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Sports & celelbrity

  1. 1. Sports &CelebrityAdvertising
  2. 2. David Ogilvy ‘s view Good recall as they remember the celebrity and forgets the product and the brand name. Testimonials from experts is persuasive (Ex burglar expert that he has never been able to crack the chub safe )
  3. 3. Celebrities can do wonders if Imageconnect and model connect is perfect
  4. 4. Celebrity Selection Independent understanding of the consumer mindset Profiling the brand-Positioning strategy Identify the target consumer
  5. 5. When in doubt use a celebrity No big idea. Use celebrity
  6. 6. Advantage Easy to connect consumers Tried and tested Follow the leaders (Easy way out )
  7. 7. Disadvantage Huge investments Lack of ideas Get the right brand fit Highly cluttered.
  8. 8. Types of celebrities Film star Sportsperson Social worker CEO endorsements Experts Opinion
  9. 9. SachinLittle master
  10. 10. Brand Sachin Profile -Intelligent - Credible - Success story - Role model
  11. 11. Characteristics Sachin’s character may not fit a perfume brand But Malika Sherawat will be a run away success for perfume Why- Malika is young, attractive,sensuous with strong sex appeal
  12. 12. Brand Sachin Characteristics Perfectionist Diligent,Hardworking & Punctual Always striving for success Setting new standards for himself Highly achievement oriented Cricket is religion for him
  13. 13. Sachin’s connect with brands Boost, Complain, Horlicks. Heath brands can be strongly connected with Sachin because of the zing and success NIIT could be another brand Premium apparel- connects brilliantly Expensive car- If connected with corporate or professional success Long association with MRF Sachin connects with stupendous success and achievement
  14. 14. Dhoni : Mahi
  15. 15. Brand Dhoni: Profile Powerful Dashing Young cricketer Today a leader
  16. 16. Characteristics Confused between fun and cricket Mind has gone for a spin for the easy money he earned Strength of characteristics is power.
  17. 17. Celeb-Connect Power in his appearance and the way he bats Strong connect with Power bikes, High power engine oil, fuel and car batteries Thanks to his long hair he seems to be connected well with Brylcreem
  18. 18. Dravid- Wall
  19. 19. Rahul Dravid: Profile Successful Indian cricketer Known as wall of Indian cricket Teammates called him Jammy
  20. 20. Characteristics Great and Mr.Dependable Suave & Polished Not an achiever like Sachin and Saurav Killer instinct missingWorld cup sorrows has put his brand value down
  21. 21. Celebe- connect Dravid Used to have strong connect with solid,trusted and reliable brands Anchor toothpaste and Max New York Life No new endorsements Pepsi drops Rahul
  22. 22. Ganguly :Prince
  23. 23. Ganguly : Profile Great Indian cricketer Most successful Indian captain Shrewd leader
  24. 24. Characteristics  Highly Sensuous  No fidelity  Stylish, Innovative, Charismatic  Very bold  Tantalizing & Controversial  Most talked about  No hang ups  Hot movies
  25. 25. Thank You