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Performance Management - 3 Dimensions
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Performance Management - 3 Dimensions


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An offering that cuts across the 3 dimensions of Performance Management: Training, Consulting and Outsorcing. Check out what many global corporations have benefited from.

An offering that cuts across the 3 dimensions of Performance Management: Training, Consulting and Outsorcing. Check out what many global corporations have benefited from.

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  • 1. SigMax-e SigMax e Services Sdn. Bhd. An Introduction …benefit from Six Sigma Higher satisfaction,Lower costs customer operating
  • 2. Sigmax-e SigMax-e is a Consulting, Training and Outsourcing company, that enables you to enhance the performance and productivity of your operations to world-class levels . SigMax-e provides: BPO services in: Finance & Accounts Transaction Processing Strategic facilitation in: Organizational Intervention, Change Management, and Productivity enhancement Training in: Leadership Performance Management Team Effectiveness Six Sigma
  • 3. Sigmax-e: Key clients: DHL, Malaysia Dell Computers, Panasonic Air Conditioning, Sony Electronics (Singapore), Prudential Insurance (S. Korea) Commonwealth Accenture, Inc (USA) COMMO NWEALTH SECRETARIAT Robinsonslondon (UK) Bank Danamon, (Indonesia) Measat Broadcasting / Astro, Malaysia Airlines, AmBank, (Malaysia) CIMB (Malaysia) INTAN.
  • 4. Operations Highlights • Established 2002 • Raised VC Funding 2003 • Today, Sigmax-e operates with: – 25 personnel for BPO operations: – 3 Consultants for BPR • Core Leadership team: – Sri – Bobby
  • 5. SigMax-e's Unique Relationship Model …The Range of Relationship models… Virtual Shared Service Center of Excellence Customised Outsourcing End-to-end Outsourcing …And Process focus Output focus Complex processes ..anywhere 'Hands-off' approach Highly skilled manpower in-between Typical outsourcing Reporting relationship with processes like Accounts client (hire / fire / promote) Payable, Payroll, Data Entry, Call Centers
  • 6. SigMax-e's Various Contract Models Operations Management At Customer’s facility with Customer’s systems and staff Developing Operations and Staff Management At Customer facility with Customer’s systems and relationships Sigmax-e’s staff Process Outsourcing At Sigmax-e’s facility and Sigmax-e’s employees with Customer’s systems Application Service Provision At Sigmax-e’s facility with Sigmax-e’s employees and Sigmax-e’s systems. Offered for very selective processes currently Operations & / or Staff & / or Facilities & / or Systems Governance and Contract models Determined by Customer’s Objective
  • 7. SigMax-e’s response to BPO concerns Expertise: Data Security Cost Exit Continuous Improvement Transition BPO Dedicated 10 to 20% Cooperative Best Practices: facilities savings exit clauses •GE •Access Controls: continuous Liability SigMax-e’s Response •PwC •Facility productivity insurance •HSBC •Workstation improvement •Shell •Data •Six Sigma- BCP / DR methodologies Confidentiality IT culture Building •Accessing •Zero-tolerance diverse back- Trust policy end systems Service based on understanding of Customer’s Concerns
  • 8. Customer commendation: Dell
  • 9. Customer commendation: Astro … assisting Astro since early 2005 In Dec 2005 … spawned another 3 projects … in May 2006, yet another project. …what differentiates SigMax-e is the depth of their involvement. They make it a point to understand the key drivers of the industry & the company, and will peel down processes to detailed levels to get at root causes. … their excellent interpersonal touch … interact constructively across all levels of project members and senior management … they have earned respect and work very hard at not losing it I would not hesitate to recommend SigMax-e for similar professional work,
  • 10. Customer commendation: Prudential Insurance “…I am happy to say that by co- working with Sri and following the guidance and direction that came out of the workshop, we have already achieved an increased focus on these improvement areas, and have actually seen gains in productivity and quality that we would likely not have seen were it not for the time he spent with us. “I feel we received a very valuable return on our investment!” Sd/- Mark Stevenson Chief Operating Officer PCA LIFE Korea.
  • 11. Customer commendation: Software Architect, / Riya, Inc.,
  • 12. Media Coverage
  • 13. Srikrishna Vadrevu, CEO All-round, hands-on, experience in running Shared Services: US, UK, Australia, France, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia GE Capital, India … Selling, Leading 700-man Processing Centre Standard Chartered, Malaysia … Setting up Global Shared Service Centre at TPM, Kuala Lumpur, as its first CEO Sri (center) explaining the strategy Trained Quality (Six Sigma) Master Black Belt adopted by his team to Jack F. Welch, CEO, GE (left) in October Process Improvement 2000. Process Design Facilitation, Change Management Led 100+ process design and improvement projects; Addressed several seminars on Process Management, Six Sigma and Shared Services in Singapore and KL. 20+ papers published in leading journals in India, Malaysia and USA. 27+ years of management experience: India, USA and Malaysia, Banking, IT and Shared Services.
