vFlyer: Integrated Marketing Solutions for the Multifamily Industry

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vFlyer is the affordable, reliable all-in-one marketing service for property management companies and apartment communities. Property managers can create branded "virtual flyers" for their communities …

vFlyer is the affordable, reliable all-in-one marketing service for property management companies and apartment communities. Property managers can create branded "virtual flyers" for their communities and floor plans in minutes, post them to Craigslist, and promote them via social media. They can also create and manage their property website through vFlyer, and companies can share control of property accounts between the corporate marketing office and the individual properties. This presentation outlines vFlyer's unique value proposition to property management companies.

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  • 1. Integrated Marketing Solutions for theMultifamily Industry http://www.vflyer.com
  • 2. vFlyer = SolutionsWeve been listening. We get it.Youre tired of having to keep a handle on all the differentmarketing services that your properties use, not to mentionhow effectively the properties are using them.Youre tired of dealing with Craigslist hassles every day.Youre tired of companies making promises that they dontdeliver on.We hear you, and we have the reliable, affordableintegrated marketing solution youve been lookingfor.
  • 3. Problem:Your properties use different services for Craigslist advertising,property websites, print content, and social media marketing, andnone of them is integrated with the others.Solution:vFlyer offers an integrated marketing platform that allowsproperties to create listings, post them to Craigslist, promote themvia social media, print flyers, capture leads, and manage theirwebsite, all from one dashboard.
  • 4. Craigslist Templates Website Management  Rich, branded HTML ads ● Simple editing interface  14 different layouts ● Add floor plans, photos, and more  26 photos per ad ● One-click site publishingDetailed Analytics Mobile Listings Social Media Marketing Other Marketing Tools  Promote community on  Printable PDF flyers Facebook and Twitter  Listing syndication  Let viewers share property  Email marketing listings with friends
  • 5. Problem:Because your properties use so many different vendors in theirmarketing, it’s nearly impossible for you to monitor all their activityacross the various systems.Solution:vFlyer Agency Edition gives you and your marketing team a viewonto all of your properties marketing activities through the AgencyDashboard. Not only that, you can access every propertys accountto ensure that company standards are being followed. And you canassign and reassign property accounts as needed.
  • 6. Easily access data for any property accountDownload a weekly report Monitor Craigslist posting activity
  • 7. Problem:You want your properties to post to Craigslist every day, but they’reconstantly running into problems with ghosting.Solution:We understand how important Craigslist is for marketing rentals, butwe also know the challenges that properties encounter when postingthere. Thats why we provide a variety of HTML formats for Craigslist,so your properties are less likely to run into ghosting problems. Wealso offer regular free trainings on Craigslist best practices.
  • 8. Brandable Craigslist templates with 14 layout options More HTML formats + smart posting schedule = lower risk of ghostingLimited HTML is Is more Limited HTML a a morelightweight, shorter HTML lightweight, shorter HTMLversion and is is thus more version and thus more“ghosting resistant.” “ghosting resistant.”
  • 9. Problem:Your property websites need updating, but the properties cantupdate them themselves, and you dont have time to do it for them.Solution:vFlyer Sites is our easy-to-use, flexible, extensible website builder andcontent management system, and its ideal for property websites. Itoffers dedicated modules for floor plans, community info, listings,photo galleries, and more; is simple enough for even computernovices to use; and sites can be created and managed from thecorporate account and then assigned to the properties.
  • 10. Consistent branding across multiple sites Simple editing toolbarsFlexible page templates Floor plan and community modules and layouts
  • 11. Problem:You pay way too much for Internet marketing services that don’tproduce results.Solution:vFlyers suite of marketing services is not only comprehensive andreliable, but also affordable. You pay only for the property accountsyou set up. We offer bulk discounts for companies that set upmultiple property accounts along with complimentary trainings anddesign services.
  • 12. What your communities get Annual pricing for 5 or morewith vFlyer: communities Brandable flyers with 26 photos Premium Craigslist templates $120/year per Hosted property website Marketing Suite Website management application community Listing syndication to top sites Social media marketing tools $120/year per Printable PDF flyers Sites Service Email marketing tool community Mobile landing pages Detailed traffic statistics Bundled Service $180/year per Phone and email support (Marketing + Sites) communityWhat you get in addition: Quick access to all property accounts Dashboard for cross-account data Exportable weekly report Complimentary training and design services Dedicated Account Manager
  • 13. Contact sales@vflyer.com or (800) 594-5930 to schedule a demo and learn more about what vFlyer can offer you.Website: http://www.vflyer.com/Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vflyerTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/vflyerYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/vflyermarketing