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Published on Craig's Internet Marketing Predictions for 2010! Craig's Internet Marketing Predictions for 2010!

Published in: Technology, Business

  • Great presentation! I think that social nets will not fragment by niche, industry, interest. The segments will form inside existing socnets as that would be easier for users.
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  • I'm very excited about the predictions you have made for 2010 and to be apart of
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  • 1.  
  • 2. PREDICTION #1 – The Outsourcing Boom will continue in 2010! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: A Rapidly Increasing Wave of New Client and Income Opportunities
  • 3. PREDICTION #2 – The Proliferation of Digital Products will explode in 2010! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Product launch set-up, management and support for many emerging & existing entrepreneurs.
  • 4. PREDICTION #3 – Social Media usage will to continue to grow through 2010! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Social Media Marketing support for “late adopters” and “local markets”.
  • 5. PREDICTION #4 – Social Networking fatigue will set in resulting in the growth of niche, industry-specific Social Networks! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Niche Social Network Creation & Management through such sites as
  • 6. PREDICTION #5 – “Freemium” Social Network and membership sites will explode in 2010.
    • Set-up and management of membership sites using such tools as WP Wish list. (Includes shopping cart support)
    • Premium social network management – providing support for new premium business tools in Linkedin and other sites.
  • 7. PREDICTION #6 – Facebook overload will officially kick-in resulting in businesses focussing on building their fan pages. YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Fan Page set-up, design and marketing support
  • 8. PREDICTION #7 – Video Marketing will officially become mainstream. YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Setting up and managing video marketing strategy, content development and distribution
  • 9. PREDICTION #8 – Valuable FREE content creation & distribution will become a huge priority in 2010! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Helping clients to implement content creation & distribution strategy (podcasting, videos, social bookmarks, articles, blogs, social networks)
  • 10. PREDICTION #9 – Business Blogging will continue to rise and Word Press sites will exponentially grow. YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Word Press Design, Set-up and Management. (Opportunity to position yourself as a Word Press expert for new business clients)
  • 11. PREDICTION #10 – Mobile marketing moving into mainstream and will be a lifeline for Social Media channels! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Mobile marketing support, content distribution through Iphone apps, podcasting support.
  • 12. PREDICTION #11 – SAAS (Service as a Software) tools will grow exponentially and so will the service opportunities for VAs!
  • 13. PREDICTION #12 – Online Reputation Management will be a huge priority for businesses in 2010. YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Reputation management monitoring and support, setting up customer relationship management channels in the Social Media arena.
  • 14. PREDICTION #13 – Social media optimization will rise in importance as a result of SEs integrating social network content into search results. YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Keyword research and distribution of targeted content in social networks
  • 15. PREDICTION #14 – Due to economic decline, Virtual Events will exponentially grow in 2010! YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Setting up and managing a variety of virtual events including tele-seminars, webinars, live podcasts, online radio & web TV
  • 16. PREDICTION #15 – Digital Publishing (ezines & enewsletters) will continue to grow in 2010. YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Ezine and enewsletter set-up and support, information product creation
  • 17.