelers and character animators. Of course, all of these profiles demand ahighly skilled and trained workforce. This is where MAAC comes in.
  3. 3. At MAAC, creativity is the curriculum and ideas are the study material. Oureducation is just as focused on thinking as it is on skill.About MAACFounded in 2001, Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) was created on thephilosophy that animation is a challenging profession which requires a combination of goodconceptual grounding, strong technical skills and above all, a creative orientation. Ourcourses are designed to reflect and forward this philosophy. Known for their comprehensivecurricula and effective training methods, our courses are well received by the industry, andour students find placements with some of the leading studios of India. Since our inception, wehave successfully trained over 30,000 students.At MAAC, we are constantly updating our knowledge base to ensure that our courses remaincutting-edge and relevant to the industry scenario at all times. As a professionally runeducation organisation, we have grown from strength to strength in the ten years since ourinception. Today, we have a network of more than 80 academic centres spread across Indiaand abroad.
  4. 4. MAAC AdvantageCreativity is the soul of an animator and it is the cornerstone of an animator’s education. Ourorganisation imbibes creative orientation in everything that we do and this is transmitted to ourstudents. Animators from MAAC hold a distinct and triple advantage over others in the same field.Creativity and Pedagogy are the MAAC brand differentiators. The three-fold MAAC advantagerevolves around the following benefits -Focus on CreativityMAAC is promoted and run by a team of creative professionals who thrive on their imagination andinspiration, and understand the value of encouraging original thinking. With a Chief CreativeOfficer (CCO) at the helm of affairs, creativity flows from top down at MAAC. Not just that, ourinstructors are industry certified and we also boast of a central creative team called MAAC CreativeShop (MCS), staffed by expert professionals, that guides the students as well as faculty.Education with ForesightAnimation is a super dynamic field. Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s history. That is why our team atMAAC never stops learning. Because it is this learning that helps us understand the latest industrydevelopments and requirements. Our centralised training unit, T3, is committed to continuouslytrain future mentors and teachers, so that students receive training that is industry relevant at alltimes.Practical Approach to LearningMAAC is a flourishing creative organisation and our students benefit from the hands-on,specialised approach encouraged in the academy. The training also incorporates additionalintricate elements like camera angles, storyboards and editing. MAAC’s competitive edge lies inproviding high-end infrastructure for the student to create an on-the-job environment. The result isvisible in the many award-winning short films made by our students.
  5. 5. Academic Advisory BoardTo make sure that you, as an animator, are industry-ready and hit the ground running, we at MAACcontinuously take care that our curriculum is cutting-edge and tailored towards the industry’sneeds. We measure ourselves against the best in the world. Helping us set and maintain theseintense standards are a group of experienced people from the global animation industry. Thesehigh achievers form our ‘Academic Advisory Board’. Apart from being leading industryprofessionals, they are renowned for their passion and commitment to the cause of animationeducation in India.Mr. Ketan MehtaAcclaimed filmmaker Ketan Mehta is the recipient of many national and international awards. Hiswell-known works include “The Rising”, “Mirch Masala”, “Sardar”, “Bhavni Bhavai” and “Holi”.Ketan has a diploma in film-making from the prestigious FTII. He has over 20 years experience indiverse media forms from film to television to commercials to shorts.Ms. Shelley PageA trained illustrator, Shelley is the co-head of Artist Development at Dreamworks Animation. Herfilm credits include the “Shrek” movies, “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda”. Shelley hostsstudent events at all the major European animation festivals. She sits on the graduation juries ofleading French animation schools and on the juries of many international animation festivals,including Annecy (France), Imagina (Monte Carlo), FMX (Germany) and 24 FPS (India).Mr. Kireet KhuranaKireet is a High Honors Graduate in classical animation filmmaking from Sheridan College,Canada, one of the top animation colleges. As founder and creative head of 2NZ Animation, hehas won five Presidents National Awards and two international awards for his films. He createdthe award winning series ‘Adventures of Chhota Birbal’ and is also the director of the feature film,‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’. Kireet is a founder member of The Animation Society of India (TASI).
