2014 Day of Caring Agency Presentation


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2014 Day of Caring overview for agencies hosting projects

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  • Skilled volunteers
  • Skilled-based volunteers use their professional skills to benefit a non-profit or cause.Ex: Marketing, accounting, grant writing, translating, computers, website etc.Other United Ways across the nation have use skilled based projects as a way to build deeper relationshipsLast year most projects were not taken but we would like to try again. -companies are accustom to clean up projects but we would like to get them to start thinking about other ways to engage their employees. -this is an awareness piece and could potentially lead to volunteers after Day of Caring.We askthat you consider possibly listing a skills-based project along with your more traditional Day of Caring clean up projects. This will give companies more variety and non-profits the opportunity to receive a wider variety of services.
  • Ask others to give examples:CR Public Library-promote reading program by performing skits in Cedar Rapids Schools which reached up to 6000 studentsBig Brothers Big Sisters had a Street Team marketing group In the marketing industry, "street teaming" is a way to get the word out. The Marketing Blitz will send teams to the streets in each quadrant of Cedar Rapids to promote Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer opportunities. Through flyer distribution and 1:1 conversations, Day of Caring volunteers will be able to help match the 114 children that are waiting for a mentor!
  • Excel document- ALL FIELDS MUST BE COMPLETED One person fill out the spreadsheetName of individual filling out the form- May be different from project leadersAgency NameAddress-location of the project (unless a private home- TBD)Project Leader (may be different for each project)Phone NumberSecondary Project Leader (if there is one)Email address of Project LeadersLength of project (morning defined as 9-12, afternoon defined as 1-5, and all day is 9-5) If the time varies confirm with company coordinator. If am or pm project there will be an option to select either. Keep in mind this flexibility will allow companies to select the best time for them. By definition if you select a specific time we will assume it can not be changed. Companies typically volunteering half days will want to volunteer in the afternoon so employees can head home. It may vary on the Friday Date of project- You are able to select a date for each project or leave it open for the company to decide. You may choose to do all your projects on one day and not participate the second day. This is fine. Two days gives agencies and companies flexibility and hopefully an opportunity to engage more volunteers to help with more projectsMinimum/maximum number of volunteers-We typically take the maximum. The minimum is the number needed for the project to take placeProject description-be thorough about project details, yet brief. This is not the time to go about how it impacts your agency. What do they need to know to sign upFood and supplies provided by agency (lunch, water, bug spray, gloves)Tools provided by agencySupplies and equipment volunteers need to bringSpecial skills volunteers will needAdditional comments about project
  • Create consistencyIdentify project specifics in the title to simplify searches for companiesBrief description of projectIndoor/outdoorFull/half dayDate of project
  • New this year - Agency leader guide
  • 2014 Day of Caring Agency Presentation

