The Undisputed Guide to Telecom Management Bliss


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The Undisputed Guide to Telecom Management Bliss

  1. 1. The Undisputed Guide toTelecom Management Bliss
  2. 2. You’ve signed a Telecom Management Agreement with vCom Solutions. Now what?This document explains the five key steps to converting to the vCom service and yourfinal destination - telecom management bliss.The steps are: 1. Meet your team 2. Inventory analysis 3. Convert your services to vCom 4. Software enablement 5. Ongoing optimizationSTEP 1. MEET YOUR TEAMFirst off, breathe a sigh of relief. You now have experts in each area of the telecom lifecycle on your team. Thisextension of your internal IT team has specialized expertise to flawlessly execute your telecom program. Keymembers that you will now meet include:Executive Sponsor: This vCom executive ensures that flawless execution of your telecom program. Thisperson is directly available to you for any questions or concerns that arise.Business Development Manager: You already know this friendly face. Your “BDM” is your field AccountExecutive and will introduce you to the following VIP…Engagement Manager: Your “EM” is your lead advocate at vCom. She is your “go to” person for trainingon the vManager software, converting spend to the platform, implementing A/P functionality, and anycustomized reporting. She will oversee your relationship, and guide you through the remaining four steps onyour journey to telecom management bliss.Order Desk: Your Engagement Manager will employ vCom’s Order Desk on your behalf, using our SalesEngineers and Telecom Analysts to optimize your telecom services.Client Relationship Manager: Your “CRM” is your primary point of contact at vCom and “go to” person forAdds, Moves and Change Orders, training on the vManager software, and any billing questions.Project Team: Your Project Team includes a Project Coordinator and a Provisioner. These two people manageall technical aspects of carrier orders to ensure successful and accurate delivery, testing and acceptance ofordered services. They also manage all implementation timelines, communication and deliverables - so youdon’t have to.vCom Solutions - The Undisputed Guide to Telecom Management Bliss Page 1
  3. 3. Support Team: Although you may not see them, these folks are working “in the background” to make yourlife better - Technical Support manages all technical issues and trouble tickets on a 24x7x365 basis. Bill Consolidation and Audit analyzes and audits all carrier bills, disputing carrier errors on your behalf, before you ever see them. Carrier Negotiations relentlessly negotiates contract terms and drives down pricing with the carriers, leveraging the buying-power of all vCom’s customers.Your team will join you for a kick off meeting to establish priorities and provide education on vCom’sMethodology.STEP 2. INVENTORY ANALYSISAfter the kickoff, your Engagement Manager willrequest your carrier invoices, customer service records,contracts, and any network diagrams. vCom’s Engineersand Telecom Analysts will audit all of these materialsand benchmark your current spend against industrystandards. They will present you with an “InventorySummary and Benchmark,” which includes a snap shotof your current services along with benchmarking ofyour spending. You will finally know definitively exactlywhat you are paying for! Your team will then makerecommendations as to where you can improve yourtechnology and your spend. Using vCom’s aggregatebuying power, you can expect to save an average of “Our experience with the vManager software20% on your services. has been excellent. We use vManager to find out how and where we’re spending money,Together, you will build a new technology blueprint by and to allocate it back to our individual costcarrier and product. You will determine your areas of centers. We also use the analytics to see howhighest impact, so that you can start your conversion we can further reduce our spend.”process on the services that will bring you the mostbenefit. Now you are ready to start reaping the rewards Senior Manager of IT Workflow Oneof moving your telecom environment under vCom’smanagement.vCom Solutions - The Undisputed Guide to Telecom Management Bliss Page 2
  4. 4. STEP 3. CONVERT YOUR SERVICES TO VCOMBased on the technology blueprint you created in step two, your Engagement Manager will establish and leada migration plan by product or by site. You will attend project update meetings and provide the appropriatelocal contacts needed to coordinate the transitions. Your vCom team will provide frequent status updates asto the delivery and implementation of new services. You will begin to recognize cost savings and productivityenhancements.During this process, you will begin to use the vManager tool for: • Order Management – viewing of all orders, the project outline, status updates by site and product, and issuing “If you are used to dealing directly approvals for electronic service orders with AT&T, Verizon, or really any other provider, you will be shocked by the • Inventory Management – accessing any of your circuit difference in customer service that you and hardware specifications, opening or viewing progress receive from vCom.” on any trouble tickets • Billing – seeing a detailed breakdown of charges, sorted by Telecom Manager Duane Morris site, product or charge type • Document Library – accessing a centralized repository of project plans, network diagrams, router configurations, contracts, etc.STEP 4. SOFTWARE ENABLEMENTNext is the moment you’ve been waiting for – the ability to see a consolidated view of your telecom spend andinventory across all phone and data products and all carriers through vManager! No installation needed here –it’s in the cloud. Just log in, or download the iPhone app. First, you’ll receive training from your account team on how to manage orders, cases, and trouble tickets, how to view, analyze and slice and dice your inventory any way you choose – and even to perform budgeting and forecasting – with accuracy! – for your future telecom spending. You’ll also learn how to set up electronic invoice approval workflows, and your EM will meet with your accounting team to define the cost allocation requirements they need as well as their A/P file specifications.vCom Solutions - The Undisputed Guide to Telecom Management Bliss Page 3
  5. 5. Next, vCom’s software developers will customize your dashboards in vManager so that you can view your data the way that you like. There are more than 100 “canned” reports in vManager, but if you need to see your data in a particular way, your EM will engage our developers to create customer reports for you. We’ll automate exception reports to your specifications so that you are alerted to any errant activity that requires action. Finally, we will create your customized A/P file so that your expenses are coded to the cost centers that you specify, and so you can easily upload them directly into your accounting system. STEP 5. ONGOING OPTIMIZATION Now the fun starts. Sit back and watch as your vManager dashboard puts your entire newly-optimized telecom environment at your fingertips. Perform trend analysis, slicing and dicing data however you desire. Watch your savings ideas dashboard for items such as 90-day no activity inventory, and disconnect them with a quick task to your CRM. Feel confident that vCom’s automated assurance processes are constantly analyzing your environment. As your contracts expire, vCom will notify you and re-negotiate them on your behalf, getting you our massive volume discounts. Your vCom team will continue to identify areas for technology recommendations and savings. Your EM will conduct period reviews with you, and your account team will meet with you regularly to understand how your business is evolving and how your telecom environment needs to change to accommodate that evolution. And your entire well-managed telecom environment will always be at your fingertips, from the highest level trend report, to the smallest inventory detail. You have arrived – ultimate telecom management bliss.................................................................................................................ABOUT VCOM SOLUTIONSvCom Solutions revolutionizes the way enterprises manage their entire telecom lifecycle. vCom customersgain control over inventory, expenses and carrier relationships, achieving better business intelligence that drivesprofitability. vCom’s Telecom Management as a Service (TMaaS) solution includes a suite of cloud-basedtelecom management software tools, complemented by a full portfolio of professional services.For more information, visit Headquarters 12657 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 418 Main: 800-804-VCOM San Ramon, CA 94583 Direct: 925-244-1800 Page 4