  6. 6. Each one of our courses is designed to help you achieve your creativepotential. Striking a perfect balance between concepts andtechnology, they equip you with the latest know-how to make it in thiscutting-edge animation industry.Courses at MAACThe animation industry is witnessing a sea-change in the quality of content produced.Movies like Avatar, have raised the bar and have taken the audience expectations to the nextlevel. To regularly produce content of this quality, the industry needs a new breed ofprofessionals which is creative and adept at wielding the new emerging technology. That iswhy MAAC has also taken its courses to the next level. The new MAAC courses are designedto equip a student with specialised skills that are industry relevant and are also in-tune withglobal trends. These courses are committed to creating not just a software operator, but ajob-ready animation professional.
  7. 7. Bachelor of Artsin 3D Animation and Visual EffectsMAAC in an exclusive association with IGNOU, the world’s largest university, lends the credibility of a Bachelors’degree to your animation education. Through the course of the programme, the students will undergo trainingon how to create DV films with aesthetic sense. The course also covers in-depth training on 3D Animation andVisual Effects with Node Based Compositing and Match Moving. Film Editing is also an integral part of thecourse curriculum. The course also ensures that the students have a thorough understanding of the AnimationProduction Pipeline.Course Contents: • Autodesk Maya™ Semester 4 Duration:• Pre Production • Autodesk Mudbox™ • Character Setup 36 Months• Cinematography • Eyeon Fusion™ • Character Animation• Concepts of Film Making • Apple Final Cut Pro™ • Compositing & Match Admission Process:• Cinematic Lighting • Autodesk Matchmover™ Moving Aptitude Test + Personal• Digital Image Enhancement • Editing Interview• 3D Modeling Course Structure: • Language I (English) Semester 1 Career Opportunities:• 3D Texturing Semester 5 • Modeling Artist• Rigging • Basics of Film Making-I • VFX Specialisation • Lighting Artist• 3D Lighting • Digital Enhancement -I • Language II • Render Artist• 3D Animation • Digital Enhancement- II • Managerial (Economics) • Character Animator• FX and Dynamics • The Art of Editing Semester 6 • Layout Artist• Fluid System Semester 2 • Modeling/Lighting/ • Digital Sculptor• Camera Tracking • 3D Design- I Animation Specialisation. • Rigging Artist• Film Editing • Look Development- I • Managerial-II • FX Artist• Compositing • Character Setup & • Portfolio Development, • Roto Artist• Production Animation- I Project. • Match Mover• 3D and VFX Specialisation • FX- I • Video Editor• Soft Skills Semester 3 Eligibility: • Motion Graphics Artist• Business Skills • 3D Design II Applicants with 10+2 or • CompositorSoftware Covered: • Look Development II equivalent qualification or• Adobe Photoshop™ • Look Development III BPP from IGNOU and basic• Adobe After Effects™ • FX II knowledge of computers.• Adobe Premiere™• Adobe Sound Booth™• Autodesk 3dsmax™ This course is available in select MAAC centres only.
  8. 8. AD3DEDGE has been designed keeping in mind the skill set enhancement of a student. The course covers thecomplete process of animation film making, right from the pre-production and production to thepost-production stage. This course is looking to fulfill the industrys requirement of a job-ready professional andoffers the students four specialisation options from which they can choose one, depending on their aptitude.Duration: Elective Specialisation Software Covered: Software Covered:• 27 Months • 648 Hours Options: • Autodesk Maya™ • Autodesk 3dsmax™ (Any one to be chosen) • Mental Ray™ • Autodesk Maya™Course Contents: • Eyeon Fusion™ • Eyeon Fusion™• Pre-production Modeling & Texturing* • PFTrack™• Storyboarding Course Contents: • Real Flow™ • Visual Perception Animation*• Cinematography• Stop Motion • Methods of Approach Course Contents: *Duration:• Digital Design • Details of Surfacing • Animation Foundation • 4 Months • 96 Hours• Sound Editing • Low Poly Modeling • Body Dynamics• 3D Design & Modeling • High-End Digital Sculpting • Basic Performance Art Career Opportunities:• Digital Sculpting • Art of Texturing & UV Layout • Acting in Animation • Modeling Artist• Look Development • Industry Standard Portfolio • Advance Performance Art • Lighting Artist• Lighting & Rendering • Industry Standard • Render Artist• Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX Software Covered: Portfolio • Character Animator• Character Setup & • Autodesk Maya™ • Layout Artist Skinning • Pixologic ZBrush™ Software Covered: • Digital Sculptor• Character Animation • Autodesk Maya™ • Rigging Artist• Visual Effects Lighting and Shading* • FX Artist• Compositing Course Contents: Visual Effects* • Roto & Clean-up Artist• 3D Tracking & Match Course Contents: • Matchmoving Artist • Perception of Colours & Moving • Particle Dynamics • Video Editor Natural Light Sources• Editing Integration into Live • Motion Graphics Artist • Understanding Shading Action • Compositor ModelsSoftware Covered: • High-End Fluid Simulation • Methods of Lighting &• Adobe Photoshop™ • 3D Camera Tracking & Optimisation of Scenes• Adobe After Effects™ Matchmoving • In-Depth Study of Mental• Adobe Premiere™ • Live Action Integration Ray™• Adobe Sound Booth™ with 3D elements • Rendering Optimisations &• Autodesk 3dsmax™ • Industry Standard Pre-compositing• Autodesk Maya™ Portfolio • Industry Standard Portfolio• Autodesk Mudbox™• Eyeon Fusion™• Apple Final Cut Pro™• Autodesk Matchmover™
  9. 9. AD3DNEXT offers an in-depth training in the pre-production and production stages of animation filmmaking.Along with this, the students also get a thorough grounding in the area of their expertise by pursuing thespecialisation module at the end of their generic course.Duration: • Adobe Premiere™ Lighting and Shading* • Basic Performance Art• 24 Months • 576 Hours • Adobe Sound Booth™ Course Contents: • Acting in Animation • Autodesk 3dsmax™ • Perception of Colours & • Advance Performance ArtCourse Contents: • Autodesk Maya™ Natural Light Sources • Industry Standard Portfolio• Pre-production • Autodesk Mudbox™ • Understanding Shading• Storyboarding Models Software Covered:• Cinematography Elective Specialisation • Methods of Lighting & • Autodesk Maya™• Concepts of Film Making Options: Optimisation of Scenes• Stop Motion (Any one to be chosen) • In-depth Study of Mental *Duration:• Digital Design Modeling & Texturing* Ray™ • 4 Months • 96 Hours• Sound Editing • Rendering Optimisations & Course Contents:• Concepts of Non Linear Pre-Compositing Career Opportunities: • Visual Perception Editing • Industry Standard Portfolio • Modeling Artist • Methods of Approach• 3D Design & Modeling • Lighting Artist • Details of Surfacing• Digital Scultpting Software Covered: • Render Artist • Low Poly Modeling• Look Development • Autodesk Maya™ • Animator • High-End Digital Sculpting• Lighting & Rendering • Mental Ray™ • FX Artist • Art of Texturing & UV• Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX • Eyeon Fusion™ • Rigging Artist Layout• Character Setup & Skinning • Industry Standard Portfolio• Character Animation Animation* Software Covered: Course Contents:Software Covered: • Autodesk Maya™ • Animation Foundation• Adobe Photoshop™ • Pixologic ZBrush™ • Body Dynamics• Adobe After Effects™
  10. 10. DAFMThe course has been structured to expose students to the details of Pre-Production and Digital Film Making, along withthe an overall understanding of the 3D Animation process.Duration: • Stop Motion • Character Setup & • Autodesk 3dsmax™• 12 Months • 288 Hours • Digital Design Skinning • Compositing • Character Animation Career Opportunities:Course Contents: • Sound Editing • Design Viz. Artist• Pre-production • Concepts of Non-Linear Software Covered: • Lighting Artist• Storyboarding Editing • Adobe Photoshop™ • Animator• Cinematography • Modeling & Texturing • Adobe After Effects™ • Rigging Artist• Concepts of Film Making • Lighting & Rendering • Adobe Premiere™ • FX Artist • Particle & Dynamics • Adobe Sound Booth™ • Digital DesignerDGDIDGDI is an impeccable course covering all the nuances of game art, design and the integration of game assetelements. The course covers all aesthetic and technical details of the game development process which includesDigital Asset Creation and integration of them in the game engine. This is a first of its kind course which gives thestudents an in-depth knowledge of working with a game engine for interactivity in games.CGDI: Certificate in • Fundamentals of Sculpting Course Contents: Software Covered:Game Design • Environment Modeling • Adobe Photoshop™ Software Covered: • Stylised Character • Autodesk 3dsmax™Duration: • Adobe Photoshop™ Modeling • Autodesk Mudbox™• 6 Months • 144 Hours • Autodesk 3dsmax™ • Next – Gen Character • Unity™ (Game Engine) • Autodesk Mudbox™ ModelingCourse Contents: • Next – Gen Vehicle Career Opportunities:• Basics of Art ACGAI: Advanced Modeling • 3D Game Design• Game Theory Certificate in Game Art • Rigging and Animation for • Simulator Graphics• Game Development and Integration games • Web 3D Graphics Pipeline • Introduction to Game • Interactive Product Demos• Game Concept Art Duration: Engine • Interactive Architectural• Concept Design • Asset Integration in Game Walkthroughs • 6 Months • 144 Hours• Introduction to 3D Engine • Game Testing Jobs• Pre – Viz of Level Design • Career Choices • 3D Game Modeler• Fundamentals of Texturing • Portfolio DevelopmentThis course is available in select MAAC centres only.
