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Presentación Encuentro 2010 - Sensemaker Programa DTR
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Presentación Encuentro 2010 - Sensemaker Programa DTR


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Presentación del Encuentro Latinoamericano 2010: TERRITORIOS RURALES EN MOVIMIENTO. Bogotá,Colombia.

Presentación del Encuentro Latinoamericano 2010: TERRITORIOS RURALES EN MOVIMIENTO. Bogotá,Colombia.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Sensemaker®: Casando historias con estadísticas Una introducción sobre el método Irene Guijt coordinadora SyE del Programa DTR
  • 2. Opciones para procurar y expresar información  Estadísticas • Fragmentos sin contexto • Niegan los extremos • Muy difícil llegar a una explicación • Bien para lo que es conocido  Historias • Pocos voces, muy detallado, seleccionado con intento (diluido) • Interferencia por el intermediario • Representatividad como supuesto; validad cuestionado • Cuando hay muchas, demasiado riqueza
  • 3. Historias, después Estadística con Sensemaker® Cuando el camino no esta bien definido …  Información actualizada  Múltiplas perspectivas  Fragmentas – muchas!  Patrones, después historias  Señales débiles
  • 4. El Proceso 1. Pregunta o imagen que desencadeno recordar una experiencia vivida • Cuéntenos alguna experiencia o momento específico que lo hayan hecho sentir esperanzado o preocupado respecto de cómo el programa está contribuyendo al crecimiento económico, justicia social y sustentabilidad ambiental en el desarrollo rural. 2. Describe un historia en algunas frases
  • 5. Preguntas para el self-índice 3. El contador/a pone índice a su historia para dar sentido a. Triads b. Polaridades c. Opción Múltiple d. ‘Sobre usted’
  • 6. Children of the World - Pakistan SenseMaker™ Patent Pending
  • 7. Análisis y Acción 4. Software ayuda a detectar patrones en las historias 5. Análisis en dialogo relatado a los patrones 6. Estimular padrones benefíciales; reducir padrones no-deseables
  • 8. Medir impacto en tiempo real (Dave Snowden) Staff patronise Staff are too child children like & pathetic The museum stinks I was embarrassed to be there Too much to see and its overwhelming We never got to do anything Not enough to keep me interested Why can’t I have a go? were in the insect house I wanted When We were treated like use the models. Mr Smith kept telling to morons us about them but didn’t let us touch them until the end and there wasn’t any Rushed from place Too much time in to place missed one place things time. He can play with them anytime and I missed my chance because of him, its not fair. SenseMaker™ Patent Pending
  • 9. SenseMaker® - dados quant y qual Summary Statistics for graph: In this story SenseMaker™ Patent Pending people feel they are -- Teacher student relationship X Happiness Number of items: 136 ~~~~~ X axis (Teacher student relationship) Mean: 68.6667 Median: 79.5 Teacher X who teaches 25th percentile: 36.25 My school is not me science is very boring. 75th percentile: 97.75 realli very cool but None of the pupils in the Standard deviation: 31.9616 the teachers are class are listening to him. cool! I really enjoy Student Y is disrespectful Skewness: -0.6409 (skewed to the left) those lessons my Skewness standard error (SSE, sqrt(6/n)): and always annoy him. teachers give me This makes the teacher 0.4082 as it is very ... feel ... Skewness Z score (skewness / SSE): -1.5699 Skewness indicates normal distribution (abs Z score < 2): yes Kurtosis: -1.1866 (platykurtic or heavier in the tails) Standard error for kurtosis (KSE, sqrt(24/n)): 0.8165 Kurtosis Z score (Kurtosis / KSE): -1.4533 Kurtosis indicates normal distribution (abs Z score < 2): yes ~~~~~ Y axis (Happiness) Once a teacher had created this A told mi one day he like to enter my really fun and educational school i told him my teachers are They said that teacher N is Mean: 65.8056 Median: 79.0 game that had gotten the whole almost all the same they nag and scold boring and the way he talks is 25th percentile: 24.0 class into the game. I could see i had one time the teacher blame use not interesting...he looks as if 75th percentile: 99.0 that the whole class enjoyed the for not bringing our files but it was he was some kind of sleeping Standard deviation: 33.0427 lesson very much. I could also accaully because the teacher had not pill which would make people see that the tacher had worked given back our file and the time we who are not even tired fall Skewness: -0.4929 (skewed to the left) hard to make ... were scolded ... asleep, therefore they could not Skewness standard error (SSE, sqrt(6/n)): 0.4082 settle down in class ... Skewness Z score (skewness / SSE): -1.2074 Skewness indicates normal distribution (abs Z score < 2): yes © Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • 10. Micro-narrativas Q. Your online friend messages you to tell you he wished he could join your school because his school is boring. What experience would you share with him to convince him that your school is EITHER just as boring OR in fact very cool? Whose "increased selfishness"?? Litigators?? That will hinder many volunteers, regardless of time, “My teachers always encourages my classmates and I to attitudes, and generations. Who can seriously afford to be sued for any perceived wrong doing while oraganise a class activity like barbequeing and having do gooding?? Like everything in our highly dynamic society today, volunteering attitudes and experiences are shifting. Some more positive, some negative, and many traditional volunteer beliefs chalet or picnic. They said that this helps us for our future and services need to mirror these changes to move with the times to survive the times. to prepare us when we grow up and our boss asks us to organise and event.” We organise fun BBQs SenseMaker™ Patent Pending © Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • 11. SenseMaker™ Patent Pending
  • 12. SenseMaker™ Patent Pending
  • 13. Aplicación por Rimisp  El programa DTR esta haciendo una diferencia o no? En cual medida y ámbito?  Cuales son los padrones y señales positivos y negativos?  2010 un primero aplicación, analizamos en junio y noviembre
  • 14. Para los websites… Español Ingles