Marketing strategies of Star India Pvt. Limited


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This document gives an overview of marketing strategies of Star India Pvt. Limited.

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Marketing strategies of Star India Pvt. Limited

  1. 1. LIST OF CONTENT<br />No Content Page no<br /><ul><li>Introduction of STAR India Pvt. Limited………………………………………..….02
  2. 2. Environmental analysis of Indian mass channel market in cable industry…….……03
  3. 3. Scope of the study……………………………………………………………….….03
  4. 4. Marketing & promotion strategies of STAR India Pvt. Limited……………….…..04
  5. 5. Service differentiation management by STAR……………………….….………....07
  6. 6. Management of service quality by STAR……………………………….………….11
  7. 7. Managing productivity by STAR…………………………………………………..12
  8. 8. Current scenario &SWOT analysis of STAR………………..……………………..12
  9. 9. Conclusion………………………………………………………………………….14
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION OF STAR INDIA PVT. LIMITED:</li></ul>India is the shining light of STAR's operations, driving both growth and profitability.<br />STAR India has been delivering television services to India since economic reforms began in the country in 1991.  Since then, set against the backdrop of unprecedented economic growth in the country, STAR India has developed into a leading television network with a national footprint.  Today, STAR India is one of India’s most diversified media companies.<br />STAR India broadcasts 20 channels in seven languages.  Its television brands include STAR PLUS, STAR MOVIES, STAR WORLD, STAR ONE, STAR NEWS, STAR GOLD, STAR UTSAV, STAR VIJAY, STAR SPORTS, CHANNEL [V], ESPN, STAR ANANDA, Asianet, Asianet Plus, Suvarna and Sitara. <br />STAR PLUS, STAR India’ flagship Hindi general entertainment channel, redefined Indian television with the launch of Kaun Banega Crorepati (Indian version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire) in 2001, catapulting the channel to a leadership position it still holds today. <br />Other leading channels in STAR India’s stable include Bengali general entertainment channel STAR JALSHA, which is No. 1 in West Bengal and Malayalam general entertainment channel Asianet, the No. 1 channel in the Southern state of Kerala. <br />STAR India has also taken the best of Indian content to a global audience, reaching the Indian Diaspora.  STAR’s channels are now available in the U.S., the U.K., the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.<br />STAR India has also built alliances with an array of entities to augment its business.  Its investments include cable (Hathway), DTH (Tata Sky), distribution (STAR DEN), Southern language broadcasting (STAR-Jupiter), filmed entertainment (FOX STAR Studios), news (MCCS) and home shopping (STAR-CJ).<br /><ul><li>ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS OF INDIAN MASS CHANNEL MARKET IN CABLE INDUSTRY:
  11. 11. Hindi entertainment television is the fuel for growth in the Cable and Satellite television industry with 46.8 per cent share of total viewership and 57.4 per cent share of total advertising revenue. Hindi Mass Channel market has the highest share among all genres of Hindi Channels (Mass, News, Movies). Major players in Hindi Mass Channel market are Star Plus, Sony and Zee TV with a combined market share of more than 90% in the prime time slot (Figure 1). Other players like Sahara One and SAB Television simply complete the list. The current analysis primarily focuses on the top three channels.</li></ul>ChannelAverage Channel Share (%)(As such)    Star Plus37.2        Sony30.8        Zee TV25.0        Sahara One5.3        SAB TV1.7    <br /> <br />ChannelAverage Channel Share (%)(during prime time)    Star Plus61.2        Sony23.2        Zee TV11.5        Sahara One2.9        SAB TV1.3    <br /><ul><li>
  12. 12. The analysis shows that Star Plus, which is the leader in this category due to its appealing content and packaging, yet it needs to innovate continuously to maintain the edge. Sony, now firmly second place, has offered certain innovative programmes but needs a greater variety.
  14. 14. The scope of the study is to emphasize importance of marketing and promotion strategies in mass TV channel market of India.
  15. 15.
  17. 17. Following are the key marketing strategies which makes STAR India “The market leader”.
  18. 18. Maintaining aggressive promotion and packaging approach for all programmes.
  19. 19. For Example, Star promoted recently started TV show “Sach Ka Samna” in such a way that it created excitement in viewers’ mind.
