Creativity Course - Observation Lab: Are You Paying Attention?


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'Sensational Sales' by Uyen Nguyen

'Assignment 2 - Observation Lab: Are You Paying Attention?', A Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig, Stanford University

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Creativity Course - Observation Lab: Are You Paying Attention?

  1. 1. 1. Bodily Senses - Magnetise customers by engaging their 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, sound) with your stylish store designs & product samples. ‘More senses, more sales.’2. Intellectual Mind - Create ‘aesthetic value & timeless quality’ products, and your customers will happily buy & love to use them. ‘Mind satisfied, money spent.’3. Caring Heart - Offer your customers ongoing outstanding customer services, and your customers will be your long term salesmen. ‘You care, I share.’
  2. 2. More Senses, More Sales
  3. 3. 1. Bright colours >= Natural colours > Dull2. Themes3. Space, well-lit, clean and organised4. Wide open doors5. Best location: outside corners
  4. 4.  These following stores ‘visually’ turned heads of more than 70% people walked past on the day I did this survey. › Happy Lab › Campo Marzio Design › Pylones
  5. 5.  Good points: bright colours, ‘lab’ theme, well- lit, clean, organised, see-through windows.
  6. 6.  Good points: bright colours, ‘stationery’ theme, well-lit, clean, organised, wide open doors.
  7. 7.  Good points: bright colours, well-lit, clean, organised, see-through windows, outside corner store.
  8. 8.  This did not only turn heads, its ‘nutty sugary’ aroma attracted people from 2 – 3 meters away. Wanna see it in action? Click HERE!
  9. 9.  It’s not their free perfume samples, but their beautiful natural fragrances that count.
  10. 10.  Free ‘sweet’ samples. After trying 10 different flavours, who dared to not buy 01?
  11. 11.  Free drink samples. ‘Wow! Choc Chip Chai tea? Creme Brulee tea? Wow!’
  12. 12.  Upbeat music makes customers feel happy and energised to shop longer, e.g. ‘Heart of a lion’ by The Griswolds
  13. 13.  Classical music to make customers feel relaxed to read more, e.g. Bach – Suite No. 3 In D Major: Air
  14. 14.  Free ‘touches’ and uses of display products in Apple Store, Sydney
  15. 15. Mind Satisfied, Money Spent
  16. 16.  It’s strange but true. For the very first time when I saw this magical glassy staircase, I unconsciously felt the trust for the products of this store.
  17. 17.  Does the term ‘Genius Bar’ make you feel ‘smart and cool’ to stay around?
  18. 18. You Care, I Share
  19. 19. Product KnowledgeAttitudes •The man at ‘Loccitane’ who introduced their products to•The woman at ‘Esprit’ in QVB me in details and gave mehelped me to try on dozens many samples to bring home.of jeans and wished me lucksalthough I didn’t get my •The girls who smiled to mejeans from them that day. cheerily at ‘Happy Lab’, QVB when recommending me•The girls at ‘Sheike’ in QVB flavours they considered aswere willingly waiting for me ‘popular and good’.to try on my pieces althoughit was over their closing time.•The boy at George Camera Remember MeSydney ran around the street They remember my names, Ito find me to give me a remember their charger I had left in E.g.the store. •The Bayz Cafe, Double Bay •The Cross Street Deli, Double Bay