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Vision And Five Regions
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Vision And Five Regions



What Does It Look Like?

What Does It Look Like?

Why Is It Important?

Presented by Joel A. Barker, futurist, author, filmmaker



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    Vision And Five Regions Vision And Five Regions Presentation Transcript

    • The Next 10 Years A Choice of Visions What Does It Look Like? Why Is It Important? Presented by Joel A. Barker, futurist, author, filmmaker
    • Vision is…
      • Dreams in action!
    • Vision’s Importance
      • Clarifies purpose
      • Gives direction
      • Empowers beyond assets
    • Five Scholars
      • Fred Polak--Dutch
      • Benjamin Singer--Canadian
      • Viktor Frankl--Austrian
      • Martin Seligman--American
      • James Collins--Californian
    • Fred Polak
      • The Image of the Future
      • WWII triggered his scholarship
      • Why did the Nazis do so well?
    • Polak
      • Decided it was their image of their future
      • Theory: vision precedes great performance
    • Polak
      • Studied Western civilization to see if it were true
      • Found many examples
      • Discovered vision is about pulling, not pushing
    • Polak’s Grid Pessimism Optimism Essence Influence Characteristics
    • Polak’s Grid Pessimism Most Powerful Optimism Essence Influence Characteristics
    • Polak’s Grid Least Powerful Pessimism Optimism Essence Influence Characteristics
    • Polak’s Conclusions
      • Visionary nations outperform their assets
      • “Perhaps a civilization’s mightiest lever is its own image of its future.”
    • Vision for USA
      • Can you name 10 goals that the United States wants to achieve by 2025?
    • Viktor Frankl
      • Man’s Search for Meaning
      • Austrian Jew
      • Psychiatrist
      • Spent WWII in concentration camps
    • Frankl
      • Observed it was impossible to predict who would survive by standard measures:
        • youth
        • strength
        • health
        • brains
    • Frankl
      • None of those assets turned out to be useful measures over the long term.
      • Most useful measure: There was something important yet undone waiting in their future.
    • Frankl
      • All of those who made it through had something significant yet to do.
      • They outperformed their assets
    • Benjamin Singer
      • Canadian educational psychologist
      • “The Future Focused Role Image.”
      • Vision’s influence on children
    • Singer
      • Looked at school performance
        • grades
        • leadership
        • teacher recommendations
    • Singer
      • Interviewed two ends of spectrum
      • Asked students to describe their future
      • Found startling correlation
    • Singer
      • Top students had strong/long visions
      • Bottom students had no vision
    • Specifics of successful students
      • Long time horizons
      • Multiple alternatives
      • A belief that their own behavior made a big difference in how their future turned out
    • Specifics of nonsuccessful
      • Very short time horizons
      • No idea of what they were going to be
      • Believed their lives were in the hands of fate
    • Singer
      • Could not find these two extremes by measuring:
        • IQ
        • family structure
        • economic structure
        • race
        • gender
        • culture
    • Singer conclusion
      • Children with vision outperformed their assets
      • Successful students had one thing in common: a profound belief in their future and their ability in their own efforts to shape it!
    • James Collins
      • Built to last with Jerry Porras
        • Study of corporations with and without vision
      • Good to Great
        • A study of mediocre corporation that became great corporations
    • The Research
      • Studied Parallel companies
        • same industry
        • same resources
        • same starting point
        • One was visionary, one was not
    • The difference
      • Extraordinary
      • Investing $1.00 in 1926 in 3 categories
        • general stock market
        • nonvisionary company
        • visionary company
    • Results of investment in 1990
      • General Market--$415
      • Nonvisionary company--$955
    • The Payoff
      • Visionary Company--$6356
        • 15X the market
        • 6X its competitor
      • Definitely outperformed their assets
    • Collins Conclusion
      • Enormous advantage to have institutional vision!
      • Accessible to all
    • Key Influencers of Vision
      • Family & friends
      • Leaders
      • the media
    • Collective Observations
      • Vision works at all levels of human endeavor
      • Vision helps people and collectives outperform their assets
      • Positive vision ennobles the human spirit
    • Which is most influential?
      • Family & Friends, Leaders, Media:
        • in Europe?
        • in Asia?
        • in South America?
        • in North America?
    • Media’s influence
      • What kind of messages do the media usually convey to us?
    • Negative Examples
      • Religious wars
      • Terrorism
      • Loss of medical care
      • Energy costs
      • Loss of biodiversity
      • Failing infrastructure
      • Global competition
      • Bankruptcy
      • Loss of jobs to China
      • Global climate change
      • Devaluation of the dollar
    • The Negative Vision Question
      • If the future is only going to get worse, then what is the best day of your life?
    • Mass Media influence
      • Profoundly negative
      • “Front page” negative
      • Inaccurate description of the real world:
        • What’s the likelihood of you being killed by terrorists in the next five years compared to death in an auto accident?
    • The Impact of Negative Information
      • Destroys the power of positive vision
      • Shapes our “vision” filters to only see the bad
    • Five Regions of the Future A New Way to Look at the Evolution of Tomorrow’s Technology
    • Introduction
      • We have more solutions than problems
      • New way of looking at technology
      • TechnEcologies
