CORA for MSIS 2010

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Presentation of CORA ESSNet to MSIS meeting 2010 - Daejeon (Korea)

Presentation of CORA ESSNet to MSIS meeting 2010 - Daejeon (Korea)

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  • 1. CORA ESSNet Intermediate results
  • 2. short history
    • MSIS – 2008: Task Force on Sharing Software
    • 3. MSIS – 2009: session on “Sharing Software and Components”
    • 4. 2009 Statistical work programme of the Commission : ESSnet tool and CORA as “Development of shared IT tools for use in Member States to support the development and maintenance of statistical IT tools for use by NSIs, within the general framework of a common reference architecture ”
  • 5. ITDG - 2008 ITDG 2008: ESSnet with the aim to create the enabling conditions for sharing software within the ESS Suggestions:
    • GSBPM model as a basis, besides CES 1999 document
    • 6. co-ordination with MSIS TF on Sharing Software
    • 7. based on well defined principles, involve business units
    • 8. tools based on sound methodologies
    • 9. adaptation of tools to each environment
  • 10. 2009 activities January in Luxembourg preparatory meeting between interested countries ( ch, dk, it, lv, nl, no, se) and Eurostat: we started to consider a layer architecture for introducing abstraction levels, ensuring isolation between different layers and topics Later in 2009: definition of MBGA (MultiBeneficiary Grant Agreement) between Eurostat and countries
  • 11. ESSnet and SAB MSIS Sharing Advisory Board and CORA ESSnet: two projects, the same goal SAB : strategic, long-term, world ESSnet : tactical, 12 months, europe (but open) (SAB: continuity between projects) Crucial: cooperation and common work
  • 12. CORA activities three meetings: Kick-off meeting in Luxembourg , October 2009 WPs Leader Meeting in Amsterdam , January 2010 Intermediate Meeting in Rome , March 2010 Final Meeting in Luxembourg October 2010: results (and Final Report) will be presented to Eurostat and to all others NSIs, invited to participate
  • 13. WP2 state-of-the-art
    • Architectures and software adopted by NSIs
    • 14. Questionnaire designed (deliverable 2.1) distributed to 42 NSIs : response rate 79% - 33 of 42
    • 15. Questionnaire and attached documents analysis in progress (some language problem)
    • 16. First results: several tools declared “shared” … usage?
    • 17. Little usage of statistical business process model Future: set of requirements definition
  • 18. WP3 technical architecture
    • Layered approach, in which lower layer offer services to upper one
    • 19. Strict connection to GSBPM (functional dimension = GSBPM categories)
    • 20. Software prototype added to WP3 goals: architecture proof of concept needed
    • 21. Future: interfaces definition, model manual, mapping examples and software prototypes
  • 22. WP4: Organizational architecture
    • Analysis of the available licensing models
    • 23. Business models for training, support and development
    • 24. A list of query and answers (Q&A) on legal aspects of the licensees has been realized
    • 25. Future: technical and commercial requirements for tools that will be used by the CORA users
    • 26. List of available tools for each phase of a statistical process
  • 27. WP5: Project Dissemination
    • CORA web site and wiki
    • 28. Cooperation with the OSOR portal
    • 29. Training courses (ESTP) on the project products
    • 30. Creative Commons licence for CORA deliverables
    • 31. Organization of a final “CORA ESSnet workshop”, presenting the final results: the day before 2010 ITDG
  • 32. conclusions
    • Final meeting in October: participation!
    • 33. Final results to 2010 ITDG
    • 34. CORE (COmmon Reference Environment) in 2011? Eurostat decision after Intermediate results
    • 35. SAB to continue CORA works (eg sw repository)
    • 36. Cooperation with OSOR portal