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Yes, the surfing world. It is the majestic world where people glide on the tides and ride the waves. This specific sport is a sport common on the shores of Morocco and what makes it so cool is that the sea touches half of the Moroccan boundary which means Morocco is surrounded by land on one side and water on the other.

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Reworked ebook the perfect wave eu

  1. 1. The Perfect WaveSurf ExperienceDestinations Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890
  2. 2. Banda SeriNorthern BegawanSumatra Kuala Lumpur Singapore Mentawai Jakarta Central Java Southern Lombok Sumatra &Sumbawa West Java East Java Dili INDIAN OCEAN Bali Sumba,Flores &Timor 1500km 1. Mentawai Islands and North Sumatra Get a group together and experience the Mecca of surf destinations by coral barrier reefs that pick up consistent swellOverview : from the Indian Ocean. The sheer num-ber of the little passages, reefs, bays, inlets and points is unsurpassed anywhere on the planet.A trip to The Mentawai Islands for any surfer Considered the most consistent area of surf inworth his salt is an absolute necessity. Any surfer the world, the Mentawai can get surf yearwho reads surfing magazines or watch-es surf round, but is most consistent time for Surf Tour isvideos will definitely have fantasized about from March to a trip to the Mentawai. The most popular way to surf the MentawaiThe Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy Islands is by charter boat, but there are also aislands and islets off the west coast of couple of great resorts if you prefer land-basedSumatra in Indonesia. There are 4 main islands and accommodation or are planning to travel with athe rest are small islets. The islands lie ap- non-surfing partner. We recom-mend Wave parkproximately 150 kilometres off the Sumatran coast in the Playgrounds region of Siberut as well asand are widely regarded as one of, if not the HT‟s Surf Resort and Aloita in Sipora. Travel to thepremier surf destination in the world. The Mentawai resorts from Padang is either by charter flight orchain spans about 160 kilome-tres. There are overnight ferry. Charters generally departliterally thousands of surf able options for every Padang in the af-ternoon or evening of the firststandard of surfer. The 49 named breaks are some day, and return on the morning of the last day.of the most famous waves in the world. The islandsare fringed
  3. 3. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890North SumatraFrom the Mentawai you can access the more remote islands of Nias, Telo‟s &Banyaks. Most charters in the Mentawai region will run trips to these areas, but withdedicated charters and surf camps / resorts in the area, you can be sure to get a localperspective of the regions.Banyak IslandsThe Banyak Islands in remote North Sumatra has been a closely guarded secret, so could be described asone of the last surf frontiers inIndonesia! It is a surfer‟s paradise with some still untapped breaks setting the scene for any kind ofsurfer /adventurer. The safest and best way of getting around is aboard an air-condi-tioned surfcharter vessel.The majority of surf breaks have remained nameless and there is still more exploring going on. There isa wide range of lefts and rights, hollow and performance waves, so ex-pect your back-hand and fore-hand to both get a solid workout. There are waves for all styles and ability levels ranging fromdredging deep barrels, fast down the line peelers, per-fect peaks or long cruisy walls for long board-ers or mellow crew.The Banyak Islands are located approximate-ly 60 miles off the northwest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia‟snorthern most and largest Island. There are two main islands in the Banyak Is-lands- Treasure Island and theisland of theBay Of Plenty. Both harbour incredible breaks perfectly aligned to catch the clean, consist-ent swellsof the Indian Ocean.Surfing charters in North Sumatra and particu-larly the Banyak Islands are less likely to en-countercrowds like in the Mentawai‟s. You will never feel lonely though, as these islands are exposed to prettymuch the same swell as the Mentawai Islands, giving you plenty of surf days to keep you well busy.Uncrowded barrels, plenty of swell, untouched natural rainforest, wildlife, epic Sumatran sun-sets; remoteislands and warm tropical water await you. You can also go fishing, snorkelling, spearfishing, jungle-trekking-no mass tourism here, just fun and adventure in the comforta-ble luxury of an air-conditionedmotor yacht.NiasThe Nias Islands of Indonesia are one of the most consistent surfing travel destinations in the world. Theperfect right-hander at Sorake Bay on the island of Nias was the first world-class wave discovered in theSumatra region. Nias was first surfed in 1975, by Aussie surfers.The recent earthquake actually improved wave quality in the Nias region, raising the high tide mark
  4. 4. and ensuring most reefs gen-erally pick up more swell, and are surf able on all tides!Its broad exposure towards the vast southernIndian Ocean ensures these majestic islands are remarkably consistent pretty much year round.Keyhole Surf Camp‟s goal is to provide any surfer the opportunity to score the best waves of their lives.Surf Nias has the experi-ence and local knowledge to get you to the best possible waves as quickly aspossible and in complete safety. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890 Surf breaks spots) Mentawai from North to South (main surf Burgerworld Burgerworld is a mushy point break right - hander. It can offer hollow sections at E-Bay times, but usually it E-Bay is a hollow left offers a long, rippable that barrels on the take- wall with multiple off and offers a short cutback sections. wall down the line. A great option when there‟s plenty of swell. Four Bobs Four Bobs is a small peak when there is Bank Vaults heaps of swell, or if you Bank Vaults is a heavy are looking for a right-hander that bar- mellower option. rels and spits. Usually Mainly a right with a bigger than most spots short barrel off the in the area. Watch out takeoff, but it tends to for clean-up sets. die off into the channel. There‟s an even shorter left, but it‟s not usually worth the effort. Scarecrows Icelands Scarecrows breaks off of an island just south of Icelands is another Telescopes. Good lefts consistent left-hander but a bit unpredict-able when the swell is and shifty. It‟s a short, smaller. It usually offers wedgy wave that works some rideable waves, best on a dropping high even when other tide. breaks are flat.