    1. 1. Day of Caring 2014 Thursday, May 8 & Friday, May 9, 2014
    2. 2. Day of Caring • Day of Caring is an event that supports United Way’s mission to bring people together to improve lives and strengthen communities through volunteering • A day when local businesses partner with nonprofit agencies to make a difference by completing volunteer projects • A way for more volunteers to advance work in Education, Financial Stability and Health
    3. 3. Benefits of Day of Caring • Complete projects (wish list) • Opportunity to market the services your organization provides • Develop and build relationships with local companies and their employees • Create a positive volunteer experience • Captive audience to recruit on going volunteers
    4. 4. Partnership Responsibilities • United Way – Recruit companies and volunteers – Planning, administration and evaluation of DOC – Training agencies, company coordinators and volunteers – Provide best practices and other resources
    5. 5. Partnership Responsibilities • Agencies – – – – – – – – – Register on Volunteer Now site Accurately represent and describe projects Provide tools, materials necessary to complete project Provide snacks/lunch when possible Meet with company coordinator prior to DOC Obtain liability and photo releases for volunteers Report volunteer hours and outcomes Provide proof of insurance Provide safe environment
    6. 6. Partnership Responsibilities • Company Coordinators and volunteers – Designate project leads – Register volunteers through Volunteer Now site – Meet with agency representative prior to event – Consistent communication to volunteers
    7. 7. Project Needs and Assessment • Brainstorm with entire staff. What is on your Wish List? • Think outside the box • Staff capacity to lead projects • Review project ideas in the agency leader manual • Skilled volunteer needs
    8. 8. Examples of Day of Caring Projects • Build a deck, playground, park bench or ramp • Organize toys, food pantry or books • Landscaping, yard clean-up, prepare and plant community gardens • Prepare emergency medical kits, literacy kits or personal hygiene kits • Assist elderly clients with grocery shopping, play games or read to kids • Design a brochure, develop a marketing plan or set up IT
    9. 9. Project Details • Determine type of project – One Basic Category/Project-unskilled – Variety of small unrelated projects- if you have several projects that only need 2-4 volunteers for each project you can tie them together as one project to attract a larger group. – Special Skills Projects-special skills needed • Number of volunteers needed • Time it takes to complete project • Additional tools needed by volunteers
    10. 10. Submit Projects • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Name of individual filling out the spreadsheet Agency Name Address Project Leader (may be different for each project) Phone Number Secondary Project Leader Email address of Project Leaders Length of project (morning/afternoon, all day) May 8 or 9 Minimum/maximum number of volunteers Project description Food and supplies provided by agency (lunch, water, bug spray, gloves) Tools provided by agency Supplies and equipment volunteers need to bring Special skills volunteers will need Additional comments about project
    11. 11. Submit Projects
    12. 12. Next Steps • UWECI will enter all the projects into Volunteer Now. • Not registered? UWECI will register your agency with basic information. • Receive a password and login information. • Each agency is responsible for checking the project information for accuracy. • Changes should be made by March 25
    13. 13. UWECI.org/Volunteer Now
    14. 14. UWECI.org/Volunteer Now Benefits of UWECI/Volunteer Now: • Promotes your agency and creates awareness of the programs and services provided. • Most of the major volunteer websites throughout the state work on a shared database platform. This connects you to websites and opportunities across the state. • Volunteer Opportunities: List ongoing opportunities for your agency • Board Connections: a great resource to list board and committee positions need to be filled in your organization. • Calendar: a way to display one time volunteer opportunities for your events. • Product Connections: a place to list the needs of your organization.
    15. 15. UWECI will enter all the projects into Volunteer Now Painting Project, Indoor, Full Day • Agency: Area Substance Abuse Council - IA - Cedar Rapids • Project Name: Painting Project: Indoor, Full Day • Primary Address: 3601 16th Avenue SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 • Description: Help us paint our adult residential bedrooms! All you need to participate is basic painting skills. We will provide all painting supplies, snacks, lunch, and water. If volunteers could bring extra painting stools or ladders, that would be very helpful. • Participants Still Needed: 8 • Date / Time: May 10, 2012 - 09:00 am to 05:00 pm Drywall Repair: Indoor, Morning, Construction • Agency: Boy Scouts Of America, Hawkeye Area Council • Project Name: Drywall Repair: Indoor, Morning, Construction • Primary Address: 660 32nd Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 • Description: Replace a 3' X 8' section of drywall and insulation in our volunteer service area. We'll provide lunch, water, and cleaning supplies. We'd like volunteers with experience hanging and finishing drywall on metal framing. Volunteers will need to provide one sheet of drywall, insulation, drywall tape, joint compound, drywall finishing tools, and gloves for handling insulation. • Participants Still Needed: 2 • Date/Time: May 10, 2012 - 09:00 am to 12:00 pm
    16. 16. Check project accuracy Visit: http://volunteer.truist.com/united-way-of-east-central-iowa/user/login/ Click on “Agencies” so that it is highlighted blue Enter Agency Name Enter Password Go!
    17. 17. Check project accuracy • Click on Events tab • Click Details
    18. 18. Check project accuracy • To preview what the project looks like online to volunteers click on the link next to Project Name • To edit, scroll down. Click on Edit Project:
    19. 19. Next Steps • UWECI sends companies a sneak peak of projects • Company Coordinator’s sign up all the volunteers for projects through online system • Agency lead of each project should receive email with company information • Agencies may also check online
    20. 20. • Click on Participants to see information for volunteers that signed up for projects • View company coordinators contact information
    21. 21. Contact Volunteers • You may have multiple companies signing up for your projects • Assign agency staff leads if you have more than one project or are at different locations • Email or call Company Coordinators/Project Leads as soon as possible • Thank them for selecting your project • Set up a host site visit to go over checklist
    22. 22. Review Day of Caring Checklist
    23. 23. Preparing for the Day of Caring • • • • Have a contingency plan (rain, finish early) Obtain materials and prepare work space Have appropriate number of tools available Make arrangements for snacks, water and lunch (if possible) • Prioritize projects • Meet with staff leads
    24. 24. Preparing for the Day of Caring • • • • • • Print instructions of how to complete tasks Review Risk Assessment Checklist Review your contingency plan again Print liability waivers and sign in sheets Prepare orientation Continuous communication with company coordinator
    25. 25. Elements of a Successfully Structured Volunteer Projects • Volunteers sign-in and out (calculate hours) • Complete liability waivers and media releases • Provide brief agency orientation – Mission and overview of organization – Service provided – Impact of the volunteer project on your organization – How it ties back to United Way goals in Education, Financial Stability and Health
    26. 26. Elements of a Successfully Structured Volunteer Projects • Complete the project – Provide clear instruction – Have materials/tools ready – Complete most important projects first – Do not assign yourself tasks. Be available to troubleshoot issues – Be available, do not leave the project unsupervised
    27. 27. Elements of a Successfully Structured Volunteer Projects • Schedule clean-up time and assign volunteers to help • Reflection time – – – – Thank the volunteers Talk about the impact of the projects completed Ask for feedback and how they felt about the project Remind them of other volunteer opportunities with your organization – Collect contact information from interested volunteers
    28. 28. Liability Insurance • Liability Insurance- contact insurance provider ask for “Certificate of Insurance” or “Addendum” to your policy for the DOC. • All agencies are required to fax copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance to 319 398-5381 Attn: Sue Driscoll or email to sdriscoll@uweci.org.
    29. 29. Volunteer Comments • Give information on how to continue volunteering after the Day of Caring. • Make a time schedule to make sure there are enough tasks. • Maybe have some backup activities ready in order to fully utilize the volunteer's time. • Agencies need to be better prepared with tasks • Better description of tasks. • Alternate plan for jobs during inclement weather • It would be nice to know in advance some items that the agency needed for the project • I would like to see the measureable impact we made • Have larger projects for bigger teams • Our group was given little information on how to handle our task • I would like to hear an explanation of the services the agency provides to the community
    30. 30. Success Stories
    31. 31. Dates to Remember • • • • • • • Agency submit project form 3/10 Agency final project review 3/14-3/21 Company registration opens up 4/1-4/4 Companies register by end of April Site visits by 5/1 Day of Caring 5/8 & 5/9 Submit hours and waivers by 5/12
    32. 32. Questions or Comments • Sue Driscoll, 398-5372 ext 22, sdriscoll@uweci.org • Tara Paulsen, 398-5372 ext 45, tara.paulsen@uweci.org