  11. 11. VFX PlusA dedicated career program on Visual Effects catering to the ever-growing requirement of skilled and qualitymanpower for the booming domestic & international VFX industry. The course takes the students through anin-depth study and usage of the industry’s leading high-end visual effects solutions.Duration: • 3D Design with Autodesk Software Covered: Career Opportunities:• 17 months • 400 hours 3dsmaxTM/ Autodesk MayaTM • Adobe PhotoshopTM • Compositor • Advanced Particle Effects/ • Adobe After EffectsTM • Matchmoving ArtistCourse Contents: Fluids/ Cloth FX • MochaTM • FX Artist• Digital Design • Pyrotechnics • FusionTM • Lighting Artist• Basics of Photography • Advanced Compositing • Autodesk 3dsmaxTM/ • Pre - Viz Artist• Layer Based Compositing • Concepts of Set Extension Autodesk MayaTM • Motion Graphics Artist• Clean Plate & Wire Removal and CG Integration • MudboxTM • Roto Artist• Stereoscopic Pipeline • Match Moving & Camera • Fume FXTM • Clean-up Artist• Node Based Compositing Tracking • Real FlowTM• Projection for Visual Effects • VFX Case Studies • PF TrackTM • NukeTM
  12. 12. Multimedia CoursesDGDRM: Graphic Design & Rich Media ContentThis program is designed to give you an advantage in both print as well as interactive media. Providing you adetailed insight on graphic designing as well as web designing, it prepares you for a creative career in new-age media.Module 1: Certificate in Module 2: Certificate in Career Options : Relevant Industries:Graphic and Print Design Web and Interactive Design • Graphic Designer • Advertising AgenciesDuration: Duration: • Design Visualiser • Graphic Design Studios• 6 Months • 144 Hours • 6 Months • 144 Hours • Packaging Designer • Print and Publishing • Advertising Designer HousesCourse Contents and Course Contents and • Design Consultant • TV Production HousesSoftware Covered: Software Covered: • Web Designer • E-Learning Companies• Fundamentals of Design/ • Concepts of Web Design • Interactive Designer • Website Development Drawing • HTML/ JavaTM • Illustrator Companies• Concepts of Graphic and • Adobe DreamweaverTM • Layout Designer Illustration • Adobe FlashTM • Multimedia Designer• Corel DrawTM • Character Animation in • Magazine Designer• Adobe IllustratorTM Adobe FlashTM • Graphic Artist• Adobe PhotoshopTM • Interactive Design • User Interface Designer (UI)• Adobe IndesignTM • Adobe PremiereTM• Portfolio • Adobe SoundboothTM • Portfolio
  13. 13. MAAC Mentor M It is a known fact that industry exposure is mandatory in any practical field of study, whether engineering, medicine or finance. Animation is also known as a practical field engi of study. Henc to give our dedicated students the much needed industry exposure, we Hence have rolled out the MAAC Mentor Series. Skilled gurus from various fields of animation o filmmaking will be conducting specialised training for our students. The outcome of w such training will be:• Industry exposure for the students The Eligibility:• First hand understanding of creative and practical Only MAAC ex-students and students are eligible aspects of animation filmmaking for this training programme. The programme• Knowledge of how to create production quality requires the student to have completed the shots within a supportive learning environment character animation modules of their course.• First-class portfolio• Experience on live projects What is in it for the students?• Knowledge of best industry practices like • Throughout the programme the students will be production pipeline, dailies, retakes, productivity, exposed to high-end professional training from consistency and teamwork industry stalwarts• Credits on an animated TV Series • During the programme the students will be exposed to a project of international quality toThe Programme*: work onMAAC Mentor Series is a lineup of training • At the end of the programme the students will beprogrammes on various modules of 3D, like awarded a MAAC Mentor Series Certificate ofModeling, Lighting, Rigging and Character CompletionAnimation. Normally industry internship • Students will be allowed to take the work done byprogrammes can be ruthless, where students are them during this programme in the form of theirexpected to be production ready even in the showreelinternship duration. • Students will appear on the credit list at the end ofIn MAAC Mentor Series, instead of leaving students the show, when airedin the battlefield all by themselves, we have a teamof experts who will guide them through every stepof the programme. By the end of the programmethe students will have a fantastic showreel of theirown with the experience of working on a live 3Danimation project.*MAAC Mentor Series available at select centres and on select courses only.
