Cool Sport Watch MP3 Player 2G (Gebite LX AP13)


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Cool Sport Watch MP3 Player 2G (Gebite LX AP13)

  1. 1. Login | Join Hot2deal View Cart | 0 items USD0.00 Home Hot Phones New Arrival Top Sellers Limited Time Offer $5 Gadgets Search: iphone game bluetooth apple Categories Your Position: >> product >> Product Category >> Electronics >> MP3 Player Recommend Products Cool Sport Watch MP3 Player-2G (Gebite LX-AP13) Super Quality Phones Bluetooth Headset Market Price: USD35.25 Weight: 0.00KG Apple Accessories Our Price: USD31.54 Blackberry Accessories Item Code: 14027 Shipping: Worldwide Media Players Game Accessories Mini DVR Quantity : 1 Cell Phones Discounted Price: 31.54 Multifunction Cell Phones China Clone Phones Branded Mobile Phones Phone Accessories Cool Sport Watch MP3 Player-2G (Gebite LX-AP13) Screen Protectors Apple Accessories 1.Original Place: Shenzhen BlackBerry Accessories 2.Flash memory: 64MB/128MB/256MB/512MB/1G/2G/4G/8G 3.Color: Optional HTCAccessories 4.Time: Japan West Iron City core ,professional waterproof pointer watch ,exact time. PalmAccessories 5.U Dish: Electron movable hard dish function ,"wear"the information anytime and anywhere. 6.Electricity offer: Unique save electricity function ,charge 1.5-2 hours play over 9 hours. Motorola Accessories 7.Battery: Built in environmental protection save energy accmulate Hi Li-ion charge battery. 8.Charge: Charge by USB or by connecting to computer. Nokia Accessories 9.Shakeproof: Full shakeproof ,avoid interfere. Samsung Accessories 10.Earphone: Use five-grade contract line ,convenient and easy use(choose to match ) 11.Play: MP3 super music enjoy ,support MP3 and ADPCM. Sony Ericsson Accessories 12.Record: Available in meeting ,study ,business,getting proof ,etc.high quilty and long-time record. Electronics 13.Inside record: First having Line-in direct record MP3 watch ,transfer all kinds of music to MP3 ,the effect of recording is wonderful. 14.Delete: Current file delete function ,delete the inneed files and songs you like. MP3 Player 15.Repeat: Meet need of learning foreign language for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,《Fight for every minute》"wear" foreign language in hand A-B repeat function. MP4 Player 16.Sound effects: Five sound effects model ,press remind function. MP5 Player 17.Receive: FM receive function (available in full-plastic shell,the effect is wonderful) 18.Working: Red/Green/Yellow LED lights indicate working. Mini DV Recorder 19.System platform: Window98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Mac Digital Camera
  2. 2. Digital Camera Digital Video Video Game Accessories Wii Xbox 360 NDS NDSL NDSi NDSiLL PS3 PSP 1000 2000 3000 PS1.PS2 Memory Card Limited Time Offer Maybe you are interested in this products. Watch Waterproof MP3 Player with Voice Watch waterproof MP3 Player with Voice Watch MP3 Player with Voice Recording- Recording-2G (Gebite LX—329) Recording-2G (Gebite LX—A2008) 2G (Gebite LX—A206) Our Sale Price:USD39.05 Our Sale Price:USD31.54 Our Sale Price:USD34.04 Stainless Watch MP3 Player 4 Colors Metallic MP3 Watch Player-MIC + Line IN Watch MP3 Player 2G with classic Available-2G (Gebite LX—A213) Record-2G (Gebite LX—A218) design (Gebite LX—A228) Our Sale Price:USD34.04 Our Sale Price:USD34.04 Our Sale Price:USD31.54 COMPANY INFORMATION ACCOUNT SERVICES CUSTOMER SERVICE RESOURCES About Us Frequently Asked Questions Payment Guide Knowledge Base Contact Us FedEx Phone Numbers Privacy Policy OEM ODM Service Join Our Affiliate Program My Account Shipping Warranty Information Satisfaction Guaranteed UPS Phone Numbers Shopping Guide Wholesale Transaction © 2009-2010