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IBM AIX System Administration - Course

  1. 1. IBM AIX – System Administration Course Details © UWINPro Inc.
  2. 2. IBM AIX At UWINPro, our expert IBM AIX trainers/consultants provide the best UNIX training.• Course Duration: 54 Hours (24+30)• Course Format: Weekends/Weekdays• Mode of Training: - Onsite/Classroom - Online © UWINPro Inc.
  3. 3. Course Highlights IBM AIX online access Hands on training Reference course related videos Training through slideshows /notes and exercises Case Study - Real time business scenario and a typical IBM AIX implementation case study AIX Quiz IBM AIX Certification material Sample of interview Questions for UNIX AIX Training Quality Feedback form How to use important IBM resources © UWINPro Inc.
  4. 4. Course Details IBM AIX – Part 1 (24 Hrs) AIX Tools & Architecture : Login to AIX machine, Introduction of AIX and Systems administrator roles, System Management Commands, Using SMIT, SMIT Special Characters and Keys, Smit.log and smit.script files, The smit Command, Web Based System Manager, The man Command, InfoExplorer, Web Based Documentation Browser, AIX Architecture, Filesystems, LVM, hdisks concepts, Labs Installation & User Group Management : AIX Software installation, Aix user and group management files, The /etc/passwd file, The /etc/security/passwd file, The /etc/group file, The /etc/security/group file, Group administrators, The /etc/security/user file, The /etc/security/limits file, The /etc/security/login.cfg file, User management tasks, Adding a new user, The /usr/lib/security/user.default file, Removing a user, Adding a group, Scheduling using crontab, Labs © UWINPro Inc.
  5. 5. Course Details Introduction to Volume Management : The AIX approach to Disk Storage, Volume Groups, Physical Volumes and Logical Volumes, Volume Group Descriptor Areas, Mirroring, Striping, Disk Placement Policies, Migrating Physical Volume data, Useful Commands, Creating, Extending and Mirroring a Logical Volume, Backup, Restore, Cloning, Paging space – creating and removing paging space, Installing application in AIX, Labs Error reporting, Networking, Printing and performance : Disk problem issue, Errpt – error reporting, Define TCP/IP Terminology, Define Routing (Static and Dynamic), TCP/IP Commands and Utilities, Configure TCP/IP for a Network Interface, Configure a Static Route, Printers and Queues, Queuing concepts in AIX, Spooling Control Directories, The QCONFIG File, Managing Print Queues, Queue Status Commands, AIX Security files, Performance commands, Labs © UWINPro Inc.
  6. 6. Course Details IBM AIX – Part 2 (30 Hrs) Object Data Manager : ODM Components and Commands, Object Classes, Descriptor Information, Objects, Searching The ODM, The ODM Database, Data Base File Names, ODM File Locations, cfgmgr And The ODM, The Predefined Database Files, Predefined Devices, Predefined Attributes, Customized Devices, Customized Attributes, System Startup And The Boot Process, The Bootlist And BLV, The Boot Logical Volume, Repairing The BLV, Using Bootlists, Boot Problems, Service Processors, Labs Disk Management : Local Volume Manager Review, AIX Disk Storage, Physical Volume And LVM, Volume Group Descriptor Areas, Physical And Logical Storage, Use Of Logical Volumes, Mirroring, Stripping, Volume Group Limits, Alternative Mirroring And Stripping With RAID, LVM Data, LVM Identifiers, VGDA, VGSA And LVCB Control Blocks, LVM and The ODM, Physical Volumes And The ODM, Volume Groups And The ODM, Logical Volumes And The ODM, LVM Problems In The ODM, The rvgrecover Script, VGDA And Quorum, Forcing a Varyon , Mirroring, Labs © UWINPro Inc.
  7. 7. Course Details Back up your system : Using mksysb, Creating a System Backup, mksysb Image Structure, Verifying a mksysb Tape, Preparing For Unattended Install, Cloning, Reducing a file System, Alternate Disk Installation, Installing a mksysb Image On Another Disk, Cloning The Running rootvg To Another Disk, Removing An Alternate Disk Installation, Backing up Non-Root Volume Groups, Using savevg, Backup From a Split Mirror, Labs Problem Solving tools : Error Log Facility, Error Log Input Components, Error Reporting From SMIT, The errpt Command, Sample Summary/Intermediate/Detailed Report Output, Interpreting LVM Error Log Entries, Error Log Maintenance, Error Notification Facility, Notification Methods, The syslogd DAEMON, Diagnostics, The diag Command, Working With diag, AIX System Dumps, Addressing the Problem, Understanding The Workload And Bottlenecks, Identifying CPU Intensive Tasks, Identifying High Priority Processes, Monitoring CPU Usage With sar, Monitoring Memory Usage With vmstat, Monitoring Disk i/o Using iostat, Labs © UWINPro Inc.
  8. 8. Course Details Advance Security Features : The Auditing Subsystem, The Configuration Files, The Object File, The Event File, The Config File, Using Bin Mode, Using Stream Mode, The Audit Command, Authentication and Access Controls, Physical Security, Path Problems, Enhancing Login Security - Login Prompt, Enhancing Login Security - Restricted Shell, Customized Authentication Methods, Two Key Authentication, Access Control Lists, ACL Keywords And Format, Labs © UWINPro Inc.
  9. 9. THANK YOU !To enroll for this course, contact us at: For more info: Visit our Channel © UWINPro Inc.