  14. 14. Short Term CoursesSpecialisation SeriesModeling & Texturing* Lighting and Shading* Animation* • 3D Camera Tracking &Course Contents: Course Contents: Course Contents: Matchmoving (PFTrack™)• Visual Perception • Perception of Colours & • Animation Foundation • Live Action Integration• Methods of Approach Natural Light Sources • Body Dynamics with 3D Elements Case• Details of Surfacing • Understanding Shading • Basic Performance Art Studies & Breakdowns• Low Poly Modeling Models • Acting in Animation • Industry Standard• High-End Digital Sculpting • Methods of Lighting & • Advance Performance Art Portfolio• Art of Texturing & UV Optimisation of Scenes • Industry Standard Portfolio Layout • In-Depth Study of Mental Software Covered:• Industry Standard Portfolio Ray™ Software Covered: • Autodesk 3dsmax™ • Rendering Optimisations & • Autodesk Maya™ • Autodesk Maya™Software Covered: Pre-compositing • Eyeon Fusion™• Autodesk Maya™ • Industry Standard Portfolio Visual Effects* • PFTrack™• Pixologic ZBrush™ Course Contents: • Real Flow™ Software Covered: • Particle Dynamics • Autodesk Maya™ Integration into Live Action *Duration: • Mental Ray™ • High-End Fluid Simulation • 4 Months • 96 Hours • Eyeon Fusion™ (Real Flow™)MaxPRO Course Contents:Max is a custom made course Pro • Introduction to 3D Worldfocusing on the software Autodesk • 3D Design and Modeling3dsmaxTM. The course covers • Look Developmenttraining on Modeling, Shading, • Lighting & DynamicsLighting, Particle Dynamics and • Character Setup & SkinningAnimation using Autodesk • Character Animation3dsmaxTM. The course alsoincludes training in the basic to Duration:advanced levels of this software. • 6 Months • 144 Hours
  15. 15. MayaPROMayaPro takes students through the nuances of Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, FX & Animation using theindustry’s leading software Autodesk Maya™.Autodesk Mudbox™ is also integrated in the course for students to understand the digital sculpting techniquesin Computer Graphics. Students will also be given an opportunity to do a specialisation to further enhance theirparticular skill-sets.Course Contents: • Look Development & • Character Setup & Duration:• 3D Design and Modeling Rendering Skinning • 8 Months • 192 Hours• Digital Sculpting • CG Lighting • Character Animation• Texturing • Particles & Dynamics • Specialisation Specialisation: • Hair & Fur & Cloth • 4 Months • 96 HoursCEPRO: Compositing & EditingCEPRO has always been and will always be an integral part of the entertainment and media industry. CEPRO istailor made to give students an insight into the post-production process. The course covers techniques such ascompositing, match-moving, matte painting and editing. The course focuses on Adobe Photoshop™, AdobeAfter Effects™, Adobe Premiere™, Eyeon Fusion™ and Apple Final Cut Pro™.Course Contents: • Node Based Compositing • Editing Duration:• Digital Design • Match Moving • Title Graphics • 6.5 Months • 156 Hours• Layer Based Compositing • Camera Tracking • Audio-Video SynchronisationDFM: Digital Film MakingDigital Film Making is designed to give students an entry into the entertainment and media industry. Studentswill gather the know-how of what concepts of Film Making are all about. Also, in the course, students will be givenan orientation on Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Soundbooth™, Adobe Premiere™, etc.Course Content: • Clay Animation • Sound Editing Duration:• Pro-Production • Digital Design • Concepts of • 6 Months • 144 Hours• Concepts of Film Making • Basics of Compositing Non-Linear Editing
