Introducing A\\V ASESORES


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Introducing A\\V ASESORES

  1. 1. We know the way Every promising business The reason is that this path still has to be institutions and entities as they develop their and professional project created; it will only start to exist when the initiatives, AV ASESORES does know what that starts out has a path entrepreneur marks out a trail with his or her steps need to be taken in order to guarantee full of surprises and footprints. that targets are met successfully. difficulties ahead of it. However, each project should follow its own This can be confirmed by the clients with course and write its own story. Although we whom we have collaborated in our different cannot say what way this road must take, with fields of expertise: foreign trade, tourism, our broad experience in advising and guiding business start-ups and training. small and medium enterprises and public
  2. 2. Foreign SERVICES trade International contracting consulting International dispute settlement Setting up branches, subsidiaries, AV ASESORES is a pioneer in joint ventures, etc. providing legal advice on foreign Creation of international commercial trade and international expansion networks. for small and medium enterprises. It is one of the first PIPE Removal of technical and commercial (Foreign Promotion Initiation Plan) barriers to exports. consultancy services to be Diagnostics of international expansion authorised by ICEX (Spanish potential.Institute for Foreign Trade) to assist SMEs in developing international International tendering. expansion plans. Financial advice for foreign investment Likewise, we assist projects. foreign investors to develop their projects for gaining a Advice for foreign investment in Spain. foothold in Spain. Preparation and monitoring of EU-wide projects.
  3. 3. EXAMPLESPIPE Project Promoters (ICEX).Our partners have been authorised by ICEX and the High Council of Chambers of Commerce,Industry and Navigation of Spain as promoters of international expansion by SMEs.www.portalpipe.comLegal advice for Spanish foreign investment projects and foreign projectsfor investment in Spain:· Creation of the US subsidiary of M.Z. Del Río, S.A., manufacturer of bathroom fittings.· Creation of Portuguese subsidiary of Caresness, S.L., distributor of emergency medical equipment.· Legal advice for STF Filtros, S.A. (Grupo Vicente Canales) in setting up a joint venture in Portugal with Israeli and Portuguese partners.· Creation of a representative office in Portugal for Garrad Hassan Ibérica, S.L.U., wind energy project engineering company.· Consultants to the Government of Malta through Malta Enterprise for the promotion of Spanish investment in Malta.· Legal advice offered to ROCE Partners Holding OY, multinational consulting firm specialising in supply chain management and global health, for the creation of a Spanish subsidiary.· Legal advice offered to Rotom Europe B.V., a multinational logistics services provider, for the creation of a Spanish subsidiary.
  4. 4. Creation of export consortia at source and at destination in the agri-food,industry and consumer goods sectors:· Creation of Structura: export consortium at destination (Germany) formed by Menage & Confort, Navarro Azorín and Indaux, manufacturers of metal fittings for wardrobes and doors.· Creation of Polirus Trading: export consortium at destination (Russia) formed by GER, Mamplast-Moro, Iverna 2000 and Papé Online Europa, industrial air-conditioning companies.· Creation of CLS Lift Components Promotion: consortium at source formed by the manufacturers of lift (elevator) components Comaq, Sumasa and Lift Control.· Creation of Fiesta Gourmet: export consortium at source formed by agri-food companies Jamones de Aragón, Elaborados Cárnicos la Manolica, Queserías Santa Barbara and Aceites Arboleda.
  5. 5. OTHER CLIENTSMarkleen Terra Lausín y www.lausinyvicente.comGarrad Hassan Ibérica Herrajes Auseré www.ausere.comProytecsa Biocidas Biodegradables www.bbzix.comDistromel www.implaser.comLibelium www.seas.esE.M.D. Toldos www.toldosserrano.comMenage & Confort Manifesto www.zampiere.comStraw Pulping Engineering Servicios Turísticos www.websenda.comGrupo Jorge Grupos Electrógenos www.gesan.comArpa ROCE Partners, www.roce.comLaboratorios de Cosmética Armonía Rotom España,
  6. 6. Tourism SERVICES consulting International expansion for tourism companies. AV ASESORES is the first Development of regulations for tourism-Spanish law firm to specialise in related activities. the development of rules Characterisation and systemisation of for ski and mountain resorts tourism company user complaints. and for the planning and implementation of tourist Provision of Customer Advocacy Service development programmes. for tourism companies. We prepare strategic tourist development studies for public Development of quality improvement institutions, entities plans for tourism companies. and associations. Preparation of strategic tourism We also develop international development studies. marketing plans for products and services offered by Comparative Law Studies. tourism companies. Design of individual and joint marketing plans and strategies for tourism companies.
  7. 7. EXAMPLES”Matarranya” Territorial Quality Brand. Stimulus Plan for theMatarraña/Matarranya Comarca (province of Teruel, Spain).www.portalmatarranya.esIn 2009, we were active in the creation of a stimulus programme for the Matarranya TerritorialQuality Brand in the Matarraña/Matarranya Comarca, drawing up the service charters for thesectors involved (tourism, hospitality and business) and supporting their implementation incompanies. The project included the development of content for the district tourism website inorder to achieve a faithful image of what tourists will find, and also to respond to visitors’ needsbefore they set out.Professionalization Programme for tourism companies in the comarcas(local government districts) of Somontano de Barbastro (province of Huesca),Matarraña, Comunidad de Teruel, Gúdar-Javalambre and Sierra de Albarracín(province ofTeruel).In collaboration with the Huesca and Teruel Chambers of Commerce, the AragoneseInstitute for Development and the comarcas, we have developed training and specialistadvisory programmes in order to professionalise the management of tourism companies,adapting their business policies to the customer segments at which they are aimed andproviding them with tools for attracting foreign customers.Provision of Customer Advocacy Service for ARAMÓN, S.A.www.aramon.comWe have been providing a Customer Advocacy Service since the 2004/5 season to thisAragonese snow tourism holding company operating the ski resorts of Formigal, Panticosa,Cerler, Valdelinares and Javalambre.
  8. 8. EXAMPLESStudy and systemisation of Baqueira-Beret, S.A. customer complaints andpreparation of standard responses for their customer service department.www.baqueira.esPreparation of Rules for Operations and Service for Gecobesa.We worked throughout 2005 and 2006 in restructuring the organisational chart and drawing upOperating Rules for Gecobesa, the company operating the La Covatilla ski resort in the Sierrade Béjar mountains (province of Salamanca).Drawing up the draft regulations governing the operations of Aragonese skiand mountain resorts (2004) for the Government of Aragón.Preparation of the internal operating regulations for the ski resorts membersof ATUDEM (Spanish Mountain and Ski Resort Tourism Association) in 1994and updated version in 2002.In the absence of a positive law, ATUDEM requested our services to draw up a set ofinternal ski resort operating regulations, which have been applied in all Spanish ski resortssince 1995. The Spanish justice system has acknowledged it as a source of rights and dutiesfor the resorts and their users.We updated the regulations in 2002 for the purpose of responding to new problems arisingin Spanish ski resorts, such as the co-existence of snowboarding with downhill skiing, theintroduction of regulations for cross-country skiing and disabled access to ski resorts. The newregulations came into effect in the 2003/2004 season.
  9. 9. Business SERVICES start-up FOR PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS: Design and management of face-to-face consulting and virtual advisory programmes to foster self-employment. Since 1996, AV ASESORES has FOR ENTERPRISING INDIVIDUALS: been providing technical assistance Advice and guidance in starting up a services to institutions such as the business project. Government of Aragon; the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, FOR COMPANIES: Ongoing consulting Industry and Navigation of Spain; the services in legal-corporate, marketing Spanish Women’s Institute; and the and commercialisation. Aragonese Women’s Institute in the development of free advisory COACHING: programmes to foster We provide advice and guidance in the self-employment. setting, monitoring and assessment of Our support for entrepreneurial business objectives in order to enable targets to be met through ongoing projects is based on creativity and improvement. innovation, for the purpose of achieving differential market placement directed at a specific customer segment. Experienceguides us in channelling the energy of enterprising individuals as they work to turn their ideas into feasible and enduring projects.
  10. 10. EXAMPLESVUE online portal.www.ventanillaempresarial.orgWe started up the public free online advisory service programme, Ventanilla Única Empresarial(One-Stop Business Service), in October 2010. This is open to use by any individual with abusiness project or company carrying out activity in Spain, with a guaranteed 48-hourresponse.EmpresariasNet portal.www.e-empresarias.netWe started up EmpresariasNet in June 2001. This is a joint service offered by the SpanishWomen’s Institute and the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigationof Spain to provide free online advice to women entrepreneurs and businesswomen all overSpain. The portal has over 45,000 registered users and has replied to more than 110,000consultations since its creation, all in a maximum period of 48 hours. EmpresariasNet won the2002 Actualidad Económica Award as one of the best business ideas on the Internet.The European Commission also acknowledged EmpresariasNet as the best Spanish effort insupport of women entrepreneurs and included it in the Good Practice Guide presented duringthe European Forum on Female Entrepreneurship held in Brussels on 28 March 2003.Programa Emprendedores(Entrepreneurs Programme) by theAragonese Institute for Development (IAF).www.emprender-en-aragon.esWe have been collaborating with the IAF since 2005 by providing face-to-face consultingservices to budding Aragonese entrepreneurs in the legal, international expansion andmarketing fields.
  11. 11. EXAMPLESAragonese Women’s Institute Business ConsultingBetween 1996 and 2005, we provided the Business, Self-Employment and EntrepreneurialTraining Advisory Service on behalf of the Aragonese Women’s Institute in their offices inZaragoza, Huesca and Teruel, offering guidance to female entrepreneurs on the mostappropriate legal entity for investment projects, their feasibility and the possibilities forobtaining finance for them. The service also provided complete management supportfor those companies.We put many initiatives into practice, such as the decentralisation of the service and makingit more accessible to the rural community, in addition to coordination with social partners andtheir integration into the Red Emprender (Enterprise Network) in Aragon. More than 15,000female entrepreneurs made use of our service during that time.Aragonese Women’s Institute Inf@empresarias ProgrammeIn 1999, AV ASESORES set up the Inf@empresarias programme to complement the face-to-face advisory service offered to female entrepreneurs in Aragon by the Business AdvisoryService. This programme offers free advice to Aragonese companies via e-mail.Inf@empresarias was chosen by the European Commission’s ProWomEn Network as one ofthe best Spanish practices for supporting female entrepreneurship after its presentation attheir conference held in Stuttgart, Germany, in September 2003.Development of the Programa Entidad Colaboradora (Collaborating EntityProgramme) for equal opportunities between men and women for theAragonese Women’s InstituteBetween 2001 and 2006, we managed this programme that analysed the situation of equalopportunities in Aragon by means of diagnostics performed on participating companies,personnel training, drawing up of positive action plans and their monitoring and assessment.
  12. 12. Education and SERVICEStraining consulting Promoting self-employment. With more than 15 years’ Creativity and innovation. experience advising small Foreign Trade. businesses on how to Tourism. develop and find the path to Marketing. becoming more competitive in the international market, we organise education and training programmes tailored to companies, entrepreneurs and public institutions.
  13. 13. EXAMPLESPromoting self-employment:– Market opportunities and new trends for the differential development of your micro-enterprise (Aragonese Institute for Development).– What you would have liked to have known before starting up your own business but were never told (Aragonese Institute for Development).– Deciding to start up your own micro-enterprise (Aragonese Youth Institute).– Business ideas workshop (Cabildo de Tenerife/Tenerife Local Government Authority).– Training teachers in the subject of development and careers orientation (Spanish Ministry of Education).– Training for Spanish Chambers of Commerce Business Support Boards (High Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain).Creativity and innovation:– The journey to innovation: Innovation is profitable (Spanish Women’s Institute).– Innovation in service provision (Ibercaja Zentrum).– Tools for developing creativity in the classroom (Spanish Ministry of Education).– Creativity and innovation for developing new products and services (University of Zaragoza).– Keys for business growth: learning from the best (Aragonese Institute for Development).– Techniques to become more creative and sell more (Chamber of Commerce of Navarre).– Observing and monitoring the market: starting up a company while being yourself and being different (Chamber of Commerce of Pontevedra).– Innovating to survive: what successful businesses do (Chamber of Commerce of Huesca).Foreign Trade:– Advanced Course on Foreign Trade Strategy and Management (ICEX).– Advanced Programme on International Trade (Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza).– Post-graduate course on International Management and Foreign Trade (University of Zaragoza).– International negotiation and recruitment (Chambers of Commerce of Huesca, Zaragoza, Teruel and La Rioja).– Promotion and international e-commerce (Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja).
  14. 14. EXAMPLESTourism:– Internet tips for tourism micro-enterprises (Chamber of Commerce of Teruel).– How to make your tourism business profitable (Aragones Institute for Development).– How to create a tourist destination on the Internet (Chamber of Commerce of Teruel).– Selling yourself on the Internet: tips for the tourism sector (Aragones Institute for Development).– Programme for competitive improvement for tourism businesses (Aragonese Institute for Development).– Customer service as the key to success in the tourism sector (Chamber of Commerce of Teruel).– Creation of differentiated products in tourism businesses (Chamber of Commerce of Teruel).Marketing:– From the field to the table: how to design a marketing policy in small agrifood businesses (Somontano de Barbastro Development Centre).– Keys to understanding new markets (Spanish Ministry for Industry, Commerce and Industry).– How to develop your business in difficult times: anti-crisis pills (Aragonese Institute for Development).– Reinventing traditional sectors: keys to surviving in new markets (Chamber of Commerce of Huesca).– New technologies in the rural sector: how to make the most of new technologies for developing your business (Chamber of Commerce of Burgos).– Marketing for businesses with limited resources (Aragonese Institute for Development).– How to use web 2.0 tools in micro-enterprise marketing strategies (Aragonese Institute for Development).– New trends: develop your business differentially (Aragones Institute for Development).Coaching:– Developing skills and ongoing improvement– Empowerment– Mentoring
  15. 15. some of our clients Spanish Women’s Institute Tenerife Local Government Authority Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade University of Zaragoza AIN - Industry Association of Navarre Aragonese Institute for Development EOI - School of Industrial Organisation EDER Consortium of Navarre Somontano de Barbastro Development Centre Local councils and Associations throughout Aragon High Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation Ibercide - Ibercaja Centre for Innovation and Industrial Development of Spain Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) Directorate General for SMEs Government of Catalonia Aragonese Women’s Institute ATUDEM - Spanish Mountain and Ski Resort Tourism Association Chamber of Commerce of Majorca Formigal, S.A. Chamber of Commerce of Navarre Tena Valley Tourism Business Association Chamber of Commerce of Castellón Sobrarbe-Ribagorza Tourism Business Association Chamber of Commerce of Huesca Somontano de Barbastro Development Centre Chamber of Commerce of Teruel Comarca del Matarraña/Matarranya Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja Teruel Tourism Business Association Chamber of Commerce of Segovia Sierra de Albarracín Business Association Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza Gúdar-Javalambre Business Association Chamber of Commerce of Burgos Spanish Ministry of Education Chamber of Commerce of Pontevedra Provincial Council of Malaga La Rioja Development Agency Teachers and Resources Centres of Aragon Aragonese Public Administration Institute IMPIVA - Institute for Valencian Small and Medium Industry
  16. 16. get to know us better If you have an economic project or a business initiative, you may need our help. Let’s talk and get to know each other, becausechoose the path that leads mutual understanding leads to the confidence needed to set out on such an exciting path as the one we take together. We’ve beenyou to AV ASESORES doing this since 1994 and each project still fills us with as much excitement as the one before. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We would be only too happy to listen to you. Ana Hernández Serena, Valle García de Novales, Pº Constitución 21, 4º derecha 50001 Zaragoza (España) Teléfono +34 976 234 029 Fax +34 976 237 120