The True Value of a Master's Degree

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Western University 1151 Richmond Street London, ON N6A 3K7 (519) 661-2111 - one of the Canadian Universities offering Professional Graduate Programs in Education Studies, Counselling Psychology and …

Western University 1151 Richmond Street London, ON N6A 3K7 (519) 661-2111 - one of the Canadian Universities offering Professional Graduate Programs in Education Studies, Counselling Psychology and many more! Call today for more info!

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  • 1.  Many people who attend university end up continuing their education to achieve a Master’s Degree. The Master’s Degree is certainly a status symbol of sorts, as it indicates you have achieved “master” status in a particular area of study. And while flashing your credentials at a party or business meeting can be rewarding, the true value of a Master’s Degree lies elsewhere.
  • 2.  According to Concordia University in Portland, one of the most appealing benefits of having a Master’s Degree in any area is the increase in salary that goes along with it. Using a Master’s in Education as an example, the article states that teachers with a Master’s Degree can earn up to 21% more than teachers without one. The grade that you teach is also a factor, but the number does speak to the value of obtaining that Master’s.
  • 3.  Over the course of a full teaching career, the extra money earned will be substantial, and will also count toward your pension amount. In a way, achieving a Master’s Degree is like an investment in your future and even your retirement.
  • 4.  The added time someone with a Master’s Degree spends in the classroom generally means they will obtain a greater level of knowledge than someone without the same level of schooling. In the teaching example, the Master’s level teacher will be able to bring a wider range of knowledge into his or her classroom.
  • 5.  The delivery of instruction, lesson planning and overall classroom management is a cut above with Master’s Degree teachers. And it stands to reason that if a teacher brings in a wider range of knowledge and teaching techniques, that the students will be the direct beneficiaries.
  • 6.  Everyone can remember that special teacher that just seemed to make the whole learning process fun and worthwhile. Not all of them had a Master’s Degree, but it is a step in the right direction if you want engaged students.
  • 7.  One thing that your Master’s Degree credentials will give you is job options. This is true in business, in science and in education. The scope of positions widens, as does the access to better and more diverse jobs within the profession. In many cases and many professions, positions in management or administrative roles require a Master’s Degree for consideration.
  • 8.  In the teaching profession, this may include positions such as district administrators, principals and department heads or supervisors. The Concordia University piece explains that a school administrator can make over 50 percent more than a teacher in the classroom.
  • 9.  Administrators often have the opportunity to actually affect the curriculum that the students will learn, instead of only teaching it. Positions as post-secondary teachers also require a Master’s Degree in many instances.
  • 10.  According to many employers are out there actively seeking candidates that have a Master’s Degree. As a result of the demand, many institutions create new Master’s programs. One relatively new concept is the idea of online Master’s Degree. In this scenario, you would complete your course of study online and receive your Master’s Degree.
  • 11.  The online Master’s in Education is one such degree you can earn from some institutions, and it carries all the same clout as if you attended classes the traditional way. Getting such a prestigious degree online may not seem quite right to some, but the programs are set up in such a way that you’ll come out of it with all the same knowledge and expertise as you would attending regular classes.
  • 12.  An online Master’s in Education and other degrees makes t possible for people who may only be able to attend on a part-time basis, to receive the degree they want. The nature of the internet opens up the playing field to so many new people from all different walks of life and so many different life situations.