  16. 16. Design VizProVisualisation plays a role at every stage of the architectural design process, including exploring complexorganic forms, studying how light interacts with a design, validating a design for planning and public outreach,and marketing a building before breaking ground. This course will outline the essential processes of designvisualisation with industr’s leading visualisation toolsets like Autodesk 3dsmax DesignTM, Autodesk AutoCADTM,Autodesk RevitTM, and hyper-realistic rendering solution Mental RayTM & V-RayTM.Duration: Course Content: • 3D Design Visulisation • BIM (Building Information• 7 months • 192 hours • Photosho for Texturing • Lighting Simulation Modeling) • Overview of Architecture/ • Introduction to Revit™ • Video Editing DrawingAdvanced Digital SculptingThe Advance Digital Sculpting Course is aimed to educate students in the wide usability of the sculptingsoftware’s in different industries and to understand how these software have revolutionised the system ofproduction in terms of great quality output ,time efficiency and flexibility in the work flow.Duration: Course Contents: • Form Development• 2 months • 48 hours • 3D Sculpting • Pipeline Integration with • Character Design Autodesk 3dsmaxTM/ • 3D Illustrations Autodesk MayaTMAdvanced Compositing in Nuke and MochaThe curriculum is designed in a manner so that over the course period the student will go through the entireprocess of high end VFX compositing & stereoscopic pipeline. Nuke is highly used in latest blockbustermovies such as Inception, Avatar, Eclipse, Alice in Wonderland, 2012, 127 Hours, and many more.Duration: Course Contents: • Rotoscopy• 2 months • 60 hours • Live Action Compositing • 3D Camera Projection • Stereoscopic Pipeline • 3D Camera Tracking
  17. 17. SPADE: Modular CoursesShort Programme in Animation,Design & Visual Effects Modular programmes have been devised so that professionals who want to upgrade their skills in oneThis is a first of its kind course to introduce school or more areas of this industry can opt for such modularstudents to nuances of the Animation & VFX industry. It programmes and update tailor made to give the students a sneak peek indesign, animation, VFX and editing. Courses Offered: • Adobe Photoshop™Key Highlights: • After Effects™• Explore your Creativity • Final Cut Pro™ with Colours • Premiere™ + Sound Booth™• Creating 3D Images • Eyeon Fusion™• Create your Own Home Video • Adobe Flash™• Making of Channel ID’s • Corel Draw™• AD Film Making with • Z Brush™ Clay Animation • Mud Box™Duration:• 2 Months • 48 Hours
  18. 18. At MAAC, we not only encourage you to reach for the stars, we also show youthe way. Not only do we have the best faculty and infrastructure to inspire you,we also have an enviable record of awards and placements to help youbenchmark your ambition.PlacementsOur job doesn’t end with just imparting real skills. It also involves helping you find the best possible place toexpress your creativity and talent. MAAC’s dedicated placement cell continuously networks with the industry tospot openings for our students. Our campuses are a favourite destination for the cream of the animation industrywhen they want to hire the best entry-level talent.While MAAC provides pre-placement advice and co-ordinates campus interviews by recruiters, many of ourstudents also get employed without availing these services. Below are just a few of the recruiters who rely on us.MAAC does not guarantee or claim placement for everyone. While we impart the best education and help students with soft skills like personality development and interview skills,student placement ultimately depends on the students own merits, skills, knowledge, overall personality and the quality of the show-reel presented by the student to the recruiters.
  19. 19. Infrastructure3D animation is a techno-creative industry which requires high-end infrastructure. MAAC centresare created at a demanding standard, with projector equipped classrooms, pre-production areas,chroma-shoot floors, digital still and movie cameras, and practice labs which have high-endcomputers equipped with graphics accelerator cards, Wacom tablets, TFT monitors and the latestsoftwares. MAAC centres ensure that a student enjoys an experience comparable to a professionalproduction studio. In addition, counselor cabins and faculty offices are provided and no wall is leftblank as the entire office showcases the vibrant creative work of the students.Industry Interface Academic knowledge is not useful without exposure to the real world. Likewise, there can be no industry without a community. Our thought process is always energised to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience, through industry exposure, networking, showcase events and contests.
