How To Improve Your Finances
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How To Improve Your Finances

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Facing financial obstacles? This is a must watch presentation to help in overcoming the financial problems

Facing financial obstacles? This is a must watch presentation to help in overcoming the financial problems

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  • 1. Tired of financial crunches?
    • Are you facing inexplicit financial problems?
    • Poor savings troubling you?
    • Extravagant expenditure becoming nightmare?
    • Expenses more than the income?
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  • 2. Understanding VASTU SCIENCE
    • Apart from the destiny of the people living in the houses, there is a science which depicts the future of any structure and that is Vastu Science
    • Vaastu Science primarily focuses on the directions , i.e. East, West, North and South and their sub directions such as Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest
    • Each of these directions is governed by any one of five elements – fire, water, air, earth and space which form the basis of Vaastu Shastra.
    • Fore more information, log on to
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  • 3. Why VASTU?
    • If you are experiencing financial obstacles, you should confirm if their home is constructed according to the Vaastu rules to ensure an unhindered financial flow.
    • Vaastu Shastra is about creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way by taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five of the nature
    • Now lets have an look on how Vaastu scinece can improve your finances, taking in consideration the existing home/office and understanding how some structures can cause negative impacts on life and some even could aid in positive financial flow.
  • 4. The Directions/Element
    • The directions of vastu which are responsible for financial prosperity are
    • North
    • Northeast
    • The North direction is ruled by lord of wealth and the element for the Northeast direction is water
  • 5. The VASTU defects
    • Since North/Northeast are the financial corners, any blockage in this direction will result in financial obstacle
    • Check for the following if you have
      • Clutter in North/Northeast
      • Heaviness in North/Northeast
      • Kitchen in North/Northeast
      • Toilet in North/Northeast
      • Structural blockage in North/Northeast
  • 6. The VASTU solutions
    • Decluttering is very important to get rid of the debts.
    • Don’t keep anything that is useless
    • The kitchen should not be situated in North/Northeast as it causes financial strains
    • Avoid having toilet in these directions
    • The North/Northeast should have light weight things
  • 7. TIPS for attaining Prosperity
    • The element WATER is considered to be an indication of a person’s financial growth
    • Introduce any kind of water generation source in North/Northeast like tap, borewell, fountain
    • Keep an aquarium in the northeast portion of the area
    • There should be no stagnant water, install a small fountain
    • Cleanliness is the answer for these directions
  • 8. For more queries
    • If you will follow these small tips, you will see the positive results very soon
    • In case of any queries, log on to
    • THANK YOU…
    • Have a prosperous VASTU house