  • 14. Bobby Varanasi, Vice President First Batch of Certified Outsourcing Professionals (COP) in the World ~ 15 years of consulting and relationship management experience, in USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific & Latin America Extensive knowledge and experience in off-shore outsourcing and Shared Services at Fortune 500 companies in USA, Europe & Asia-Pacific Key Advisor to Governments on Industry Development, FDIs, DDIs etc Key Advisor to Companies on Strategy, Buss. Modeling, JVs, M&As, Sourcing etc Key Clients Include Govts. Of Malaysia, Brazil, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Ghana; Companies like Dyson, Maxis, Maybank, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Warner Bros, Trustmark, Stanford University, ITAA, Revionics, AgreeYa, Bleum, Liberata, Hewitt, VeriSign etc Globally Recognized Thought Leader with Papers Published across global & regional media like Forbes, fDi, Executive View, Outsourcing, ZD Net, Business Week, NST, Times of India, Computer World, CIO Today etc Holds strategic leadership positions for the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), a standard setting organization for the global sourcing industry, as under: Asia Ambassador – one of three in the world today Authorized Global COP Trainer – one of five in the world today Member – Global Advocacy & Outreach Board – one of 11 members from the corporate community Member – Asia Pacific Advisory Board - one of 9 members from the region Chairman – Malaysia Chapter Addresses conferences, roundtables on global sourcing and strategic management across Asia, India, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, North America and Europe. Hands-On experience in Setting up Shared Services Centers for HSBC Across Asia-Pacific
  • 15. Our Managers Ms Lim Soo Min Over 17 years of accounting experience Manager, Astro Accounts Payable and Expense Claims processing at SigMax-e Strong team leader, focused on customer deliverables Charted Institute Of Management Accountants(CIMA) - pursuing Head, -Diploma in Commerce(Cost and Management Accounting) Accounting Ops Yoga Mithran Balakrishnan Over 7 years of diverse experiences ranging from acting and TV production to Training Team Leader & Trainer at HSBC’s Call Center in Malaysia Manager, Image Quality Assurance process at SigMax-e Chief cheer leader & primary interface to Gen X ! Manage Netty Hezreen Abd Malek Over 6 years experience in accounting and finance related processes On secondment from MAVCAP to assist in accounting, financial modeling and business development support. Business Development
  • 16. BPO Case Study: Book Keeping Context: Process established for scanning all documents Accountancy firm (B) in London looks to cut in London and storing them on secure server. costs in book keeping and data entry costs to SigMax-e logs in accesses documents, captures provide more cost-effective services to its data, saves ‘back-up’ file on server for B to clients access and process further. Action: Outsourcing commenced with 4 accounts B decides to outsource the functions from Results: (after 12 Months) receipt of inputs (vouchers, invoices, bank Process works effectively and is stable statements, etc) to preparation of Trial Balance Trained employee at SigMax-e, successfully to off shore entity that can provide trains two other staff knowledgeable accounting services, world Scope expanded to cover 30 companies class delivery and stable infrastructure. SLA implementation timelines improved After considering India and Malaysia as B expresses satisfaction with progress candidates, prefer Malaysia due to availability B agrees to expand scope further to include of large numbers of UK-trained accountants analysis of accounts and preparation of Audit and stable infrastructure Files by SigMax-e B selects SigMax-e as partner of choice for the Learning: outsourcing activity based on demonstrated Key success factors are: commitment to world class quality and proven Partnership model capability of delivering to SLAs Flexibility in crafting solutions B sends trainer to train SigMax-e staff for one Transparency in discussing defects and week. problems
  • 17. BPO Case Study: Context: Hire fresh graduate as new process manager to Start-up Dot Com form Silicon valley (A) seeks ‘relate’ well to the ‘interns’. a low-cost partner to perform quality checks on Results: (after 12 Months) their inventory data base. Selects one partner Process works effectively and is stable each in Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia. Students introduce their friends to form a large Action: virtual team that can be accessed, as required A selects SigMax-e as partner of choice in Students offer many new processing ideas, that Malaysia. However, typical man-power costs are passed on to customer for implementation. in Malaysia are too high for their budget. SigMax-e manages even low-volume seasons Sigmax-e constructs a detailed study of their with very low overheads. requirements and develops a man-power and Learning: service delivery model that matches customer Key success factors are: requirements. Key features of the model: Partnership model Develop pricing model based on number of Flexibility in crafting solutions images (of each type) processed Transparency in discussing issues and problems Develop training content and process to achieve comparable results in 25% of normal training time Develop application to allow college students to schedule work during free time Develop service fee model that provides attractive compensation for students, yet well within customer preferred rates.
  • 18. Contact: Srikrishna Vadrevu Email: +601-2221-2553