  5. 5. TelescopesPit Stops Telescopes is a perfectPit Stops is the right off wrapping left reef. Longthe peak at E-Bay. A walls wrap around theplayful right that can reef with very fewoffer some cover-ups on sections on larger days.the take-off, but it is It generally breaks ingenerally a high per- pretty deep water, but itformance wave with air can get heavy andsections at the end. shallow on the inside onEnds in a sandy big HideawaysBintangs Hideaways is a veryBintangs is a short and hollow left that can behollow right across the very shallow at lowchannel from Lance‟s tide. The waves comeLeft. As the wave ap- out of deep water,proaches the reef, the then unload on abottom drops out be- shallow section of reeffore barrelling towards before barrellingthe channel. towards the channel. No KanduisLance’s Left No Kanduis is a long barrelling left that wrapsLance‟s Left is a long around a small island.left wall that wraps Usually very sectiony,down the point before but can line up on veryhitting the last section, big swells. Many bar-relswhich is the main take- on offer, but usually onlyoff area. Great hollow makeable for one orsection after the take- two sections beforeoff. A bigger board closing out.helps on the Tel: +61(2) 99390890Surf breaksMentawaifrom North to South (main surf spots)Rags RightRags Right is a shorter, hollow right on thesouthern end of Rags Island. Similar to HT‟sonly a little shorter, but just as good. It canbe fickle, but it‟s one of the best rights in
  6. 6. the is-lands.Thunders The HoleThunders is another The Hole is another verylarge left that both hollow left off a smallpicks up, and can hold island in the southernthe biggest swells. It‟s a end of the to bottom wave on Starts barrelling fromthe outside, that gets a take off, but neverbit mellower on the really stops until a closeinside section. Another out section at the endwave that usually has a of the reef. Definitelylot of water mov-ing not a place toabout, so a bigger straighten out at.board can come inhandy. you take off. After the initial barrel ride, theRags Left wave offers one of the most rippable walls toRags Left is a sick unleash any manoeuvrelefthander that can hold you can think of duringthe biggest swells. It is your Surf Trips.very hollow and canoften dish out some of theheaviest hold-downs inthe island chain. Usually abit more water mov-ingaround so a larger boardcan be useful.RiflesRifles is one of the bestwaves in the Menta-wais.A very long right-handerthat wraps around theother side of the sameisland as No Kanduis.Rarely makeable fromstart to finish, but evenjust from section tosection you can scoreepic rides up to 100 yardsor longer. Nice andhollow when it‟s a fewfeet overhead, butusually a little sectionywhen it‟s smaller.MacaronisMacaronis is one of themost perfect waves inthe world. A very hollowwave with variousshallow spots. Lefts startpeeling way up thepoint, and thengradually slow down asthey approach thechannel. The further upthe point you paddle,the faster it barrels when
  7. 7. Bank Vaults Hollow Trees (HT’s orBank Vaults is a heavy Lance’s Right)right-hander that bar- Hollow Trees (HT‟s orrels and spits. Usually Lance‟s Right) is an epicbigger than most spots right-hander that has beenin the area. Watch out all over the surf mags andfor clean-up sets. videos during the last ten or so years. The main takeoff spot is up the pointNipussi where most of the wavesNipussi is a shorter right start barrelling and peelthat breaks down the flawlessly down the reef.point from Bank Vaults. On larger swells it can beDefinitely fun and very shifty and hard torippable. Usually has read. It can shift more tofairly deep wa-ter from the end bowl where it canthe takeoff to the break, reform, then bowlinside. Ends in a riptide again into the channel. Thethat sucks all the water inside is very shallow and isback out to sea. A of-ten referred to as thegood option for Surf “surgeon‟s table” due toTravel when there‟s not the many reef-cuts doledmuch swell, and out to travelling surfers.usually the mostconsistent spot in Tel: +61(2) 99390890Surf breaksNorth SumatraBanyak IslandsMigila’sMigila‟s is located inside of “The Pig.” Migila‟s is a right-hand peak with a short perfect barrel on take-off beforeslowly peeling off to the beach.Warren’sWarren‟s is a fun right-hand peak oppositeCobra‟s. It breaks over a combination of reef andsand which can finish on the beautiful white sandybeach.Toytown Lefts The PigToytown Lefts is a perfectly shaped peeling left The Pig is a deep water right-hand breaklocated deep in the bay. It really only starts to exposed to all possible swell. Rarely belowwork on larger swells. You can cruise down the head-high “The Pig” provides someline or hit the lip over and over again. exhilarat-ing drops and big open faces. Indies 1 and 2 “Indies” 1 and 2 get theirIndies 1 and 2 names because they are the outside breaks and in-dicators for “Treasures”. These two
  8. 8. waves are for experienced surfers only and Lizards Nestproduce heart-pumping barrels over shallow Lizards Nest is somewhat fickle, but if the el-reef. The bigger the swell the better! ements come together you will experience one of the best waves in Indo. Known to pro-duce a magic 10-second barrel leaving any of those who have surfed it or even seen it totally awe-struck! JoysticksTurtle’s Joysticks is a super fun right-hand peakTurtle‟s is a fun, playful left-hand peak that which produces a perfect barrel on thepeels along and also winds up on the beauti- take-off be-fore backing off into a niceful white sandy beach. A great take-off and wall allowing for some turns. If you haveworkable wall that can produce a nice bar- enough speed you can link up into therel also depending on swell direction. inside bowl for a nice long ride. CobraGorilla’s Cobra is a world-class left-hander that canGorilla‟s is an untamed right-hand beast that produce an epic 8-10 second barrel or niceis rarely surfed. It is the type of wave that will ripable face depending on swell direction.really deflate your ego if it smashes you. Cobra‟s clean blue lines peel down theMake sure you pack your peanuts! reef into a channel, which can provide a perfect photo opportunity.Mini’sMini‟s is located deep in the bay “Mini‟s” is Treasure Islanda playful right which peaks up and delivers Treasure Island is one of the best right-handa short barrel and workable face. It only point breaks in Indo, consistently offering upstarts working on larger swells, as it picks up to four mesmerising barrels per wave with ahalf the swell of Treasure Island. nice almond-shaped rippable face. This is one of the jewels in the crown of sheer IndoClarets perfection running a few hundred yardsClarets is a beautiful long left-hand point down a perfectly shaped reef. Always a fa-which peels down the line offering a per- vourite amongst guests as it satisfies all abili-fect open workable face. You will be able ties. A taste of “Treasures” has you hookedto perfect your big carving turns or hunt for years to come.down some inside Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Seasonality
