Begin With Linux Basics
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Begin With Linux Basics






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  • In the paging memory-management scheme, the operating system retrieves data from secondary storage in same-size blocks called pages. The VFS provides a switching layer between the SCI and the file systems supported by the kernel
  • The term macro processor means functionality where text and symbols are expanded to create larger expressions. A Unix shell is both a command interpreter and a programming language. While executing commands is essential, most of the power (and complexity) of shells is due to their embedded programming languages. Like any high-level language, the shell provides variables, flow control constructs, quoting, and functions.

Begin With Linux Basics Begin With Linux Basics Presentation Transcript

  • Linux User Group @ SJSU Linux 101 Workshop
  • Agenda
    • Part 1 – New Born Tux (11AM to 11:30AM)
    • History of Linux
    • Introduction to GNU/ Linux
    • Kernel, Shell, File system – Things you should know!
    • GUI Tour – Software for Everyday use
    • Part 2 – Learning Tux (11:30AM to 1:30AM)
    • Linux Commands – Basic to Advanced
    • FAQs – FUN!!!!!
    • Hands on
    Linux User Group at San Jose State University
  • Linux User Group at San Jose State University History of Linux
    • Unix (very expensive)  Minix (for students)
    • Enter Linus Torvalds – Linux Kernel
    • With GNU’s Richard Stallman – Bash Shell
    • Linux Kernel + Shell = GNU/Linux
    • “ Linux is obsolete” - Andrew Tanenbaum, 1992
      • Monolithic kernel
      • Multithreading file system is useless
      • Cost to rebuild: $1.4 Billion = 6 million lines of code
      • In 87% of Servers and supercomputers
      • The Open Source Initiative
  • Linux User Group at San Jose State University Introduction to GNU/Linux
    • Monolithic Kernel
    • bash , sh, ksh, csh - CLI
    • X Windows + Gnome, KDE
    • ext4 File System
    • Everything is a file
    • Multi-user – Built to last
  • Linux User Group at San Jose State University
    • Monolithic Kernel – Resource Manager for process, memory or hardware.
    • Process – Threads, POSIX
    • Memory – page size, swapping
    • Virtual file system
    • Every major protocols supported in Linux – SCTP, TCP, VPN, IP Tunnel etc
    • Anatomy of Linux Kernel:
    The Linux Kernel
  • Linux User Group at San Jose State University The Bourne-again shell
    • There are 10 types of people in this world, who understand binary and those who don’t.
    • Macro processor for commands– The main port of entry
    • Default on Linux and Mac OS X
    • Interactive and Shell scripting
    • Shell script == .bat files (but way more powerful and easier!)
    • It’s interpreted - shell reads each line and acts on it immediately
    • Automate task, create own command, play with your box!
  • Linux Journaling File system
  • The Bottom line
    • Cheap
    • Huge community
    • Open source
    • Presence of mind
    • Jobs
    • Better understanding
  • Linux User Group at San Jose State University By Utkarsh Sengar