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Vae solis Corporate english_version

  1. 1. Vae Solis CorporateConsultants in corporate information strategy andcrisis managementDecember 2008 "The two most important things dont show up on a companys balance sheet: its reputation and its people." Henry Ford (1863 -1947) 15 rue Henri Heine – 75016 Paris Tel. 33 1 53 92 80 00 1
  2. 2. Our vision Rapid changes in the competitive or political environment, financial, social or health crises, mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, conflicts of opinion: as a senior executive you are confronted daily with the need to deal with such developments. Your reputation is directly touched by the events of the moment (economic, social, administrative or media); permanently exposed to this shifting context, as a result it is a matter of strategic priority, requiring attention at the highest level of governance. In this new world, the management of relations with opinion leaders is essential. To avoid crises or transform them into opportunities, to have a deep understanding of your environment and the capacity to exert real influence, to properly define your identity and enrich your relations with interested parties… competitive advantages and the conditions for creating value. Backed by analysis and ongoing observation (of the economy, competition, regulations and society), strategic advice, information channels, crisis management, press relations, public affairs and financial communications are the tools by which Vae Solis Corporate serves your growth strategy in an open world that brings both risks and opportunities. Arnaud Dupui-Castérès Corinne Dubos Antoine Boulay Laurent Porta 2
  3. 3. Our approach A threefold management of your image issues Constructing the image: information strategy Acting on the identity and image of companies and institutions, we define their positioning, underlying identity, key messages and arguments that most effectively present these organisations and give them the entrée to public debate. Developing and enhancing reputation capital: levers of influence Relations with opinion leaders are today an essential tool in the development of public awareness, the improvement of a reputation, the construction of an image. We work to enrich your relations with interested parties through public relations procedures, press relations and lobbying. Protecting the value of brands and organisations: risk prevention and crisis management We aim to provide a real safety-net for our client companies and institutions, by protecting the values incorporated in their brands, their market share, their image, and their public reputation. To achieve this we support our clients with advice on risk prevention and crisis management. 3
  4. 4. Our approach A global, strategic approach… Advisory: personalized strategic support for managers in private and public sectors. Definition of information and communications strategies: from initial strategic positioning to development of an operational communications plan. Implementation: support and implementation of the communications plan. …which covers all our clients’ target publics: Public authorities Partners Media Internal Users/clients 4
  5. 5. RANGE OF OUR SERVICES CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Developing communications plans, executive coordination, implementation of action plans and use of specific tools. PUBLIC AFFAIRS / LOBBYING / PRESS INFLUENCE Identifying decision-makers and opinion leaders, developing strategies to influence them, providing support for management of contacts, media watch etc. FINANCIAL COMMUNICATIONS Managing financial and stock market communications, implementing strategic plans for friendly or hostile operations etc. RISK PREVENTION & CRISIS MANAGEMENT Inventory of risks, mapping, developing crisis scenarios, establishing and implementing crisis management processes, simulation, operational support etc. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Development of internal communications plans and actions in support of change management (shutdown of a production site, moving premises, M&A, business restructuring and change in strategy etc.). MANAGEMENT COACHING AND TRAINING As a registered training organisation, we offer numerous training programs ranging from media relations to specific crisis management. 5
  6. 6. Our expertise – a few examples Information strategies Our team supports institutions and businesses in improving their image and assists them in public affairs, based in particular on: – Brand platforms (e.g. for Bouygues Immobilier, Taj, CNRS -national scientific research centre) – Communication planning (e.g. for the CNES - national space research centre) – Public relations and press contact activities (e.g. for Numericable, Macquarie, LIR - pharmaceutical industry association) – Internal communications management (e.g. for General Electric and SMABTP - professional insurance for construction industry) – Training of spokespersons (e.g. for Merial, Charal and the ANPE -national employment agency) Crisis management All our consultants work together in the management of crises affecting our clients and since 2000 have provided support and advice in handling numerous difficult situations such as: – Support in crisis prevention for Roche, Guerlain and Charal; – Support and management of national and international health crises, including "mad cow disease", bird flu and the Chikungunya outbreak; – Crises involving several food and health industry targets (suspicion thrown on food or health products); – A number of crises involving pollution on industrial sites; – Crises linked to changes in legislation (creation of a new telecoms service; health system reform; taxation, etc.) – Image crises linked to rumours about financial products ; – Various labour unrest crises, involving strikes, sequestration of senior management, etc. – Several judicial crises… Vae Solis is the initiator and founder of the Observatoire des Risques Sanitaires (Health Risk Observatory) which published its 3rd investigation into the perception of health risks and crises in June 2008, and author of La Crise en 100 mots (The Crisis in 100 Words), edited by the SIG and published by Documentation Française in May 2007. 6
  7. 7. Our principal clientsBanking / Services / Insurance / Finance Industry / Energy High-Tech/ Telecoms / Media Public Service Sector Food and Agricuture / Health 7
  8. 8. Facts & FiguresDate founded: - 2000: creation of Leo Corporate, the corporate Means: communications subsidiary of Leo Burnett – The consultancy has a 24/7 duty roster: group; tel. +33 (0)6 25 01 43 39 email. - 2007: the consultancy became independent and changed its name to Vae Solis Corporate. – Vae Solis Corporate has operational partnerships with independent consultancies in several European countries (London, Brussels, Geneva...).Team: – As a recognised training organization, Vae Solis has - Founded and led by Arnaud Dupui-Castérès, the technical means (studio) and necessary expertise Vae Solis Corporate is a team of 24 (network of professional journalists) to provide multidisciplinary consultants with comple- coaching and training. mentary profiles and experience in the public, political and private sectors. - Three associate directors manage the teams. Commitments: - The consultancy is backed by an Advisory All our assignments are governed by the usual professional Board of personalities from finance, guarantees: administration and politics. - Confidentiality agreement - Undertaking not to compete in the sector - Compliance with ethics and customary businessForecast 2008 turnover: practices - €5.7 million 8