  9. 9. thunder- storms, but they generally don‟t last long and occur mostly at night. The best time for Mentawai Surf is fromThe March toMentawai NovemberIslands . This isexperienc when thee low pres-consistentl surey high systems offtemperat Antarcticaures and pushhumidity, groundwith swellsbarelyanychange intemperature yearround,due to thechains‟closeproximityto theEquator.The dryseasonruns fromMarch toSeptember, and thewetseason isfromaboutOctobertoFebruary,but evenduring thedryseason,you willoften findthere canbe brief
  10. 10. season when the trade winds tend west and north- west, you can still find some great, fun waves as the swells can still be quite regular. The winds are variable throughou t most of the year. Favourabl e easterly trade winds that blow side/offsho re on the main breaks are predomin ant from May to Septembe r. March,for April,thousands Septembeof miles r andup Octobertowards oftenthe equa- experi-tor. The ence lightRoaring winds and40‟s are glassythe swell conditions.source the WaterMentawai temperatuare re is fairlydirectly constantexposed at aboutto. Even 27-28C.dur-ingthe offwww.theperfectwave.c
  11. 11. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890 Mumbai INDIA Thiladhunmathee Atoll INSET Chennai Miladhunmadulu Atoll SRI LANKA Faadhippolhu Atoll Colombo MALE North Male Atoll THE MALDIVES MALE Central Atolls South Male Atoll Mafuri Felidhe Atoll Haru Haru Mulaku Atoll Kolhumadulu Atoll Hadhdhunmathee Atoll Fulidu Southern AtollsRakidu Huvadhoo Atoll Havaru Foammulah Atoll Gan Addu AtollINSET Hitadu INSET 400km 2. Maldives Island NationThe perfect destination for a couples’ getaway or a family holiday to remember other does a multi-tude for other activities, enjoys world class spa treatment or just lazes by the pool. Most of the resorts in the MaldivesOverview : aren‟t geared to ser-vice surfers, so make sure you are staying at a resort with a surf program so that you can ac-cess all breaks in the region you are staying.The Maldives is a perfect Surfing World for a The resorts in North Male that service surferscouples‟ geta-way or even a mind blowingfamily holiday. With so many resorts in theMaldives there are options for everyone.However as a surfer it is essential to ensure youhave a wave at your front door. That way youcan squeeze a wave in while your significant
  12. 12. day Inn Kandooma and Anantara. We be- lieve that the surf program at Kandooma is the best in the Maldives, but we are biased, as we run the program ourselves. There are a few options in the Central atolls with resorts in Meemu and Laamu. The pick for us is the Sixwith surf programs and expert surf guides are Senses in Laamu that is just amazing and withDhonveli , Four Seasons Kuda Huraa & Hud- Ying Yang surf break across the channel, youhuranfushi Resort. Other resorts will be able to have all bases covered.assist you to surf, but don‟t have dedicatedsurf programs. In South Male you have Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890But if a resort is rience thenot what you Maldives Surf isare after the by boatnew way to charter. Boatexperience the chartersMaldives is to guarantee youstay in a guest get to reallyhouse on a local maxi-mize yourisland. The first of surf time. Boatthese was set up charters areby our partner best when youBrian James. have a groupBrian set up of mates or a watCokes Surf few families erCamp on that you can bunThulusdhoo. travel galoSince then they exclusively with. ws.have been But if you want Thepopping up to just jump on Maleve-rywhere, a charter, there divesbut be careful are normally hasas many will plenty of mixed sompromise things charters, where e-they can‟t you can meet thingdeliver, so make new friends. forsure you get a everreferral before The Maldives ymaking your are a group of buddecision. over 1200 islands get.In our opinion formed from Therthough the best coral and eway to expe- located south are west of India in local the Indian islan Ocean. It is a d tropical is-land surf paradise with cam pristine clear ps, waters and or if beautiful world you‟r renowned e resorts with over- not trav
  13. 13. elling with a them the isnon-surfing freedoms alsopartner then holiday makers thethe best way to require without counget the most compromising tryout of a surfing the islands‟ withtrip in the deep Muslim theMaldives is to faith. The loweget yourself on Maldives is the sta surf boat smallest Asian highcharter. country in terms pointThis is life of both instripped down population and theto simplicity – area; it is the worlbright blue skies, smallest d, atall-year sunshine predominantly 2.3and fantastic Muslim nation in metrdiv-ing and the world. The es.snorkeling in Maldives islagoons the unique. Thetemperature of islands are onbath water. The average onlycountry 1.5 metres (4 ftembraces 11 in) above seatravel-lers from level, it is thearound the lowest countryworld allowing on the plan-et. It Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890 Surfing Maldives higher, so exposure is reduced. There are three main surfing areas During the last decade, surfing in the 1. The North and South Male Atoll, best dur- Maldives has attracted plenty of Aus- ing the South-West Monsoon season, from tralian surfers and crew from all over the April to October. From May to August world. The same swells that hit Indonesia waves are strongest. deliver the goods to the Maldives, the 2. Central Atolls offer predominantly long, only difference being that the latitude is clean rights varying in size between 3 and
  14. 14. 6ft. During the Australian winter (April-Oc- tober), it‟s never flat3. Southern Atolls best from February to April and from September to November. There are always waves in the area, but the winds become very strong at other times.North & South Male AtollThe most famous breaks are in North Male‟ At-olls. These points offer rights and lefts. Alwayssomething for beginners or for professionalsurfers, with waves from ranging from 1 to 3meters with long point breaks. Surf spots canbe accessed in two ways; by surf charter, or by dhoni transferring surfers from the resorts. Although not all the spots can be accessed from the resorts. Usually surfers prefer the surf charters to reach the different points in North and South Male‟ Atolls, as they have no constraints and can choose among the most famous breaks. Don‟t leave without surfing Cokes, Jailbreaks (Himmafushi), Honky‟s, Sultans and Tucky Joes! Central Atolls Around 140kms south of Male lie the Central Atolls. This area was explored by seaplane on an Oxbow expedition in 2004, and from there the first Central Atolls surf charters began. To this day few boats canvas this area, so it‟s perfect for those wanting to experience un-crowded surf. Southern Atolls There are atolls, about 340kms south of Male, with at least a dozen high level reef breaks. Only just recently increasing in popularity, these atolls are less travelled due to their dis- tance from Male. An extra domestic flight is required to get there, which is great news for those looking to get away from the crowds. Due to wind conditions these atolls are best surfed from February to April and from Sep- tember to Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890
  15. 15. Surf breaks North Male Surf breaks walled, super fast section called the „Pinnacles‟. Rides are 100 to 150 meters. It is best on high tide with any Lohis wind from W to N Lohis - Good and and is only hollow left-hander accessed by boat. with two sections. It requires big SE Sultans swells and high Sultans - Easy spot tides to work best. located off NW-NE offshore Thanburudhoo winds are ideal. island on the This is the break other side of at Hudhuran Honkey‟s. Fushi Resort. Excellent and long right-hander that can provide Chickens long walls and Chickens - even hollow Eastern reef of sections during North Male Atoll. big swells from This long, the south. One of excellent left- the most con- hander has two sistent waves of sec-tions with an the Male atolls enjoyable, thin, that never closes peeling, racing out, even on lip. Best winds are large swells. It is NW-NNE best at high tide (offshore). It was and with west to named because north winds. of the poultry farm on the island Ninjas and is only Ninjas - North accessed by Male Atoll break boat. out the front of Club Med Resort. This slow right- hander is good Honkeys for beginners and Honkeys - One of long-boarders. the most Best on W-NW consistent waves winds with a of moderate Sth North Male Atoll swell. It was off the island of named Ninjas Thanburud-hoo due to the which is Japanese rid-ers uninhabited. This is that love the an excellent, long, break. However world-class left- can be a serious hander. The take- wave when a big off is a steep SE swell hits it. outside peak called „Phantoms‟, which slingshots into a very long,
  16. 16. and a few cover up sections. One of the most popular breaks due to the fact it isn‟t a heavy wave and is normally a little smaller than its cousin Honkey‟s across the channel. Cokes Cokes - Also at the eastern reef of North Male Atoll, this wave is a short, intense ride with a steep barrelling take off, followed by a very shallow inside section that opens up even more than the takeoff. Ideal on a straight south swell andJails NW winds.Jails - Jails is Named after theactually the Coca-Colabreak off the factory on theisland island, there‟s aHimmafushi which beautiful view ofused to actually the palm fringedhave a jail on it. beach from theThe jail has surf zone. To bestmoved to a new experienceone, but the Cokes, you canname stays. This stay at our surfwave is a perfect camp right onright-hand reef the point of thebreak with a big break itself.wack able Tel:+61(2) 9939 0890Surf breaksSouth Male Surf Breaks Kandooma
  17. 17. RightKandooma Right isat your doorstep ifyou‟re staying atKandooma Resort.You could throw acricket ball to thetake off zone fromyour villa. A fastbreaking right withtwo take off spots,the first an easier Natives/Foxysoption with the Natives/Foxys -sec-ond a more This wave is verycritical take off. fast and hol-lowThis wave breaks breaking overover relatively relatively shallowshallow reef for 100 coral. It‟s “Goofysmeters and Paradise” or ifprovides many you‟re fast on thebarrel backhand youopportunities. It is will love thisbest on a mid tide wave. Breaks forand is one of the 100 to 150 metresbest waves in the and providesMaldives at 3 to many barrel6ft. It likes a SE opportunities. Bestswell direc-tion with SE swell andand is offshore in NW wind. Onany W win. transfer you will visit both Foxy‟s and Rip Tides, so you get the best of both worlds. winds. It was named after theQuarters resort workers‟ quarters on theQuarters - island.Gulhigaathuhuraa, uninhabitedisland attached Twin Peaksto Anantara Twin Peaks - IyaruResort. Eastern Faru near theReef of South island of Gul-hi, anMale Atoll. The inhabited island,wave has two eastern reef ofsections; the South Male Atoll.outside is a fat, Sectiony left andslow and mean- right, that picks updering wave more swell thanperfect for long most of the breaksboarders and in South Malé Atoll.even beginners. Can have a goodThe inside section end section on theis a re-ally nice, left in a bigfast little right- southerly swell. Thehander that picks right is a realup less swell than mixed bag andmost other rarely delivers theplaces, but on its goods. Best in Nday delivers winds, and theperfect barrels. higher the tide, theBest in W to NW better.
  18. 18. KatesKates - RiptidesBoduhuraa, Riptides - A rightuninhabited hander breakingisland near the for 150 meters on aAnantara Resort, reef in the middleeastern reef of of a channel.South Male Atoll. Need a transfer toSmall short left, this wave evenbest in NW to N though it is verywinds. This wave close. The wave isis fickle, but with aptly named asthe right some-times veryconditions is a strong currentsvery fun option. can sweep you seaward so we always check current con-ditions before settling in for a session. Great wave for longboarders and shortboarders as well as low or intermediate surfers, providing very carvable walls and the occasional hol-low section. Best in Sth swell and SW wind. Tucky Joes / Boatyards Tucky Joes / Boatyards - Considered by those “in the know”, to be the best break in the Maldives on its day. The take off can be steep. A very fast reaction is required to set up for the freight train ahead. Up to 200 mtrs long it offers several barrel opportunities, sometimes linking to offer long intense rides out of the sun. On a perfect day you will get 3 barrel sections, the best being the last if you have the guts to take it on. The reef is shallow and low tide can stop play. Prefers
  19. 19. light NW wind day.and SE swell. Notfor the fainthearted on a Tel:+61(2) 9939 0890Central AtollsThe Meemu, Thaa and Laamu Atollsoffer spots exposed to all wind directionsand for all levels. All spots in the MeemuAtoll are on a coastline facing to theeast. There is always a left or a righthander well protected from thepredominant south westerly wind, butsouth easterly or even easterly windsmay affect all spots negatively. All spotsare close to each other so you canchange spots within a few minutes!The Thaa Atoll picks up south eastswell and may be even bigger thanspots on east fac-ing coastlines ofother atolls. Due to its seclud-edlocation it is almost guaranteed thatyou will not even spot another surfcharter during your stay. The spots arewell protected from North toNorthwest winds. Conditions may befickle in other wind directions. Thisarea will be chosen only in very stableweather condi-tions.Spots in the Laamu Atoll are spreadfrom the south facing coastline alongthe east fac-ing up to the north eastcorner where waves wrap around. Asa result you will find spots protectedfrom all wind directions except a rare
  20. 20. straight easterly breeze. The first resort on the atoll has now opened and you can now stay at the luxury Six Senses Resort, which is directly across the channel to Ying Yang surf Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Central Atolls : Veyvah Veyvah - Perfect left hander with long wall. Easy take off with several options with Meem long rides. u Atoll Not heavy too - great fun.
  21. 21. MulhaMulha - Theleft here is aprettyshallow, fastwave. Worksonly incertain typesof conditions.MulhaMulha -Right hander Mulithat can Inside/F1hold bigger Muli Inside/F1swells, easy - A very fastto ride even right, withwhen it is long walls,big. Good hollow,for barreling,intermediate can bes and even shallow, butbeginners. still with a safe ending. Very well protected from south- erly winds, needs bigger swells to work. Muli Outside/M ushrooms Muli Outside/Mu shrooms - Picks up more swell, good in SW winds, right hander with long walls, can max out easily, easy exit on the corner. southeast and the swell is largeThaa from the southwestAtoll : you should head to theMalik’s island ofMalik‟s - Hirilandhoo.When the The leftwind is from hand reefthe pass there
  22. 22. canproducesome greatbarrels onlong and Finnimasspeedy Finnimas -walls. Speedy, shallow leftOutside that canand Inside pro-duceMikados some firingOutside and waves.Inside When it isMikados - on it canPowerful providewaves with somefast, hollow greenroomwalls. Can time.producesome Adonisawesome Adonis - Thisbarrels. right handerCatches needsmore swell biggerthan other swells as it isspots in this morearea but is protected.less Can getprotected fast andto winds. hol-low,When it is shallowon, it can sections. If itgive you is on thethe surf of rides canyour be prettylifetime. long.Finnimas TimarafuriFinnimas - On Timarafuri -the other Prettyside of the straight reef.island there is Tends toa right close out.hander that Can be funsometimes in abreaks. sectiony swell with a beach break Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Central Atolls
  23. 23. with safe rides in deep water. Refugee’s Right Refugee‟s Right - Fast and shallow take off, barreling, spitting, perfect wave. Only for those who can handle the speed! Quite dan- gerous wave, Tsunamis usually worksLaamu better.Atoll : Langon Bank LangonRefugee’s Bank - ThisLeft right needs big easterlyRefugee‟s swells but isLeft - Heavy very wellleft that protectedtends to from south-close out erly winds.picks up a This spot islot of swell. rarely surfed due to aYing Yang lack ofYing Yang - of themostconsistentspots in thearea andloves a solidsoutheastswell.Yin Yanghas a longinsidesection andcanproducessomeincrediblyhollowbarrels.Out-side is amellow wall
  24. 24. hand wave is just perfect. It has three parts to it. The outside, corner and the inside. All three parts are connecting when the swell is right and make the wave tons of fun. Usually you take off at the outside. The reef is pretty straight here and you can pull into the barrel just af-ter take off. When you are fastOpposite enough youTsunamis get to theOpposite cornerTsunamis - whereThis left picks waves are aup prob- bit mel-ably the lower andmost swell of give you aall east little breakfacing spots to do perfor-in the manceLaamu atoll. turns. StayAs the reef is on fromquite there to thestraight it inside andtends to you will getclose out anotherthough. long andWhen heavy bar-Tsunamis is rel section.too small this Unfortunatelleft can be y this wavefun. It is well is alwayspro-tected smaller thanfrom Ying Yangwesterly to and has itsnortherly flat spells.winds. Also currents can get very heavyTsunamis to make thisTsunamis - impossibleWhen the to surf.swell is bigthis right
  25. 25. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890SouthernAtolls G a a f u D h a a l u A t o l l
  26. 26. :ItissaidthattheGaafuDhaaluAtoll(alsonamedHuv
  27. 27. adhooAtoll)offersthebestcon-ditionsforsurfinginthe
  28. 28. Maldives.ItworksbestinFebruarytoAprilandSeptember
  29. 29. toNovember.ItpicksupmoreswellthananyotherAtolli
  30. 30. ntheMaldivesandfromeverydirection.TheGaafuDhaaluo
  31. 31. ffersthegreatestquantityandvarietyofspots.Toalmost
  32. 32. everyislandontheoutsideoftheatollyouwillfindone
  33. 33. ortwobreaks.Thereiseverythingfrombarrelingandholl
  34. 34. o w w a l l s t o s o f t a n d n e v e r e n d i n g p l a y f u l w a v e s . slamming straight onto close-out sections of coral. Beacons is flanked by an unnamed left across the chan-nel, which have its daysBeacons in a big swell and tend to go unridden.Beacons - This break is 3 hrs away from theair-port, at the first southern reef pass. Toutedas the Maldives‟ gutsiest wave, Beaconspow-erful right tubes onto a shallowunforgiving reef. SW swells will break downthe reef, but a SE swell will create peaks
  35. 35. phone. A sort of fat ride on the takeoff and if the swell direction is right can link up with another sec-tion on the inside where itDhigulaabadhoo / Castaways produces a bit more speed and power, needs same wind as Beacons and can beDhigulaabadhoo / Castaways - Across the surfed on all tides, plenty of marine lifechannel from Beacons, this left is called around here common to see whale sharks.Dhi-raagu after the phone company in theMal-dives as the island is shaped like Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Southern Atolls style wave, it has good a length of ride and nice bowly sections for performance moves. All swells, all tidesGaafu and all sizes.DhaaluAtoll : Kaededhdh oo or AirportsKH - KH KaededhdhooKH - KH is or Airports - Funalmost east right handercoast and when the swellthe two is large. As it isdistinct take on the westoff spots link side of the atolltogether in it doesn‟tbigger swell receive asand tide much swell asconditions. the other breaks. LuckyBlue Bowls punters willor Voodoos score good at Airports with aBlue Bowls or strong S-SWVoodoos - swell andBlue Bowls is NE wind.the mostflexible right, Lovetucked insidethe pass and Charmspro-tected Love Charmsfrom SW-W - are actuallyWinds. More severalof a point reliable lefts,
  36. 36. which canhandle Ewinds andany size ofswell. Lowtide is thebest when it issmall, softand brokeninto twodistinctsections. Big-ger swellmorphs into along, hollowwall, withprotectedpockets.Gani Pointor FiveIslandsGani Point orFive Islands -Five Islands isan-otherrighthanderthat breaks Koodhoohard and hol- and Viligililow on the Rightshallow reefinside. The Koodhoo andoutside Viligili Right -section East facingencourages lefts, very welldeep protectedtakeoffs into fromracy walls dominantand handles westerlythe biggest winds.swells at alltides Booga Reef or Two Ways Booga Reef or Two Ways - Left and right- hander - with the right usually coming up bet-ter but it needs a big swell to hit its protected position, making it at favourite with interme- diates. Fun, peeling, long walls with a bit of depth to the water.
  37. 37. Rockets or committing to an inside tubeTiger Stripes section thatRockets or wraps andTiger Stripes - peters out inNamed after the channel.the narrow Un-impressivegouges in the when small, itreef that give always seemsa striped to be biggereffect, Tigers is thana real everywheregrowling left in else. All tides,a strong swell. all vari-ationsTricky take offs of S Swells andinto a long any N Wind.speedy +61(2) 9939 0890Southern AtollsAddu Atoll :The Addu Atoll is basically notdescribed at all yet. Neverthelesssome adventurous surf-ers havediscovered the area and foundseveral spots on the south butalso at the west and east facingparts of the atoll. Es-pecially theleft hander on the island of Vil-ingili and the right hander justsouth of Gan are known to offergood days. The Addu At-olldoesn‟t have the perfectlyshaped soft breaking waves. It istechnically more chal-lenging asit requires more flexibility to makethe sections or to get enoughspeed out of the less powerfulfaces. The swell exposure is thebest of the whole Maldives.VilingiliVilingili - This right needs swellfrom westerly di-rections to stay
  38. 38. open. Clean and small swellswork the best at this spot.Mulikede / Kanda MuliMulikede / Kanda Muli - Beachbreak type reef as it is toostraight for a point break. Canbe fun with small swells. Thenthere are tons of peaksfavouring lefts.Hithado / KotteyHithado / Kottey - Left Handerbeach break type reef. Works ineasterly and southerly winddirections. The spot is accessibleby land. Take a cab fromequator village or hire amotorcycle. The spot is in front ofa dump and can have its heavydays.Gaukendi BridgeGaukendi Bridge - Works bestwhen all other spots are toosmall. Then it may offer someshort but fun left hand rides onthe south side of the bay.Airport LightsAirport Lights - Very fast andpowerful right-hander that tendsto close out unless you are reallyfast. If you make the sections youwill be rewarded with nice
  39. 39. barrels, if you are not, you willdefinitely end up on the shallowreef. The spot is well protectedfrom west to south west windsespecially if the swell is large andonce you can surf the morenorthern parts of the reef corner.Outsides can be really throw-ingand intimidating.Vilingili / MadiheraVilingili / Madihera - This spot picksup a lot of swell but tends to befickle. In the right wind directions itoffers a fun lefthander with differ-ent sections and take off points.The waves hit from deep waterand provide some heavy barrels atcertain spots of the reef. The bot-tom of the reef is a bit unevenwhich makes the wave funny attimes and changes from heavy tosoft within a few meters. For thoseof you that can adapt quickly theVilingili left can be tons of fun andhigh quality. Once the winds swingaround more to the south east theend section of this wave can Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Seasonality Temperat ure is consistent
  40. 40. the whole rainfallyear andround 29 - lower32‟C hu-during the and The tides25-26‟C andduring the currentsnight. The place aMaldives veryclimate importantcan be role individed defininginto two the surfingperiods, conditionscharacteri in thesed bytwomonsoons.1. The South- West Monso on, from May to No- vemb er, is humid and with persist ent rain- falls. In this period the sea is heavy and winds are strong.2. The North- East Monso on, from Dece mber to April, has very little
  41. 41. reef of the atolls creating the best conditions for surfing. The swelling lines are usually perfect and the waves keep the same shape with all the tides. The surf throughout the Maldives generally ranges in size from 4- 8 feet, however bigger days have been experienc ed. The best waves inMaldives. North MaleAll the can bebreaks experiencoccur near ed fromthe tight May tochannels October,of the with theatolls. The biggestcurrents swells likelythrough to oc-curthese inchannels June/July/can August.become The bestvery waves instrong. SouthDur-ing the Malesouth-west usuallymonsoon, come Julycurrents togo to- October.wards theexternal
  42. 42. Tel: +61(2) 99390890Seasonality
  43. 43. Tel: +61(2) 99390890 IN S E T A C H a U l i f o r nHon iolul au L o s A n g e M l A e La U s hai I na H i l o Ha waii BI G IS LA N D
  44. 44. UNITED STATES OFWashington D.C. AMERICA ATL ANT IC OCE MEXICO ANMaxico City I BP N RE S AR E U ZI T L C B r a a r s i L i b i l b m i e a a a n R i o dPA eCIFI J aC S nCOC eH e iIEA rLN a oE E Sal L vad S or A S L a V n A t D i O a R g o
  45. 45. SC aO2 nS0 JR0 oA0 sk eRm I C A 3 . H a w a i i T h e b i r t h p l a c e
  46. 46. ofsurfingandalsohometobigwavesurfingi
  47. 47. nthepacificPERFECTtolearntosurfaswell
  48. 48. Kahanam oku in the 1920‟s,Ove whose stat-uervie can found on bew: Waikiki‟s waterfront . Kauai,Surfing Oahu,was first Molokai,document Lanai,ed here in Maui and1779 but in Ha-waii‟sall Big Islandlikelihood are the sixthe mainPolynesian islandspeople thathad been createsurfing Hawaiihere since and every400AD. one hasHawaii it‟s owntruly is the distinctbirthplace individualiof surfing. ty thatInitially a enticesport re- people forserved for anythingroyalty, from thethe ultimateancients honeymowould on, tomove from adventuretheir winter activities,homes in orthe north amazingshore to shopping.theirsummerretreats inthe southof the is-lands topick upthe bestwaves allyearround.Surfingwaspopularised byOlympicswimmerDuke
  49. 49. surfer if you have not made it on the North Shore. Look in any Surf mag and it will not take you too long to find aLocated in picture ofthe a Ha-Pacific, waiiannot too far wave. It isoff the a placeshores of trulythe blessedmainland with topUSA, qualityHawaii will waves andoffer a swell.paradise Hawaiilike no receivesother and numerousshould not swells frombe missed. OctoberYou have to March,not made gen-it as aworld Tel: +61(2) 99390890erated from deep lowstracking across the NorthPacific. The swells can beanywhere in the regionof 10-30ft - now that is bigsurf!Unfortunately due to thesurf size and the lo-calism,a surf trip to Hawaii mightbe better spent away fromthe North Shore and thereare no shortage of spotsand less crowdingelsewhere. The other sideof the island gets frequent3-8ft waves so you will notbe missing out trying outother lesser known breaks.
  50. 50. If you are keen for theNorth Shore, stay at TurtleBay Resort so you can goout with their surf guide. Ifyou want to learn to surfthough or are trav-ellingwith a non-surfing partneror your family, and want tobe closer to the „non-surf‟action, you are best offstaying in Waikiki. Herethere are plenty of touristactivities and amazingshopping to amuse yourtravelling compan-ions.You can find surf at thelocal beaches or hire acar and go cruising thecoast. For be-ginners,there‟s no shortage ofLearn to Surf operations inthe main areas of most oftheislands. More peoplelearn to surf on Waikiki‟sbeach than anywhereelse in the world. Thesmall rolling waves thatcome into Waikiki are theperfect waves toexperience surfing fromthe first time.
  51. 51. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Surf breaksThe swell that rolls into these islands is fromthe intense lows that circle the earth south ofAus-tralia, blessing the islands with agenerous SE to SW groundswell (March toSeptember), team-ing this with some of themost consistent trade winds (South PacificTrade Winds) generally from the east withslight variations. The North Pacific deliverssome intense lows that send in NE to NWswells (October to March). This makes theseisland gems in the perfect posi-tion to make the year. But watch out for the winter monthsuse of the swells with perfectly cut out bays, when the big swells hit as even the mostbanks and reefs set up and wait-ing for you. expe-rienced surfers will have a challenge.Oahu from October through to March is re- Hawaii or the „Big Island‟ is not as well knownnowned for its monstrous waves and has for its breaks however there are some excel-host-ed many a world surfing championship. lent set ups at Waipio on the north coast andTrav-elling surfers are attracted to Haleiwa, Papeekeo just north of Hilo on the eastone of the surf capitals of the world and the coast.gateway to Oahu‟s famous North Shore There are scattered breaks aroundbreaks. Along the 7 mile stretch of beach Keauhopu south of Kailua that will also keepthere are some 40 surf breaks including you enter-tained for a while.Sunset Beach, Waimea and Banzai Pipeline - In Maui, the best spots for surfing are off thewithout a doubt the best known break in the north shore between Hookipa Beach andworld. For beginners head down to Waikiki Baldwin Park (summer surfing is good) andBeach where you will find some of the Napili Bay. Beginners will find Kealia Beach ineasiest beach breaks to get your first ride. Kihei (west coast) a great place to learn. WindsConsistency on Kauai is awesome for begin- pick up in the afternoons so if you are not ex-ners and reliable waves on the south coast perienced, go early. Body surfing is good atat Poipu is fortunately protected majority of Lahaina harbour.
  52. 52. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890 BackdoorSurf breaks Backdoor - The same take off zone as Pipe, but a right hand barrel that breaks over veryNorth Shore Breaks shallow reef. It‟s hollow, fast and powerful. No Kanduis Ehukai Beach Park - A hollow, fast and pow- erful right and left that can break furiously. When the sand bars have formed correctly this break will give you the tube ride of your life over shallow and soft sand.Log CabinsLog Cabins - Fast, powerful, very long, and Haleiwacan get epic. Haleiwa - First stop on the Triple Crown of Surf-ing Circuit. The right is more consistentRockpiles and can get hollow and heavy. There areRockpiles - Hollow, ledgy and powerful right also some lefts that come through that areand left reef break. fun and rippable when it is smaller.Rocky Point Sunset BeachRocky Point - A hollow, fast and powerful Sunset Beach - Site of the second stop of theright and left reef break. Triple Crown of Surfing, this wave is also one of the more famous breaks in surfing history. There isOff The Wall nearly a 200m takeoff zone, with three main spots:Off The Wall - Generally a hollow, fast and The Point, The Main Reef, and Backyards.powerful right tube. The odd left that tends Generally hollow, fast, powerful and ledgey rightto close out on the inside. reef breaks, with some lefts at Backyards. Velzyland barrels. When it gets really big, there is a Velzyland - This wave is an amazing right left called Freddies on the south side of the hander with rippable walls and long same bay, and behind them both is a big
  53. 53. wave spot called Phantoms. Banzai Pipeline Banzai Pipeline - Pipe is a legendary wave that demands a surfer‟s respect. It is the final stop of the Triple Crown of Surfing as well as the ASP World Tour. It‟s a super fast, ledgy left hand reef break with one of the best tubes in the world. Turtle BayWaimea Bay Turtle Bay - On the west side of the resort, aWaimea Bay - One of the first recognised hollow, fast and powerful right reef breakbig wave surf spots in the world, and site of when the swell is up, and a fun longboardthe only ASP sanctioned big wave contest wave that can take you over a hundred– “The Eddie.” When the North Shore is yards when its smaller. On the east side of theclosing out, Waimea Bay starts to come resort there is a right called Rainbows thatalive. It is a right point break that holds gets fun when there is more east in the swell.swells up to 30ft. When it is not big enough Further east from Rainbows is Baggers, a veryto work, another right called Pinballs can long and hollow left tube over shallow surfed on the inside close to the rocks.South Shore and Waikiki BreaksAla Moana Bowls Long, hollow, powerful, fast and ledgey left tube.Kaisers A ledgey, fast and powerful right and left reef break.Three’s A long, fast and powerful right and left reef break.Canoe’s Short, easy right and left reef break.Queens A fun right and left reef break.Publics A consistent long Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Seasonality With two distinct seasons, big wave season hits
  54. 54. the northshores ofall islandsfromNovem-ber to Apriland isproducedfrom thewinterstormsaroundAlaska. Asthere is noland massbetweenthecontinentand theislands, thewavesgrow instrengthon their5000kmjour-ney.Duringsummer,the northshore goesflat, thefocus shiftsto thesouthshore.Tropicalstorms wavesaround that hitthe south the northpacific shores,send the but theswell north southin the coast ofSummer, Oahureaching (includingthe ex- Waikikiposed Beach)southern and Kauaishores (Poipufrom May Beach)til haveOctober. particularlThese y favour-waves are ablenot as conditionsintense as for surfing.the winter Summer temperat ures are
  55. 55. usually west-erlyaround winds.25-29°C, Temperatwith June ures rangeand July frombeing the approxi-driest mately 23-months. 26°C andDuring the dropwinter, the anothertemperat 10° afterure is the sunusually a goesfew down.degreescooler,with Tel: +61(2) 99390890 SOLOM ON ISLAND S TUVALU TOKELAU(N.Z) SAMOA TAHITI(FRANCH VANUATU POLYNESIA) F I J I COOK ISLANDS T O N G A N E W
  56. 56. CALEDONIA S O U T H P A S I F I C O C E A N
  57. 57. AUSTRALIA 1 2 0 0 k m 4. So ut h P a cif ic Isl a n ds of Fij i T h e u l t
  58. 58. i m a t e f a m i l y h o l i d a y w i t h s u r fOverview:Madeupof
  59. 59. 333islands,FijiislocatedintheSouthPacificapproxim
  60. 60. ately4hoursfromtheeastcoastofAustralia.Therearet
  61. 61. womainislandsVitiLevuandVanuaLevubothofwhichare
  62. 62. mountainous,withpeaksashighas1,300mandcoveredwith
  63. 63. denserainforest.Fijihassomanyoptionstokeepeveryone
  64. 64. entertained,everythingfromtrekkingmoun-tains,oceanra
  65. 65. fting,romanticdinnerfortwoonaprivatebeach,divinga
  66. 66. ndsnorkellingaroundsomeofthemostbeautifulreefs,and
  67. 67. exploringlocalvillagesandlearningtheirtra-ditions(l
  68. 68. ikeKavadrinking!).Fijialsooffersalllevelsofaccommo
  69. 69. dationstandards,frombackpacker/budget,tofamilyfriendl
  70. 70. y,tohoneymoonersparadise.Fiji‟sfamilyfriendlyresorts
  71. 71. alsooffersomeofthebest„kidsclubs‟makingFijiSurf
  72. 72. trulyamazing. w w w . t h e p e r f e c t w a v e . c o m . a u T e l : + 6 1 ( 2 )
  73. 73. 99390890
  74. 74. to keep the little ones busy and babysittingat bargain prices so Mum & Dad can have aholiday too!Whilst the likes of Cloudbreak, Frigates Pas-sage and Namotu are well known and photo-graphed, it will be the „as yet undiscovered‟ orunpublicised gems of the outer islands andreefs that will ensure this country continues togrow as a surfing destination of choice. Most ofthe islands are surrounded by barrier reefs which makes the water quite calm but there are some amazing breaks that allow the full power of the Pacific Ocean to crash in. Most reef breaks around the islands are accessed by boat transfers and live aboard surf boat charters have not really taken off here, which keeps the crowds Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890
  75. 75. Surf breaksFiji has a renowned reputation amongst the international surf community. There are a halfdozen spots that have proven to have world-class surf, and that is just the beginning with moreunnamed and un-ridden surf spots wait-ing to be discovered. Almost all of the named breaksare off the main island of Viti Levu or the nearby island chain known as the Mama-nucaIslands.The surf, which is generally all outer coral reef and overhead high, can be challenging forinexperienced surfers. For this reason surfers need to be competent and confident. Thereis a beach break near Sigatoka river mouth, but it‟s said to be quite challenging and we‟ve found itto be shark infested and muddy brown water. Alternatively, the less experienced surf-er can becatered for at Little Daku at Naninya Island Resort or Shifties which you can access from Matanivusioff Veti Levu(see below).Recommended surfboards would be a „hot-dog‟ short board and a larger semi-gun for thebigger days. Board shorts can be worn year-round, a rashie and sunscreen are needed for sunprotection and booties are optional for the reef.
  76. 76. Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890Surf breaksMamanuca Islands Breaks Mini Cloudbreak Mini Cloudbreak - Powerful, fast wave. The best wind direction is south-east. Best around high tide. wave though, and Desperations will definitely sort the Desperations - A crowds out when it classic wave that gets over 6ft. doesn‟t really work until its 4-5ft but just keeps getting better the bigger it gets. A left and a right with length, speed and nice hollow sections. Restaurants Restaurants - This is a good, fast left hand reef break for pros or kamikazes only. However, with the new laws prohibiting the exclusivity of surf breaks you can now surf this awesome waves any day you want. Cloudbreak Cloudbreak - The world famous WCT loca-tion is one of the best lefts in the world. With the new laws prohibiting the exclusivity of surf breaks, you can now surf this awesome waves any day you want. This is a serious
  77. 77. channel.Wilkes PassageWilkes Passage - This Namotu Leftfun right-hander is Namotu Left - A leftgreat for most levels of that breaks all yearsurfers & is best at mid round, best fromto high tide. Like most October to April withof the breaks in the lighter winds. Whenarea, it works best with its under 6 ft, it willS - SW swell. The only even suit longboards,access is by boat. but becomes veryUnfortunately, it is very challenging over 6 and prone to Namotu itself is abeing blown out by quality wave, butthe prevailing trade remember to kick offwinds. Afternoon at the end of yourglass-offs, though rare, ride - don‟t fall intocan be a truly the trap of going forwonderous sight as that final barrel sec-clean right hand tion - no one gets outbarrels peel off of it.mechanically into thesafety of the Tel: +61(2)9939 0890Surf breaksViti Levu BreaksJ’sJ‟s - J‟s is a hollow, fast wave that breaksfrom 2‟ to 6‟. It‟s best around the high tidewith winds from NE to W. It needs some westin the swell to run down the reef.VunaniuVunaniu - Vananiu is a short wedging rightwhich has a bowl section at the end, usuallysmaller than other breaks. This would be agood option for the kids. It does get good.It‟s best at high tide.ShiftiesShifties - This wave has a deep water take offmaking the break a „not too threatening‟ ride.This outside point of the barrier reef picks up allthe swell and can be double the size of J‟s andVunaniu. It is powerful and thick.When everywhere else is flat, you can almostguarantee a 4-foot wave at Shifties. It canbe surfed at all tides. Again, a wind of thenorth quadrant is needed.Hideaways
  78. 78. Hideaways - Hideaways is a right hand reefbreak, only a short paddle in front of Hidea-way Resort. It‟s a hollow, fast, ledgey barrel, butonly good around high tide. Starts work-ing atless than 3ft and holds up to 6ft plus. Year-round wave, although it is more consist-entfrom May to October. Recommended forexperienced surfers only.FrigatesFrigates - Definitely a world-class left that canrival Cloudbreak for power, size and consist-ency. Because of the gradual tapering of thereef, it can handle all swell sizes. The SE tradewinds are offshore, so when the inside wavesnear Matanivusi are blown out, there is al-waysthe consistent Frigates. Because it‟s out in theocean, about 20 kilometres from Ma-tanivusi, itpicks up all swell. However, some west in theswell can make it a bit dicey. It definitely makesthe end section stand up! Frigates is accessedby a number of resorts and can get crowded.However, once the swell gets up over 10‟,there is a drop in the numbers tackling thewaves. A longer board is recommended totackle the big drops and strong offshore winds.Naninya Island BreaksThe Bombi King Kong RightThe Bombi - 10 minutes from Naninya Island Re- King Kong Right - This is often 6ft plus facesort by boat, can be seen from the resort deck. height. This is an exciting very fast tube for a more advanced rider. The trade winds are onshore for this break, but the summer windLittle Daku (north easterly) is offshore. It is best earlyLittle Daku - This break is often suitable for the morning before the trade winds start, or lateless experienced surfer. This is also an excel- afternoon if the trade winds die down.lent area to enjoy a free “getting started”surfing lesson by Naninya‟s surf guide. King Kong Left King Kong Left - This is a 40-metre long wave that hasMiddle Daku a take-off in deep water, reducing risk of coralMiddle Daku - Daku is the Fijian name for the scratches and is good for intermediate to advancedbeautiful sandy beach. In the middle of the surfers. The average size is 3 ft to 5 ft offshore, but itbeach, 60 metres from the sand, is a coral can hold up to 15 ft plus. It was named King Kongbreak. It breaks both right and left but the right because of the famous 1935 movie which was part-lyis generally better. The trade winds are on- filmed underneath the mountain Nabukelevuira. Thisshore/across this break but the summer wind mountain also has a moderating effect on the wind(north-easterly) is directly offshore. It is also best at the King Kong Left break so that it is still op-eratingearly morning before the trade winds start. when other areas are blown Tel: +61(2) 9939 0890
  79. 79. Seasonality consistent clean groundswel ls. Most of the south and south- westerly swells from these lows are blocked by New Zealand and hence Fiji generally receives south- easterly swell from the lows that have passed east of New Zealand. South- westerly swells arrive at the islands after piecing the gap between AustraliaFiji and Newgenerally Zealand.receives South-eastswell year traderound, winds alsoalthough dominateApril to theOctober is weather atthe this time ofpreferred year,surf season, whichwhen deep means thelowstrackingacross thesouthernoceansouth ofAustraliaand NewZealandpro-vide
  80. 80. consistent. North Pacific winter swells do arrive at the is- lands, though have little impact on the main reefs that all lie on the south facing coasts of Viti Levu and Kadavu. Also at this time of year, South Pacific tropical cyclones can produce good swells. If you‟re lucky enough to have one, blow up inwind is the rightconvenien location,tly blowing particularlydirectly off- thoseshore at formingthe world betweenclass Papuabreaks Newsuch as GuineaFrigates andand AustraliaRestaurant that tracks. From southNovember givingto April, days ofthese consistentsouth westerlyswells are swell.smallerand less