GDG Dublin Project Glass Revisited 2013: Enterprise Developer Opportunities for Google Glass


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Ultan O'Broin revisits his GDG Dublin July 2012 Google I/O Extended presentation on Google Glass. Now a Glass Explorer, Ultan gives an quick fire update on Google Glass development community engagement, opportunities for business, and makes a call to action. Includes use cases and references to read yourselves too.

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GDG Dublin Project Glass Revisited 2013: Enterprise Developer Opportunities for Google Glass

  1. 1. Google Developer Group Dublin Project Glass Revisited 2013: Enterprise and Other Opportunities for Google Glass Developers An update to the 31 July 2012 presentation by Ultan O’Broin at GDG Dublin Ireland Google I/0 Extended Meetup (available on slideshare at ) • Wearables • Uptake in the Community • Enterprise Opportunities • Issues • Call to Action Ultan O’Broin (@ultan) Email: Disclosure: Ultan O’Broin is a Director in the Oracle Applications User Experience team in the United States with responsibility for development relations and ISV outreach. Opinions and views expressed in this presentation are not necessarily those of Oracle.
  2. 2. Update • Glass Explorers program launched 2012 • GMAIL-style “invitation” expansion, Oct and November 2013 • I obtained Google Glass in November 2013 • Exploring and identifying enterprise(!) uses cases in U.S. and EMEA
  3. 3. Glass now a “Wearable” • • • • • • • Smart watches (Pebble, Samsung Gear, WIIM One. etc) Fitness bands (Jawbone UP, FitBit, Nike FuelBand) “Quantifiable Self” Kickstarter Sensors Open Computer Vision Dominated by fitness, healthcare • Other wearables emerging (Sony patent on wigs!)
  4. 4. Uptake in the Dev Community • Meetups and hackathons in U.S. • European interest ( • Explorer “Glassholes” • Google Development Guidelines • SDK Now Available (Nov 2013) • recipes • Appearance of Usability Guidelines and Heuristics
  5. 5. Enterprise Use Cases Emerge.. • Healthcare sensors, medical inspection, diagnosis, operations • APIs, services startups: data and integrations • In-Field Service: Travel and onsite real-time knowledge • In-house service (inspection & knowledge bases) • Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Order management • Mobile. CRM Sales objects (social media, places, people, things) • Anything social, hands-free, collaborative, simple • Info cards, analytics on sales, finance, HR, social objects
  6. 6. Issues • Cost (1,700 USD inc tax) • Features: no prescription lenses, lack of options, sound clutter • No killer app • WiFi &Bluetooth anchor • Android App, no IOS • Naff Geeky Styling • Social issues: Fear, Jealousy, Privacy concerns and abuse • In many ways use cases in the enterprise make more sense than on the street.
  7. 7. Conclusion / Call to Action • • • • • Exciting enterprise opportunities Program likely to reach EMEA and wider (U.S. residents only now) Costly for individual explorers, but will fall on production Great business, data and services innovation possible Google and Read • WSJ: “Wearable Gadgets Transform How Companies Do Business” • Palo Alto Online: “Tinkering with Google Glass to expand wearable tech” • > “Dress Code 2.0: Wearables” ( • > “Localizing Wearables: If Google Glass Had Italian Stylists” (Ultan O’Broin) • > “Augmented Reality and Google Glass (Marta Rauch) • Love to see Ireland-based meetup group exploring device and integrations for enterprise and other use • Contact me: or via @ultan