  20. 20. Hold on to the leadership position in 10-11 pm slot through timely innovations based on audience feedback. Hold feedback sessions in the form of discussions arranged for viewers of particular programmes.
  21. 21. Again taking example of “Sach Ka Samna”, Star timed the program from 10-11 pm.
  22. 22. 23304517145
  23. 23. For the feedback of the program, STAR launched a website which is having feedback session and a funny online lie detector test which we can use on our friends. So it creates a kind of excitement in viewers’ mind.
  24. 24. Expand the market by launching programmes that are relatable to all generations’ audience.
  25. 25. STAR concentrate on each age group of viewers and broadcast programmes at specific time.
  26. 26. During morning time, Star broadcast spiritual programmes.</li></ul>For example, 06:00 - 06:30 Seva Ganga<br /> 06:30 - 07:00 Ek Nayee Zindagi<br /><ul><li>During noon time Star broadcast TV serials for women, as women are generally free during noon period.</li></ul>For example, 12:00 - 12:30Bidaai<br />Sara Khan, Parul Chauhan, Kinshuk Mahajan, Alok Nath A drama about two sisters, one fair and the other rather dark, and how their appearance leads to problems before and after their marriage.<br />12:30 - 13:00 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai<br />Hina Khan A romantic love story about how an innocent girl falls in love for the first time after marriage - with her own husband...<br />13:00 - 13:30 Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna<br />339725-55245The two grandchildren belonging to warring families fall in love. But will their love overcome the hurdles created by years of hatred?<br />At afternoon time, they broadcast programmes for children as they are free from school at this time.<br />For example, Shaka Laka Boom Boom was being broadcasted at 7 pm.<br />A bunch of scheming daughter-in-laws find a naive and innocent sister-in-law and they make her life miserable and manipulate the facts.<br />Heer lost her beloved Prem and never recovered from the trauma but will Gaurav, Prem's look-alike, fill that void in her life.<br /><ul><li>Check competitors from gaining market share by introducing flanker programmes, e.g., airing a popular Hindi movie in the same time slot where competitors' main programme is aired.
  27. 27. For example, world TV premier of popular Hindi movies like “ Jane Tu Ya Jane Na”.
  28. 28. Advertisement of programmes by print media:
  29. 29. Star advertises about their programmes by news papers, hoardings and internet in a pleasant manner to promote and advertise their current and new shows.
  30. 30. This advertisement shows such a slogan or tagline about the next episode that create curiosity in viewers.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. 38862001287145</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Celebration of festivals:
  33. 33. India is a country of festivals. We have countless festivals in all seasons. Looking towards the Indian culture, STAR celebrates all the festivals in their daily shows.
  34. 34. 314325081280They invite celebrities in their shows during festival season.
  35. 35. They decorate the home of daily TV serials according to festivals and show them celebrating festivals in pure Indian culture, which in tern attracts people towards the shows and hence channel.
  36. 36. Broadcasting famous TV show for full day:
  37. 37. 27622583820
  38. 38. STAR frequently broadcast some of their very famous TV shows during vacation season to promote their channel through popularity of that particular TV show.
  39. 39. For Example: Star telecasted famous comedy serial Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai full day as “Sara Din Sarabhai”.</li></ul>3095625184785Use appropriate medium for promotion, e.g., Hoardings of Kyunki Saas... at supermarkets, restaurants, and theme parks, etc. - places that are frequently visited by families. <br /><ul><li>27178032385STAR Parivaar Awards:
  40. 40. STAR organizes “STAR Parivar Awards” every year. In that, they invite people associated with STAR India and gives awards in various categories. This strategy has given STAR a family image
  41. 41. ESPN:</li></ul>Sports broadcaster ESPN Software Pvt. Ltd is preparing to flag off a high-voltage campaign to promote two big-ticket cricket tournaments that will be aired on its Star Sports channel, taking the cue from the marketing formula that made the Indian Premier League (IPL) such a big success.<br />The broadcaster has lined up a Rs100 crores marketing campaign across media platforms to boost viewer and advertiser interest in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Champions Trophy in September and Champions League in October.<br /><ul><li> SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION MANAGEMENT BY STAR:
  42. 42. STAR has covered all areas of entertainment through various channels. Currently STAR is having 21 channels in India which include music, movies, sports, entertainment and regional channel.
