vCom Solutions for Wireless Expense ManagementAs employees demand better and more ways to communicate,companies are devoti...
vManager for Wireless          ®With vManager, you have total oversight into your wireless inventory through your wireless...
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vCom Wireless Expense Management


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An overview of how vCom manages wireless expenses through its vManager software platform.

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vCom Wireless Expense Management

  1. 1. vCom Solutions for Wireless Expense ManagementAs employees demand better and more ways to communicate,companies are devoting more money and resources to managing theirwireless telecom costs. But accurately measuring and controllingthese costs, and managing an unwieldy inventory of mobile devices,are daunting tasks. IT and Accounting staff must log into multiplecarrier “portals,” keep spreadsheets of wireless inventory, and plythrough confusing paper bills or downloaded reports that often don’tmatch the invoice.vCom closes the gaps in the Wireless Expense Management process.Through its cloud-based application, vManager®, you can takecontrol of all your wireless spend and inventory in one location, and Gain Visibility and Intelligencein one format, regardless of device type, plan, carrier or feature-set. over your Mobile Environment: • Savings Alerts • Dashboard Reporting • Vendor Comparison • Charge Monitoring • Usage Reports • Charges by Cost Center • Charges by Employee • Inventory Details • Charges by Device Type • Custom Overage Reporting “vManager’s wireless expense management saves us one to two man-days per month in having to manually go through the wireless• View all your wireless inventory regardless of carrier from one bills.” simple standardized interface. CIO, Duane Morris• Select the tracking detail you desire for each device type with customizable attributes.• Manage employee assignment, cost center assignment and invoices with simplicity.• Process PDF files of carrier invoices using vManager’s PDF reader, and track and report on detailed usage information.• Recycle devices knowing they will be security-wiped of any data.
  2. 2. vManager for Wireless ®With vManager, you have total oversight into your wireless inventory through your wireless dashboard - bothin terms of what devices you have with which carrier, and in how much you’re spending per device. Whetheryour inventory is 50 devices or 5,000, vManager’s cloud-based platform keeps you abreast of changes in yourcompany’s mobile climate. Changes in cost or usage can immediately be identified and corrected before moneyis wasted. Additionally, invoices are standardized across carriers – making the exercise of auditing spend betweencarriers a breeze. vManager’s wireless lifecycle management process keeps you up-to-date on what inventory hasbeen recently added to or deactivated from your account. The inventory discovery wizard ensures new wirelessdevices truly belong on your account and rapidly walks you through the process of accepting new devices intoyour telecom inventory.vManager supports customized allocationmethodologies to auto-code your wirelessinvoices at load-time.Every business is unique - you have specific needs regardingyour accounting methodology. Whether you allocatewireless charges to individual employees, departments,locations, charge types, or a combination of the above,vManager meets those needs. vCom works with you tocustomize the application to provide an AP posting file thatcan be directly imported into your accounting system. Theresult is a visibility and clarity into your wireless spend younever thought possible. “Our experience with vManager has been excellent. The wirelessmodule allows me to get a consolidated view of wireless spend.I can sort by cost center, I can see who is spending what, and itgives me a better handle of what’s going on in that world.” Senior Manager of IT, Workflow OneFor more information, visit www.vcomsolutions.comHeadquarters - California Southern California Northwest Office - Oregon12657 Alcosta Blvd, STE 418 1631 Maplewood Street 7365 SW Pineridge Ct,San Ramon, CA 94583 La Verne, CA 91750 Portland, OR 97225Main: 800-804-VCOM Main: 800-804-VCOM Main: 800-804-VCOMDirect: 925-244-1800 Direct: 909-837-4204 Direct: 503-894-2162