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Options in advertising as careers

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Ad careers

  1. 1.     Formal course in advertising and marketing will help you to join a agency. MBA’s are preferred for Client Servicing, Research and Account and Media Planning. For creative you need to have a good command over English for a copy writer. This should be supported by wild thinking. For an art person you need to have a degree from a fine art college.
  2. 2.        Institute of mass communication New Delhi. MICA –( Mudra Institute of communication ) Xavier institute of mass communication JJ school of Arts. NID Design Ahmedabad K.C.College of management studies Rachna Sansad fine arts college.
  3. 3.         Account Management /Client Servicing Account Planning Media Planning /Media Buying Copywriter Visualizer Research Films & Audio Visual Photography and Cinematography
  4. 4.       Link between the agency and the client He or she is the face of the agency Responsible for the day to day operations and addressing the clients needs. Must be knowledgeable about the clients business in and out To, simply put it servicing executive is the sales man of the agency MBA is not a must but will be an added advantage.
  5. 5.      This a new role which has been started by many agencies in the last few years The account planners work in tandem with the servicing team and the creative team. Primary role is to derive on good consumer insights based on various research study and observations. Most of the campaigns on new business and existing business is strategized by the planner MBA from a good institute will be an advantage
  6. 6.      Every good advertising plan, starts with research and information. Involves lot of data collection and analytics Based on the research study the inference and consumer insights are generated. Qualification in statistics will be of good use if you want to take a career in research If you are sound on computer knowledge that will be an added advantage
  7. 7.      Media planners and buyers are the people who devise the right media strategy for any advertising campaign The planner works on the media strategy which is then executed by the media buyer. Planning clients budget in the most cost effective manner is the planners key role. Similarly the media buyer ensures that he gets the best rates from all media to make the media plan cost effective. Works closely with the planner. Knowledge in mathematics & statistics will be useful
  8. 8.      He /she is responsible to create the text part of the idea for a campaign Works closely with the Visualizer to create the campaigns based on the brief. Copywriters need to have a flair for writing backed up by the knowledge of advertising and oral communication skills, to become successful. Need to have skill in analyzing clients’ needs, and research skills for finding out about the products and services they are helping to sell. Sound English with graduate in any discipline one will be able to become a writer.
  9. 9.     You need a qualification from applied or fine arts from a good institute Should have talent to draw, illustrate and think well visually Visualizer and the copy writer team work together to devise a campaign The visualizer uses various tools such as Photoshop, illustrators etc. to work on the campaign.
  10. 10.      A separate department which takes care of production of films and AV in an agency Headed by a Manager and supported by executives This department co-ordinates with creative and the servicing team to execute films Job involves identifying producers and obtaining quotes for the films & audio-visuals Basic graduation with knowledge on films with a creative mind is what is required
  11. 11.      Photography is most critical aspect of any advertisement campaign. Best Photographers are used to get the best results from an ad campaign There are special and advanced photography courses available to choose your career. You need to have a creative mind and also learn the various technologies used in photography. Cinematography is another career some people opt for.