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Project Objective
This application is intended to develop a social media interactive platform to meet the below objectives.
• For Politicians: To interact with people (Internet Savvy) where they can share their views, invite constituencies’ development ideas, respond on constructive discussions, publish their activities (Photos & Videos) and promotional activities.
• For People: Know your constituency (Government officials & Emergency services), post your village problems and constituency development activities, help/suggest your leaders with constructive ideas and be a part of it etc.

- Platform for politicians to promote themselves in social media
- Interacting with public
- Reaching Cadre
- Solving issues raised by public, Sharing activities
- Analysing opponents activities
- Public will get access to reach leaders/politicians, officials, constituency level details, sector wise updates
- Interacting constituency politicians, fellow members and experts
- Reaching ground level politicians etc.,

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  1. 1. To reach and influence local online voters To present individual/party Manifesto To promote day to day activities, photos and videos online To do online canvassing To promote individual social welfare activities and attract international funds Users To see profiles of the leaders who are contesting in the elections in their respective constitution and choose the best To know the development activities in their respective constitutions To get Constitutional data including names and contact information of Village President, Government Officials, Emergency Services. To know history, historical places, tourist places of respective constitutions Parties Publish organizational structure, Party History, Manifesto, contestants details Videos, Messages, Online canvassing etc. Build party cadre online Invite party funds
  2. 2. Search Constituencies Parties Govt Officials Social Connect Voters Manifesto
  3. 3. Publish Profile Invite Volunteers Connect 30k+ Voters locally Constitutional Information Video Presentations Activities Updates Manifesto – Constituency Text, Photos & Videos Invite Donations Social Media Connectivity Build Cadre Followers Development Activities Past & Future Public Manifesto
  4. 4. Organization Structure Connect Constituency Voters History of the Party Activities – Text, Photos & Videos Party Manifesto Development Schemes Followers Constituency Information Invite Volunteers Invite Party Funds Interactive, Messaging cadre Connect Party Leaders
  5. 5. Follow & Search Constituencies, Parties, Politicians, Future Leaders & People Information – Constituency History, Geography, Historical Places, Tourism Spots, Government. Officials, Schemes, Development- Sector wise & Issues Publish & Comment Your Manifesto, Issues, Activities – Text, Images& Videos Social Connect Face Book, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mail .,
  6. 6. Information – Constituency Tourism, Govt.Officials, Schemes, Development- Sector wise & Issues Industries, Business Opportunities & Employment Search Politicians, Parties, Leaders, Social Activists, People & Events Publish & Comment Manifesto for Constituency , Issues, News, Activities – Text, Images& Videos Social Connect – Fellow villagers/town voters Face Book, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mail .,
  7. 7. Political Campaign through Social Media – The Impact
  8. 8. 45% voters would like to see more information on Internet to help them make their voting decision Information that voters would like to see on Internet 57% 48% Discussion on local issues Updates on developmental activities 43% Information about candidate/ party/ manifesto/ agenda
  9. 9. Information on the political party and the candidate are most looked for Information on the Candidate Videos of leaders 39 15 37 Information on the political party Manifesto/Agenda / plan of political party Views/opinions of other people Party Specific 28 Other’s opinion 15 27 Political news / Controversies/Activities and Initiatives Poll related info - Polling date / polling booth / Candidate list Candidate Specific 20 Generic
  10. 10. Voters will engage with politicians online if made possible Activities expected from politicians on the internet 52% Allow citizens to comment on their website on deferent topics and respond to them 51% Allow citizens to comment on their social network page on different topics and respond to them 47% Conduct online video conferencing
  11. 11. Internet users open to signing up for volunteer programs 39% of voters decided on who to vote for would like to sign up for party volunteer program
  12. 12. 35% voters consciously start looking for elections / politics related information more than 3 months prior to the elections 2-4 weeks prior 3-6 months prior 1-3 months prior 6+ months prior Always Interested 25% 10% 18% 7% 22%
  13. 13. Internet is a key influencer – be present •  37% of urban Indian voters are online! •  85% of them have voted previously •  42% are undecided •  Local candidate is as important as the party •  Internet presence is important to be considered a progressive leader •  Provide more information on the Internet •  Engage with the voters using online channels •  Voters have started looking for elections related information