  20. 20. 24 FPS Animation AwardsThe 24 FPS Animation Awards are a celebration of animation excellence and recognise the bestanimation talent in India. Initiated by MAAC in 2003, the event is now firmly established as thebiggest animation festival in India, which showcases not only fresh talent but also professionals.A distinguished jury, with several international members, presides over the awards. The programmecreates a platform for students to go through a complete production cycle and showcase theircapabilities as teams and individuals. Student entries have frequently gone on to be selected forseveral international festivals like Apollo (Singapore), Digicon (Japan), FICCI (India), FMX(Germany), and Siggraph (USA). The 24 FPS awards have become the ultimate recognition foranimators in India.National Students’ Meet (NSM)The National Students’ Meet is a forum for students from various centres to visit a hub of animationlike Mumbai, attend case studies and workshops, and visit top studios to get a feel of theprofessional environment. This interaction draws them closer to the global community of animationprofessionals.SrijanAnother powerful platform for students to showcase their work, Srijan focuses on the fields ofPre-Production, Production and Post-Production to cover the best of 3D Animation and Visual Effectsknowledge from the high priests of the industry. It reaches out to the entire animation industry andstudent body, pan-India, and spreads awareness of animation as a career stream. Work done byMAAC students is showcased, industry experts share their insights and several thousand peoplegather in each event to strengthen and unite the animation sector.VFX WarVFX War is another motivational platform for students to translate classroom theory into practice.They create short live-action films with heavy visual effects, to enter in the competition. The eventsare attended by thousands of students, parents and professionals.
  21. 21. Alumni Speak“If you want to learn Visual Effects or 3D Animation in India, you have to be in MAAC. The faculty herefocuses on getting your basics clear rather than spoon feeding you. All the faculty members whotrained me were awesome.”Kunal Chindarkar, Compositor, Rhythm & Hues “MAAC is a nice place to learn animation from scratch. The knowledge one gains here is awesome.MAAC rocks as they have a great team. Keep up the good work. ”Shruti Banta, Compositor, Pixion “MAAC rocks! Currently, I am with ‘Prime Focus VFX’. All credit for that goes to MAAC and the facultymembers for giving me proper direction and support which has boosted my confidence. Theyhelped me become an integral part of this industry. ”Shweta Patil, Roto Artist, Prime Focus “It’s been a couple of years and now I’m at the helm of the 3D world. I would like to thank myinstructors for providing me the best training and a great platform for placements. ”Ravi Nepalia, Lighting Artist, Paprikaas Studio “I joined MAAC and gained a great amount of knowledge that has made me technically sound. Beinga part of 24 FPS was a great opportunity for me and the exposure gave me insights on the animationproduction pipeline. ”Maninder Kang Singh, Compositor, Paprikaas “Hard work is the road to success. Millions work hard but don’t succeed. Right guidance in life isneeded to achieve great heights. At MAAC you receive the guidance and direction to attain successin the animation world. ”Ishan Aneja, 3D Artist, Pixion “I would like to thank my instructors for providing me the best training and a great platform forplacements. The faculty members at MAAC are experts in their respective fields and are veryco-operative. It’s only because of MAAC that I am here today. ”Chavvi Sharma, Animator, Maya Entertainment Limited 
  22. 22. MAAC CentresWest • Kanpur East• Ahmedabad (2) • Lucknow • Patna (2)• Aurangabad • Meerut • Kolkata (5)• Baroda • Udaipur • Siliguri• Bhilai • Allahabad • Guwahati• Bhopal • Gwalior • Ranchi• Indore • Jalandhar • Bhubaneshwar• Jabalpur • Varanasi• Kolhapur • Aligarh• Mumbai (9)• Nagpur South• Nashik • Bangalore (6)• Pune (3) • Goa• Raipur • Calicut• Rajkot • Coimbatore• Ratlam • Chennai (2)• Surat • Hyderabad (3) • SecunderabadNorth • Trivandrum• Agra • Vishakhapatnam• Chandigarh • Hubli• New Delhi – NCR (10) • Davangere• Jaipur • Vijayawada
  23. 23. 1-800-209-6222 (toll free) Office: 23, Shah Industrial Estate, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053. Tel.: 022-40821111, Fax: 022-26730961, e-mail: