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η ιστορία του Web μέχρι το 2004


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η ιστορία του Web μέχρι το 2004

  1. 1. Pre-W3C Web and Internet Background W3C • Mark Andreessen and colleagues leave NCSA to • Feb: Tim Berners-Lee form Mosaic Communications meets Michael Dertouzos • 1945: Vannevar Bush article Corp., which later became in Zurich to discuss in Atlantic Monthly describes Netscape. possibility of starting new a photo-electrical-mechanical organization at MIT. • Jan: ERCIM • Traditional dial-up systems • Apr: INRIA becomes replaces INRIA as device called a Memex, for (CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy) • Apr: Alan Kotok, then at memory extension, which W3C Host in Europe. • Jun: In response to W3C Host in Europe. begin to provide Internet DEC, visits CERN to discuss “Peabody meeting” W3C • Jul: W3C charters could make and follow links access. creation of Consortium. • Feb: W3C adopts between documents on • Jun: W3C holds first forms Process ERB. • W3C Creates Technical Architecture Workshop, on Content • Nov: W3C launches Advisory Board Group (TAG). Royalty-Free Patent microfiche. • 1 Oct: W3C created. • Sep: Keio University Policy. Rating; leads to PICS. Offices program. (AB). •1960: J.C.R. Licklider publishes 1994 becomes W3C Host in Asia. “Man-Computer Symbiosis.” • Dec: First Web server •1962: Douglas Englebart • May: Tim Berners-Lee outside of publishes “Augmenting Human publishes version 2 of Europe set up at Intellect: A Conceptual “Information Management: Stanford Framework.” A proposal.” University. •1965: Ted Nelson coins the •End 1990: 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 term “Hypertext” in “A File Structure for the Complex, the Development begins for first browser (called 1992 • 1980: While Changing, and the consulting for CERN, “WorldWideWeb”), editor, Starting year of current W3C Activities Indeterminate.” 20th National Conference, New York, Tim Berners-Lee server, and line-mode browser. Culminates in first 1993 Association for Computing writes a program, Web client-server • Graphics • Math • Document Object Model (DOM) •Internationalization • Voice Browser • URI • Device Independence • Multimodal Interaction • XForms • Compound Machinery. “Enquire-Within- communication over • Jan: Number of Document Upon-Everything”, browsers increases; • Hypertext Markup • Extensible Markup • Patent Policy • Semantic Web • Web Services Formats Internet in December 1990. Language (HTML) Language (XML) •1968: Douglas Englebart which allows links to includes Midas, Erwise, • Privacy • XML Key Management demonstrates Online System be made betwen Viola, and Samba. (NLS). arbitrary nodes. 1990 • Mar: NCSA releases • Style • Synchronized Multimedia • Quality Assurance first alpha version of • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) pre1979 pre1989 1991 Mosaic for X Windows. • Dec: Hypertext ‘91 • Apr: CERN agrees to Conference in San allow anyone to use Antonio, Texas (USA). Web protocol and code Tim Berners-Lee paper royalty free. on Web only accepted as poster session. • Jun: Dale Dougherty of O’Reilly hosts WWW •1969: Advanced Research • 1984: Paul Mockapetris 1989 Wizards Workshop in Cambridge, Projects Agency commissions introduces Domain ARPANET to conduct research Name System (DNS). • Mar: Tim Berners- Massachusetts, USA. on networking. Lee circulates • Nov: At a Newcastle, “Information U.K. conference, Tim •1971: Ray Tomlinson of BBN Management: A creates email program to send Berners-Lee discusses Proposal” for the future of the Web messages across a distributed comments at CERN. network. with MIT's David Gifford, who suggests •1972: Tomlinson expands that Tim contact program to ARPANET users, Michael Dertouzos. using the “@” sign as part of the address. Web conference •1974: Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn Geneva (Jun) Darmstadt (Apr) Paris. Largest conference Santa Clara Brisbane Toronto Amsterdam Hong Kong Honolulu Budapest New York publish, “A Protocol for Packet Chicago (Oct) Boston (Dec) to date. Network Interconnection”, which specifies in detail the design of a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Web servers •1978: Part of TCP published seperately as the Internet Protocol (IP). 1 10 50 623 10,022 100,000 603,367 ~1.6 million ~3.7 million ~9.5 million ~26 million ~36 million ~35 million ~46+
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