      • Choice between technologies
    • Geography of Technology
      • Super Tech
      • Limits Tech
      • Local Tech
      • Nature Tech
      • Human Tech
    • Five Regions
    • Characterizing a Technology
      • Attitude toward material wealth?
      • View of science and technology?
      • View its relationship with nature?
      • View of work and leisure?
    • Super Tech
    • Super Tech
      • Superabundance is just around the corner.
      • Science and technology, given enough time and money, can solve all problems.
      • It is time for human beings to move beyond mother nature with our own devices.
      • Given the choice, human beings will always choose leisure over work.
    • Fusion Power
    • Fission
    • Oil and Natural Gas
    • Methane Gas Hydrate
    • Orbital solar
    • Sony Robot
    • Robotic Arm
    • Hypersonic Planes
    • Private Orbiters
    • Very Fast Boats
    • Deep Sea Hawk
    • Eye Implant
    • Weather Control
    • Fish Farming
    • L5 Space Colonies
    • Terraforming Mars                                                                          
    • Three Shades of Green A Different Way To Look at Sustainability
    • Limits Tech
    • Limits Tech
      • We must learn to live within the limits of our planet
      • Science and technology, as they have been used in the past century, are Faustian contracts, bringing short term advantages but long term disaster.
      • Mother nature knows best.
      • Human beings are going to have to work very hard if they want to survive.
    • The Good News
      • "EEStor -- A Texas company
      • technology is a tenth the weight and volume of lead-acid batteries, and significantly smaller than the most advanced chemical batteries today.
      • 300 miles before recharge
    • Negawatts
    • LEDs
    • Aerogel
    • Bendable concrete
    • PreFab Home
    • Metal foam stuff
    • Hybrids
    • Baby Benz
    • Air Powered Car
    • Fuel Cell Motorcycle
    • 250 mph train
    • 12,000 mpg
    • LmT Spin Launcher Spin Me Up, Scotty                                                                           Tony Randazzo for AA Reps
    • Telecommute
    • Limits Book
    • $100 computer
    • Programmable Clothing
    • Recycling
    • Rubber Sidewalks
    • Plastic bridge
    • Terra Preta Amazonian “Slash and Char”
    • Local Tech
    • Local Tech
      • There is a sufficient amount of resources in the world for everybody.
      • Science and technology are OK as long as they are properly scaled.
      • Humans are the shepherds of nature.
      • Humans needs to work to become fully human.
    • Wind Power
    • Sea Snakes
    • Bobbing Buoy Generators
    • Solar
    • Decentralized Power Solar Power Tower
    • Geothermal
    • Underground Homes
    • Straw Bale Homes
    • Solar Light Bulb
    • Local Tech Refrigerator
    • Fog Nets
    • Bicycles
    • TWIKE
    • Segways
    • Smooth Rollers
    • Airships
    •                                                                                                                                                                               Copyright © Worldwide Aeros Corp. All Rights Reserved. 1734 Gage Road, Montebello, CA 90640-6504 Phone 818-344-3999, Fax 323-201-8383
    • ST Flying Hotel                                                                           Peter Bollinger                                                                           John MacNeill
    • High Atmosphere Dirigible An artist's concept of a Lockheed Martin                                    
    • Nature Tech
    • Nature Tech
      • All human needs can be filled using Nature’s systems.
      • Mother Nature has already solved all of our problems. Science’s job is to find her answers and create compatible technologies using those solutions.
      • Our relationship with nature is that of a co-equal partner.
      • Our work is to learn to live well with Nature.
    • Ethanol
    • Hydrogen producing bacteria
    • Bio Battery
    • Bacterial Electricity
    • Exothermic plants
    • Bioluminescence
    • Vertigro
    • Colored Cotton
    • Spider Silk
    • Kenaf
    • Natural Plastics
    • Nature’s Designs
    • Medicines
    • Maggots
    • Biofilms
    • Gecko Feet Glue
    • Butterfly LEDs
    • Tree Talk
    • Computing
    • NT Tree House Spin Me Up, Scotty                                                                           Tony Randazzo for AA Reps                                                                           Graham Murdoch
    • Call to action
    • Human Tech
    • Human Tech
      • The real needs of humans are not material needs.
      • Science is only now learning how to measure human technology.
      • God or Mother Nature or evolution, depending on your point of view, has endowed us with extraordinary capabilities.
      • Our true work is to know ourselves.
    • Bilateral Symmetry
    • Pheromones
    • Chronobiology
    • Stem Cells
    • Genome
    • Healing with your head
    • Health
    • Placebos
    • Teamwork
    • Intelligence
    • Manufacturing
    • Wisdom of Crowds
      • James Surowiecki
        • large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant—better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future.
    • Blink
      • Malcolm Gladwell
        • rapid cognition, about the kind of thinking that happens in a blink of an eye
        • Power of thin slicing
        • Knowing what to look for
    • Universal Technologies
    • Super conducting wire
    • UT Nanotube Fabric
    • Aluminum Glass Armor
    • UT Computer
    • Cell phones
    • E Book
    • 3-D Lithography
    • TDP/Thermal Conversion
    • Bio Technology
    • Dreams, Hope, and Vision by Debbe Kennedy
      • Dreams give us hope. Hope ignites Passion. Passion leads us to enVision success. Visions of success open our minds to recognize possibilities
      • Far-reaching Possibilities help us enlist Support from others.
      • Support from others keeps us focused and committed.
      • Focus and commitment foster action.
      • Action leads to Progress. Progress leads to Achievement. Achievement inspires Dreams. Dreams give us hope.