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First Quarter FRG Newsletter

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FRG Newsletter

  1. 1. Jan/Feb/Mar2011 INSIDE: OPSEC, Safety while on Social N e t w o r k s , USSOCOM - Ragnar Florida K e y s R a c e , Spouses Networking Groups Greetings from the Chief of Staff Ha p p y N e w Year! 2011 is here and I look fo r w a r d t o supporting the F a m i l y R e a dine s s G r o u p (FRG) Jump Team as they continue to serve our Calendar USSOCOM service members, Fishhawk government civilians, and their Baseball families. As we move into 2011, Opening Ceremonies I want to highlight the superb efforts 16120 Fishhawk Blvd. of the FRG and our former Lithia, FL coordinator, Ms. Barbara Moody. 2/26/2011, 10:00 AM Under Barb’s leadership last year, Phillies Spring Training the FRG sponsored the National Take Opening Day vs Yankees Our Daughters and Sons to Work Brighthouse Field Clearwater Day (over 100 kids registered) and the 2/27/2011 Military Spouse Appreciation Day UPCOMING (which included a sponsored luncheon (LOCAL) EVENTS) an d a h u r r i c a n e b r i e f i n g b y February 10th -21st Lt G e n F i e l ) . Yo u r F R G a l s o The Annual Florida State Fair worked with various community March 9 - The 2011 Florida organizations throughout the year to Strawberry Festival, Plant City provide phone cards to deploying March 26 - Paws for Patriots personnel, back to school backpacks Quaker State & Lube w/supplies, and restaurant gift cards to military families. In the summer of 2010, Ms. Moody departed the position of FRG -Cont, page 2
  2. 2. coordinator and Maj Karen Reiff OPSEC, all while enjoying free uplifting Christmas carols.took on the role of temporary childcare! A Defense Biometric Throughout the coming year, itFRG coordinator in addition to Identification station was also set will be my distinct honor toher normal duties. up t o r e g i s t e r d e p e n d e n t support the FRG in helping HQ Even as the search began for a ID cards to meet new MacDill USSOCOM personnel and theirnew FRG coordinator, Karen’s AFB entry requirements. Karen’s families enhance their quality ofoutstanding leadership allowed efforts during this interim period life and well-being by developingthe FRG to plan and execute ensured a smooth transition as the ope r a t i n g s y s t e m s t h a tth e C o m m a n d Brief/Family new FRG coordinator, Ms. Teresa provide information, offerReadiness Information Education Torelli, took over in October of support and outreach, promote& Needs Day. I was able to 2010. Teresa hit the ground in v o l v e m e n t , a n d p r e v e n tprovide an informative briefing running in her first few days by isolation. When your spouse isabout SOCOM to family assisting the preparation of deployed, the FRG will work withmembers after which everyone numerous Care Packages for our you to identify your needs andhad the opportunity to browse deployed SOCOM personnel. provide information and referralinformation booths from The FRG finished up a busy assistance.15 agencies including Military 2010 by hosting the OpenON E S o u r c e , Operation House/Tree Lighting CeremonyHomefront, SOCOM Booster which included a visit from Santa MG Joseph VotelCl u b , C a r e C o a l i t i o n , a n d Claus and the singing of several USSOCOM Chief of StaffWhite House to UnveilMilitary Family PlanJanuary 23, 2011 all federal government| by Bryant Jordan and cabinet departments, said The White House and Robert L. Gordon III, deputyPentagon are scheduled today to assistant secretary of defense forroll out an ambitious, administra- military community and familytion-wide policy to improve the policy. At the same time thelives of military families by The goals in the draft 25-page Department of Health and Humantackling everything from child- report are defined broadly in Services will assist states incare and financial problems to four areas – enhance family applying for federal blockveteran homelessness and job psychological health, children’s grants for mental health servicesopportunities for spouses. ed u c a t i o n , s p o u s e c a r e e r and drug abuse prevention President Obama directed his opportunities and development, programs, which they canNational Security staff to and improve child-care services. direct toward helping returningorganize an interagency policy The report calls for enhancing servicemembers, veterans andgroup early last year. The military family mental health by their families.resultant plan is detailed in having the Defense Department The report considers veteranStrengthening Our Military and Department of Veterans homelessness a factor affectingFamilies: Meeting America’s Affairs implement a multi-year military and veteran familiesCommitment, a policy report program to help family members and so incorporates the VA’sapproved by Obama in December. recognize mental health problems already-announced pledge to endThe report is the culmination of and get the proper care and veteran homelessness.meetings by representatives from treatment. -Cont, page 3
