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Led money

  1. 1. LED MoneyHow to Monetize Using Technology
  2. 2. Live Mobile Advertising – Next Big Thing
  3. 3. LED MoneyPlace LED display (24“ x 18“, 36” x 24” or suitable sizes ) in the rear window ofcar(Cab) or on the top of the car(Cab)Camera mounted on LED PanelLive Video advertisements, Paid ContentWeight of the panel: 20-25 KgsPrice: Rs 25,000 max(can go down significantly if bought in bulk)Wi-fi or 3G Connectivity: Rs. 1000/month(max per month)Web Services: One time setup cost per advertiserTechnology: IBM Software and Cloud Storage
  4. 4. Concept• Unique Concept• Mobile Advertisement solution for next generation of marketing• Vehicle mounted LED Display• Cloud Based Solution• Pay as you go model• Can reach more targeted audience• No option to turn advertisement off• Vehicle owners can make money• Advertiser will get direct feedback using cameras mounted on led panels
  5. 5. Hardware• Excellent Alternative to Advertisement Monitors• Easy to Install Mounting• Industrial Grade LED Screen• Sunlight Readable• High Contrast• Thick Anti-Glare Glass (Scratch Resistant)• Built-In Stereo Speakers• LightSensor Technology (Auto Dimming Backlight)• "Button-less" Design• VGA Input• Wide Operating Temperature of -20 to 70 Celcius• Native 800 x 600 (1.15+ Million Dots) or higher resolutions• 140 Degree Viewing Angle• Compatible with Windows OS and Linux• Camera Sensor• Wifi or 3G connectivity
  6. 6. Software• SOA & Web Services• WebSphere• PHP & MySQL• XML, JSON• Open Source Video/Audio Format• Live Streaming• Company(Advertiser) Module• Admin Module
  7. 7. Payment Model-I• Payment will be based on no. of km vehicle travels per day and density of area(s) travelled.• GPS tracking of vehicle• Companies will pay for advertisement• Location based real time system• Much less advertising cost compared to Hoardings/TV/Print Media
  8. 8. Payment Model-II*• For Advertisers : Rs. 5000 per car per month• For vehicle owner: Rs. 3 per km.• Minimum travelling : 20 Km• Maximum payment per day: Rs. 120(@40 Km/Day)• Profit : Rs. 1200 per vehicle• Expense: Rs. 200 per vehicle (Hardware/Software, insurance, other expense) (*The above mentioned calculation is sample calculation, actual payment model can vary depending on current price of hardware and software and initial setup.)
  9. 9. Conclusion• Unique Concept• Can target audience directly in crowded areas of the cities. (Lakes, Temples, Multiplexes, Malls, Schools, Colleges, Train Stations, Bus Depot, Tourist Attractions)• Taxi Cab services are getting organized in India• Alternate revenue stream for individual with four wheeler or taxi cab services or individual taxi owners• Sustainable growth model• Can relay important news, weathers, discounts available in near by places, local business directory• Can be useful in disaster management