HPEO 403 Unit 1


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HPEO 403 Unit 1: Bending the mind from technical responses to a success model.

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HPEO 403 Unit 1

  1. 1. HPEO403 Risk Management: Perception & Communication UNIT 1 Bending the mind from technical responses to a success model
  2. 2. Risk Communication A Successful Model for RISK MANAGEMENT includes a successful Risk Communication plan Risk Communication is all about getting the correct messages through to your various audiences
  3. 3. Three Times of Risk Management Proactive or Pre-Event Reactive or Post-Event CRISIS
  4. 4. Risk Communication Many Blocks May Occur Blocks may consist of various types All will prevent your message from being heard
  5. 5. Risk Communication Many Blocks May Occur Distractions Special Interest Groups Locations Timing, and NOT the least of which is Anger or Frustration, known as OUTRAGE
  6. 6. Risk Communication ``OUTRAGE`` Angry People Do NOT Listen Well!!! You MUST reduce the Outrage in order to get people to Listen!
  7. 7. Risk Communication A Key to Success is the reduction of Outrage! Before that can happen, you must have empathy with the audience! Walk a mile in their shoes! Understand where their anger is stemming from.
  8. 8. Risk Communication When you review the Sandman materials, you will be introduced to the 12 main common causes of Outrage You will also be introduced to the methods for reducing or increasing Outrage
  9. 9. Risk Communication Why reduce Outrage To get people to a position so that they may begin to `hear` your technical responses. Why increase Outrage To get peoples anger increased to move them from apathy to awareness.
  10. 10. Unit # 1 Assignments Assignment # 1.1 Using the guidelines provided, develop and post a Bio on yourself This is used as an introduction of yourself to the Instructor, as well as to your fellow students This is also where you can test your connections for posting before it becomes an issue
  11. 11. Unit # 1 Assignments Assignment # 1.2 This assignment is about Communication using two scenarios You will explore what barriers are present You will demonstrate how to communicate effectively You will answer questions on a variety of communication aspects Assignment # 2 This is the beginning of a 4 part assignment to develop a Risk Management Plan (RMP) RMP Part “A” is “Setting The Stage”, which is about determining what the issue is and some key pieces of information required to be successful
  12. 12. Keys to Your Success Please read all materials on the Website regarding Participation, Assignments, and any Instructor Postings Participate in on line discussions Note all Deadlines!
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? Post all questions in; Questions for Instructor Unit Forums Assignment Forums