Automotive logistics russia 2011(Ust-Luga)


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Automotive logistics russia 2011(Ust-Luga)

  1. 1. Ust-Luga Sea PortAutomotive Logistics
  2. 2. Overview and structure of Ust-Luga• Largest infrastructure project in Russia for the upcoming years:• Ust-Luga merchant seaport• Complex development of the adjacent territory (CDT) – six interrelated clusters• Ust-Luga is the first project implemented under PPP
  3. 3. Ust-luga Seaport Location Benefits :  Sea Port Ust-Luga is the nearest to Europe Russian port  Sea Port Ust-Luga is located at the crossing of two corridors: The «North- South» (Baltic sea, Black sea, and Caspian sea) and the «East-West» (Europe -Asia)  Convenient Railway and Highway access bypassing congested St-Petersburg transport communication
  4. 4. Focus on Ro-Ro cargoSouthern Port Area: Auto – Railway Ferry MPT YUG-2 Terminal
  5. 5. Auto – Railway Ferry Terminal Key benefits:  2 berths (railway and ro-ro); highly equipped and specialized terminal;  railway and road access bypassing congested Saint- Petersburg transport communication;  convenient highway access to central Russia region; excise customs clearance;Ro-Ro cargo turnover in 2010 remained the same as in depths up to 10 meters.2009 – about 2,5 thousand of cargo units
  6. 6. Multipurpose Terminal YUG - 2Key benefits:6 berths (Ro-Ro; Con-Ro vessels );depths 10.3 – 12.8 meters;convenient highway access to central Russiaregion;railway and road access bypassing congestedSaint-Petersburg transport communication; high&heavy cargo, containers;excise customs clearance;
  7. 7. Multipurpose Terminal YUG - 2 possibilities for Ocean PCTC vessel calls; railway ramp for Ro-Ro cargo transportation; Ro-Ro cargo turnover increase 2010/2009: + 400% 2011F – 160 000 cars!(from 17 000 cars in 2009, to 65 521 cars in 2010) Full capacity – 500 000 cars!
  8. 8. Loading railway wagons The first shipment of new cars by railways from multipurpose terminal YUG-2, October 2010. 2 railway ramps are available
  9. 9. Ust-Luga Prospects 2011:Auto – Railway Ferry Complex: Current services: “Ust-Luga – Baltiysk” Ferry “Baltiysk” and “Petersburg” one vessel call per 6 days New regular services: Ust-Luga – Sasnitz (Start : 2nd quarter 2011) Ust-Luga – Kiel DFDS, Neva Bridge (one vessel call per week)Multipurpose Terminal YUG-2: Ocean PCTC calls, new feeder services, completion of constructionLogistic Center – launching the project
  10. 10. Logistic Center Main points: only the one large-scale logistic center located in Russian Sea Port; total area 100 hectares; GLA – 400 000 sq.m.; bonded warehouses; consignation warehouses; value Added Logistics refrigerated and cool storagesLogistic Center first stage is opening at the end 2012
  11. 11. Highways access Ust-Luga St.Petersburg Yug-2 Future road Narva – St.Petersburg Road St.Petersburg - Moscow Road Ust-Luga - Future road Ust- Moscow Luga - NovgorodRosavtodor realizes three large scaleprojects:Throught Petrodvorets and Ring Road Future toll road St.Petersburg -The Tallinn highway through MoscowGatchina NovgorodConstruction of a new federal highway toVeliky Novgorod (first 58 km starts 2011)Ust-Luga – Moscow 807 kmUst-Luga – St-Petersburg (Ring road) 120 km
  12. 12. Excise customsSooner or later we will came to the situation when finished vehicles will not be discharged at the BalticCustoms (St.Petersburg). Kozinitskiy V.B. February 25th 2011
  13. 13. WELCOME TOUST-LUGA SEA PORT! Contact person Aleksander Goloviznin +7 (812) 334 -16 -78