  3. 3. The VA plans to fund non-profit The Educate to Innovate Spouse Employment Partnershipgroups that work to keep at-risk Campaign, a White House- has a support program with moreveterans in family situations or launched business, academic, and than 40 Fortune 500 companieshelp homeless vets find housing. non-profit consortium that works that, since 2003, have hired more The Pentagon and the to bolster high school math and than 90,000 Army spouses. DoDDepartment of the Interior will science education, has been will also provide job counselingexpand opportunities for military directed to give special attention and educational stipends to helpfamilies to use the country’s 500 to schools catering to military spouses get the training andmillion acres of public lands for families. Another group, the education they need to get into therecreation as part of regaining National Math and Science workforce.their psychological health. Areas Initiative, will work with the “We have roughly overand trails will be modified to White House Office of 700,000 spouses” across DoD, heaccommodate military families, Science and Technology and DoD said, of which more thanespecially wounded troops and to expand access to advance 77 percent want to work. “Weveterans, and Interior Department placement science and technology want to create opportunities forstaff will be trained on military courses to children of military them.”culture. families. The report also promises A commitment to protect The policy report states that immediate child care relief withagainst unfair financial practices this initiative will begin in new “Child Care Liaison”could make Obama’s controver- September at four schools serving positions established in pilotsial new Consumer Financial Fort Campbell, Ky., and Fort programs in 13 states -- Alaska,Protection Bureau an ally to Hood, Texas. Another three California, Colorado, Delaware,military families. According to schools also will get additional Fl o r i d a , I n d i a n a , K a n s a s,the report, the CFPB will have an support, but the report doesn’t say Kentucky, North Carolina,Office of Service Member Affairs where they are located. Texas, Vermont, Virginia, andand will work with the DoD to The Department of the Washington.address three areas: education on Interior, meanwhile, will focus on According to Gordon, DoDfinancial readiness; complaint employment opportunities in has more than 200,000 children inmonitoring and response; and national parks for military kids. its system in need of child care.coordination among federal and The Department of Agriculture Currently, there is a shortfall ofstate consumer protection agen- will work with DoD to enhance about 30,000 child-care seats, hecies on behalf of military families. their ongoing partnership to said, adding that the pilot Gordon said the Department support 4-H clubs and activities programs should result in anof Education will get involved to for military children and youth. increase of approximately 8,300improve education for military The Department of Labor will child care spaces availablechildren. For the first time the open the Transition Assistance throughout the country. TheDoE will make military families Program – the career guidance spaces may be moved to wherea priority for its discretionary counseling and workshop they’re most needed, however, asgrant programs, which will favor program long available to needs change.funding programs to meet the separating and retiring service- “We care about [militaryneeds of military-connected members – to military spouses. families],” Gordon said in sum.students, the report states. DoL will also promote priority “I think you’ll find [in this “The Department of Educa- hiring of military spouses in its report] those sorts of commit-tion wants to work with our states workforce. ments that focus on you as ato better identify our military kids Gordon said DoD also plans community that will empowerin schools so we can focus on to expand a successful Armythem and outreach to them,” program for spouse employment you, that will support you, thatGordon said. to all the branches. The Army will care for you.”
  4. 4. OPSECSafety while on Social Networks Many agencies, organizations you don’t want them to see. them. This data is called Geotags.and individuals across the United You should also be wary of Geotags can tell people where andStates are using Social Network- what you post on an SNS. You when the photo was Sites (SNS) like Facebook as shouldn’t post things that you Additionally, you may not want toa means to communicate to wouldn’t want a stranger, or let certain people know wherethe general populace, customers someone who would do you you live, so be aware of all theand acquaintances. While these harm, to see. Doing so could information a photo shows (suchagencies are using these pages, cause you to lose your identity, as street signs, house numbers,th e y a r e t a k i n g v a r i o u s your money, or even your life. and the like.)preventative measures to ensure There may be information on Unlike a face to facethat pieces of critical information your SNS that you don’t want just encounter with someone, youare being adequately protected. anyone to access. Most people may not really know who you’reWith that in are don’t walk up to complete contacting on-line. You shouldn’tsome reminders about some strangers as they leave their necessarily trust that someonevulnerabilities associated with homes and announce their house on-line is who they claim to be.SNS and some tips to safeguard is unoccupied and they’ll be gone If you get a friend request and youyour own personal account. for a few days. So why would don’t recognize the name Proper use of SNS security anyone want to do so on an SNS, don’t openly accept the request.settings limit what site visitors are allowing strangers to know their Granting access could give anallowed to see. Facebook alone house is unprotected. unknown person information thathas over 124 