  43. 43. 171450238125</li></ul>India's No. 1 Hindi entertainment channel<br />Star Plus is India's No 1 satellite channel and has redefined Hindi television entertainment with a programming line-up that includes popular drama series, popular comedies, 'Bollywood' movie blockbusters, lifestyle, current affairs, kid's programmes and game shows.<br />Star Plus is India's No.1 channel for five years in a row<br />The channel is the ideal campaign platform for any brand in India<br />Is the ideal platform to reach out to the entire Indian family<br />Star Plus is watched by over 75 million people every week<br />Regularly accounts for 42 to 46 of the top programmes in India<br />116205-36830 India Ka Sabsey Favorite Hindi Movie Channel<br />Star Gold brings to the audiences a complete new cinema experience, with one of the largest libraries comprising of outstanding critical and commercial successes of recent years. The channel has an exclusive programming mix for the entire family and is synonymous with innovative programming properties that take the viewer closer to Bollywood than any other movie channel.<br />5172075191770<br /> The Next Generation of Hindi entertainment<br />Star One, STAR network's latest Hindi entertainment channel, is targeted at the urban, upwardly mobile Indian viewer. The channel has unleashed a new generation of Hindi entertainment with an innovative and diverse mix of programming that marks a turning point in the history of cable and satellite television. With its distinctive look and feel, cutting-edge production values and engrossing line-up of original programming, the channel has brought international trends in programming to Indian audiences.<br />Some of the very popular programs are Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Instant Khichdi and the smash hit, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge<br />17145022225Absolutely everybody loves Star World<br /><ul><li>Star World is the ultimate destination for the most popular and critically acclaimed shows from around the world. Star World provides the latest choice in top-rating, award-winning entertainment from the USA, Australia and the UK. Spanning genres like drama, comedy, action, reality television, talk shows and live and exclusive international events, Star World is synonymous with the latest and best in English entertainment.
  44. 44. 5172075235585
  45. 45. A trendy music and lifestyle hotspot for the Indian youth
  46. 46. In India, youth with attitude connect with Channel [v]. The channel is a vibrant mix of the latest chart-topping music videos, artists, trends, popular VJs and youth culture. Locally-produced programming, packaging and local presenters ensure that Channel [v] reflects the humor, taste and attitude of its vast youth audience. Popstars 1, Popstars 2 and Samsung [v] Super Singer, programmes that have been widely imitated by others</li></ul>Come Home to Hollywood<br />475678529845No other channel brings you closer to Hollywood than Star Movies. Showcasing the biggest blockbusters and featuring over 100 movies each month and a minimum of 40 premieres every year, Star Movies is the dream destination for the Hollywood buff. Exclusive deals with top film studios ensure access to the latest releases, while programming unique to the channel includes live and exclusive events such as the Academy Awards (The Oscars), Taurus Awards, and acclaimed specials such as Taken, Grid and Lost. Come home to Hollywood. Come home to Star Movies. <br /> It is the only channel in India to telecast the Academy Awards, LIVE<br />116205263525<br />Star Utsav caters to viewers who have recently entered the fold of Cable and Satellite television. It gives them the opportunity to revisit the glory years of Indian television programming by re-running the best shows from the exhaustive Star Plus library.<br />4857750-4445Star Vijay is a general entertainment channel that has taken Tamil Nadu by storm. With highly innovative programming, including soaps mounted on a massive scale, film review shows, comedy and spoof shows, quality Tamil movies and blockbuster Hollywood movies dubbed in Tamil, Star Vijay provides comprehensive entertainment for the entire family.<br />176530114300<br />STAR NEWS offers 24-hour Hindi news that is relevant to today’s Indians. It covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to the environment.<br />152400100330The worldwide leader in sports<br />ESPN brings viewers in Asia the most exciting sports action from around the world. The channels mix of regional and international programming ensures fans enjoy the most comprehensive sports coverage. <br />4867275191770<br />STAR SPORTS is a leader in sports programming and offers viewers a diverse array of top-flight Asian and international sports.