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FIRST DOWNLOAD the powerpoint!!

1. Begin Slide Show: Just as you would begin a normal presentation, start your Slide Show in PowerPoint
by going to the top navigation, clicking 'Slide Show,' then 'Play from Start.'
2. Open Board and Categories: Once you are in Slide Show mode, click twice to display the board. You'll
now see a Jeopardy-style layout of questions. Then, unveil the five main categories of the game -- General
Marketing, Attract, Convert, Close, Delight, and Inbound Sales -- by clicking five times.
3. Play a Point Value: Click one final time to have all the point values highlighted in yellow -- this means
you're ready to play! Have a player on one team announce the category and point value they'd like to
tackle first. If they said 'General Marketing for $100,' go to the General Marketing category and click on

Once you click $100, the PowerPoint will automatically take you to that question. Give the team 60
seconds to deliberate and come back with an answer. After the team provides an answer, you'll need to
click into the presentation once to reveal the answer. The answer will appear in bold.
Now, this is the most critical part of the PowerPoint. After revealing the question, in order for the PowerPoint
to work properly, you'll need to click the yellow 'BACK' button on the bottom right corner of the answer
slide. Once you do, you'll be brought back to your original board -- with the question you just answered
missing from it. You can now continue playing until all the cards are gone! However, if you don't click
'BACK' ... you'll have to start all over again. :(

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Marketing Trivia-Game

  1. 1. GENERAL CATEGOR MARKETING Y CATEGOR ATTRACT Y CATEGOR CONVERT Y CATEGOR CLOSE Y CATEGOR DELIGHT Y INBOUND CATEGOR SALES Y $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
  2. 2. GENERAL MARKETING ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT INBOUND SALES $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
  3. 3. General Marketing $100 Ineffective marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and cold calling are known as what?
  4. 4. General Marketing $100-Answer Outbound Marketing BACK
  5. 5. General Marketing $200 Name three of the four stages of inbound marketing.
  6. 6. General Marketing $200-Answer Attract, Convert, Close, Delight BACK
  7. 7. General Marketing $300 An inbound marketing methodology works to solve every problem with whom in the mind?
  8. 8. General Marketing $300-Answer The Customer BACK
  9. 9. General Marketing $400 Inbound marketing calls on you to publish the right ____ in the right ____ at the right ____.
  10. 10. General Marketing $400-Answer Right content in the right place at the right time. BACK
  11. 11. General Marketing $500 True or False: Inbound marketing is easy.
  12. 12. General Marketing $500-Answer False. (Inbound marketing doesn’t just happen, you have to invest time to do it.) BACK
  13. 13. Attract $100 In the attract stage of marketing, you are seeking to turn ____ into _____.
  14. 14. Attract $100-Answer Strangers into visitors. BACK
  15. 15. Attract $200 What are three of the primary channels used to attract online visitors to your website?
  16. 16. Attract $200-Answer Blogs, Social Media, Search Engines BACK
  17. 17. Attract $300 Which traditional marketing channel (when used through an inbound-lens) can be effective for attracting visitors to your website?
  18. 18. Attract $300-Answer PPC/Advertising BACK
  19. 19. Attract $400 In order to effectively attract visitors through your marketing channels, you must create what?
  20. 20. Attract $400-Answer Remarkable Content BACK
  21. 21. Attract $500 You don’t just want traffic to your site, you want the right traffic. Your ideal visitors can be targeted by creating holistic ideals of what your customers are like, also known as ______.
  22. 22. Attract $500-Answer Buyer Personas BACK
  23. 23. Convert $100 During the convert stage of marketing, the main focus is to turn ____ into _____.
  24. 24. Convert $100-Answer Visitors into leads. BACK
  25. 25. Convert $200 Name two of the three tools used to convert visitors into leads.
  26. 26. Convert $200-Answer Landing pages, calls-toaction, and/or forms. BACK
  27. 27. Convert $300 A ____ is a person who has in some way, shape, or form indicated interest in your company's product or service by filling out a form on your site.
  28. 28. Convert $300-Answer Lead BACK
  29. 29. Convert $400 Having business ____ in a centralized database allows you to personalize every aspect of your marketing.
  30. 30. Convert $400-Answer Contacts BACK
  31. 31. Convert $500 Companies with 30+ _____ generate 7X more leads than those with fewer than 10.
  32. 32. Convert $500-Answer Landing Pages BACK
  33. 33. Close $100 During the close stage of marketing, the main focus is to turn ____ into _____.
  34. 34. Close $100-Answer Leads into customers. BACK
  35. 35. Close $200 Name two of three tools marketing uses to nurture leads and bring them closer to becoming a customer.
  36. 36. Close $200-Answer Email, lead scoring, and/or marketing automation (workflows) BACK
  37. 37. Close $300 A(n) ________ is series of automated emails that will be sent (or not) based on a person's behavior or contact information. With this, you can trigger actions based on any information you have about your leads.
  38. 38. Close $300-Answer Email workflows BACK
  39. 39. Close $400 Being able to tie your marketing messages to the actual revenue generated for your business is known as ________.
  40. 40. Close $400-Answer Closed-loop Reporting BACK
  41. 41. Close $500 True or False: Marketing automation is when you save marketing time by automating all your marketing messages.
  42. 42. Close $500-Answer False. (Marketing automation is not simply robotizing your marketing to spam mass messages, it’s a series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a person’s specific behaviors or contact information). BACK
  43. 43. Delight $100 Just because someone has written you a check doesn’t mean you can forget about them. The delight stage focuses on turning customers into what for your brand?
  44. 44. Delight $100-Answer Promoters BACK
  45. 45. Delight $200 It’s important to offer a personalized experience to each customer. What are at least two tools you can use to offer that personalized experience?
  46. 46. Delight $200-Answer Personalized calls-to-action, social media, and/or email and marketing automation BACK
  47. 47. Delight $300 After a customer has purchased, you should provide consultation or education on how to easily get started with your product or service. This is called what?
  48. 48. Delight $300-Answer Customer Onboarding BACK
  49. 49. Delight $400 True or False: Delighting customers is a marketing responsibility.
  50. 50. Delight $400-Answer True (While your customer service teams manage customer retention, your marketing team should be creating the same lovable marketing experience for potential customers as they do actual ones). BACK
  51. 51. Delight $500 Customers who value your product or service through their customer lifetime can help your business by providing ________.
  52. 52. Delight $500-Answer Customer Referrals BACK
  53. 53. Inbound Sales $100 What do you call a lead who has visited your website and shown interest in your business?
  54. 54. Inbound Sales $100-Answer A warm lead BACK
  55. 55. Inbound Sales $200 Which marketing channel can help a sales rep find out more about their prospect’s role and interests?
  56. 56. Inbound Sales $200-Answer Social Media BACK
  57. 57. Inbound Sales $300 What is the key ingredient in an inbound sales process?
  58. 58. Inbound Sales $300-Answer Context BACK
  59. 59. Inbound Sales $400 How can a sales rep educate his/her leads in-between sales calls?
  60. 60. Inbound Sales $400-Answer Send them relevant content. BACK
  61. 61. Inbound Sales $500 What is the new method of qualifying leads?
  62. 62. Inbound Sales $500-Answer GPCT: Goals, Planning, Challenges, and Timeline BACK