First Thursday. Seattle's Art Walk


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First Thursday is an urban Art Walk, which started in 1981 as a way to promote local artists and dealers.

Since the 1960s, Seattle's artistic community resides in the havens of the original downtown core, Pioneer Square. Unknown artists put down $65 dollars a piece in order to work in one of the most prestigious artistic buildings, 619 Western.

Designed in 1910, this crumbling building is the home or office to 96 listed artists who invite everyone off the street to their grand opening on the first Thursday of every month.

619 is just one of the stops along the way, but it's one of the most questionable and often most missed by tourists. Walking up five flights of stairs and sliding through a maze of corridors to enter room upon room of unique perspectives on the question, "What is Art?" is intimidating to a lot of people. But Seattle responds with a vigorous yelp and laughter falls from the windows as droves of dreadlocks and button-down shirts ponder the meaning of a stripe running down the wall - and what it means to have direction.

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  • Pioneer Square is home to Seattle’s First Thursday.
  • Tucked away on Western Avenue is a prestigious building filled with budding Seattle artists.
  • Art starts immediately when you enter 619 Western from the near-smashed list of artists to the fully crafted metal art on the bulletin board.
  • David Peacey is a local artist who rents studio space in the building and is an active community member.
  • Supplies do not run cheap. Brushes can run between $10 - $50, depending on the size, style and hair-type.
  • But when First Thursday comes and a group of admirers arrives, it makes the effort worthwhile.
  • Nude models are praised and frequent the Art Walk sometimes looking for additional work.
  • All types of art are praised. Rows and rows of paints are ready and waiting for a while-you-wait custom silk-screened T-shirt.
  • But not all artists want guests and not all guests are interested in the art. Some people spend First Thursday staring outside the immense windows to admire the view.
  • First Thursday. Seattle's Art Walk

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