<br />ESPN and STAR sports cover all famous sports tournament including,<br />Wimbledon tennis tournament,<br />US open tennis tournament (,<br />Australian open tennis tournament, <br />548640022860401002541910180022522860ICC world cup, <br />ICC champions trophy,<br />Formula one, <br />English premier league,<br /> <br />57150121920<br />A channel totally dedicated to showcase first-class cricket action from around the globe, STAR CRICKET broadcasts live / non-live international and regional cricket events as well as programming meticulously customized for the Indian audiences, including cricket news update, magazine and reality shows. STAR CRICKET is the one stop destination of all the cricket action, history, updates, views and reviews.<br />Other Regional channels are:<br /><ul><li>Asianet (Malayalam)
  47. 47. Asianet Plus (Malayalam)
  48. 48. Sitara (Telugu)
  49. 49. Star Ananda (Bengali)
  50. 50. Star Jalsha (Bengali)
  51. 51. Star Majha (Marathi)
  52. 52. Star Pravah (Marathi)
  53. 53. Suvarna (Kannada)</li></ul>6.0 MANAGEMENT OF SERVICE QUALITY BY STAR:<br />Strategic Concept: Providing superior service has been a challenging task for STAR and they have proved themselves in all areas of entertainment by providing endless entertainment. STAR always identifies their target customers and come with new ideas and entertainment shows to serve the viewers.<br />When there was a bloom for reality shows in country, STAR introduced many reality shows for each generation. Those are,<br />Voice of India<br />The great Indian laughter challenge<br />Nach baliye<br />Commitment of top management: <br />Recently STAR announced Uday Shankar as CEO of STAR India. Top management of STAR is committed to provide best entertainment to the viewers and along with that they are concerned about employee satisfaction and corporate social responsibility.<br />High standards:<br />STAR has standardized Indian television to such a height that other private channels are following the way of STAR. STAR has become benchmark for Indian television channel industry. With the given constraints STAR put their maximum efforts to provide all kind of entertainment to the viewers. <br /><ul><li>7.0 MANAGING PRODUCTIVITY BY STAR.</li></ul>STAR India in Mumbai, India, knew the time had come to digitize. STAR has more than 50,000 hours of videotape material sitting on their shelves and keeps adding new material at a rate of about 9,000 hours per year.<br />STAR India MassStore Workflow Asset Management (WAM) suite which helps to store material in an orderly way, digitize new programs, save these newly created files in long-term digital storage, utilize these files in nonlinear editing suites, create videotape and DVD copies of stored files, and easily and efficiently manage the entire process including metadata.<br />STAR India utilizes an Avid Unity system with various editing workstations. STAR also has Apple Final Cut Pro editing systems. Each of these NLEs has its own way of formatting digital files.<br />8.0 CURRENT SCENARIO & SWOT ANALYSIS OF STAR:<br />The year 2008-09 has been a tough year for everyone. There was negative subscription growth from analog cable, with the only silver lining coming in from the healthy growth of subscription revenue from the new Direct to Home platforms. However, even in a bad year, STAR has seen growth.<br />According to industry sources, the overall advertising revenue of STAR India declined by around 7-8 per cent in 2008-09. However, its subscription revenue registered a high double-digit growth.<br />STAR India remains a highly profitable business, with decent growth exposure as it secures a national footprint with the launch of new regional entertainment channels. MPA analysts suggest that STAR India could be worth more than 1.6 billion in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) by the financial year ending June 2013.<br /> SWOT Analysis of STAR India Pvt. Limited<br />9.0 CONCLUSION: <br />The TV channel Market is evolving continuously. The major players would like to consolidate their positions while new channels are increasingly posing a threat to them. With immense advertising revenues and viewership at stake, the channels need to continually assess and re-assess their strategies. <br />Catering to the taste of Indian viewers can often be a tricky proposition. Words like " Fresh and Innovative Programmes" and " Promotion Blitz" might sound trite but a lot of smart and hard effort goes in creating the appropriate content for the audience. A proper insight of audience taste is, therefore, a pre-requisite to any successful programme launch. <br />The evolving integration of media vehicles (TV, Radio, Internet, Print, etc.) is also an interesting development and in future, many exciting activities are likely in this arena. <br />