security settings. If you use Facebook’s “Places” you may not want them to have.Have you gone through the feature, you could give on-line Verify who they are through aavailable settings and adjusted viewers exact information of separate means. Email a friendthem for the various groups, where you are or where you’ve who you might have in commonfriends, and family members who been and when. You don’t need with the requestor. Ask otherhave access to your page? There’s to advertise when and where friends if they know thisinformation you should keep to you’re going or where you are. It individual. Ultimately it’s up toyourself or within a trusted circle could help an adversary to you to accept or decline.of family and friends. Allow establish a pattern of life for you Using Social Networkingspecific group access for family and thereby put you or your Sites can be an enjoyable pastime,and those trusted friends by using family at an increased risk of but we all have to remain vigilantthe SNS security settings. Then exploitation. where our families are concerned.make a more restricted access If you don’t want people to know Protecting yourself and yourgroup for those “friends” who are what your home or house looks family is also protectingmore like associates and then like or what kind of car you own, SO C O M ’s m o s t v a l u a b l efurther limit the personal then maybe you shouldn’t post resource…our people. If youinformation they can see. This any photos of your home or car on have questions, please feel free towill help prevent others from an SNS. Some digital photos you contact the SOCOM Operations“accidentally” seeing something post can have hidden data in Security (OPSEC) element.
  5. 5. Chaplain’s Corner The New Year has come. For consider with regard to goals for parking fees.) many this is a time for setting new the new year. Spiritual: The New Year is a priorities and goals for the year. Finances: Think about how you great time for people of faith to C.S. Lewis wrote: “You are never are going to get out of debt, put return to places of worship that too old to set another goal or to more in savings or long term in- they may have neglected. Look at dream a new dream.” The new vestments, or give more to some of the spiritual disciplines year is a great time to dream and charity. of prayer, fasting, and study or set some new goals for yourself. meditation and set some specific Many focus on the physical “You are never too old to set goals for yourself. Order your when it comes to goals. People another goal or to dream a new spiritual lives in a more conscious want to lose weight or begin a dream.” wa y. S e t f o r w a r d - f o c u s e d new physical training regimen. - C.S. Lewis spiritual goals, and be delivered These are good goals, but make from the boredom of a wayward sure the goals are realistic and cut and aimless spiritual life. Intellectual: Consider taking yourself some slack if you dont classes, learning a new language, Goals: are important to give us meet every goal. Better to miss limit the amount of TV that you direction and help us live out our that work out or splurge on that watch and read a classic book. priorities on a daily basis. May dessert, and then refocus and keep moving forward as opposed to Relationships: Spend more time God grant you discernment and giving up because you cant keep with friends, your spouse, and wisdom as you set your goals and up with the schedule you have set children. Think about setting up a remember what Yogi Berra said, for yourself. regular date night with your "You’ve got to be very careful if Focus on other areas of your spouse, plan family game nights, you don’t know where you are life as well. Robert Schuller wrote or as a family explore the many going, because you might not get "Goals are not only absolutely attractions that the Tampa area there. necessary to motivate us. They offers. (This doesnt necessarily are essential to really keep us take much money, most of V/r alive." Here are some different the beaches and parks are free or Chaplain Jim Edwards areas that you might want to have very inexpensive entrance or Deputy Command Chaplain Spouses Networking Group Spouses Networking Groups: water to FishHawk creating the ting. For easy access to a group Happy New Year from your Fam- perfect opportunity for spouses near you, the network is divided ily Readiness Group (FRG)… As to become isolated. Staying into five geographical locations, 2011 sets off at racing pace, connected when geographically FishHawk, North Tampa, Valrico, I would like to take just a few separated enhances your sense of Riverview/Apollo, and South minutes to focus on our SOCOM belonging and offers support dur- Tampa. For information on the Spouses Networking Group. ing times of dep l o y m e n t . T h e (FRG) Spouses Networking Group The Bay Area covers hun- S O C O M Spouses Networking near you, email your contact infor- dreds of miles and our SOCOM Groups are perfect for meeting mation and geographical location Families are spread from Clear- other spouses in an informal set- to: Command Run and ChildcareDid you know the MacDill Child Development Center (CDC) will open early to support SOCOM’s monthly Command runs? If you would like to take advantage of this service, reservations must be made by close of business on the Wednesday before the run. To reserve your spot call 813-828-5011
  6. 6. Baseball Spring Training Schedule“People ask me what I do in the winter when theres no baseball. Ill tellyou what I do I stare out the window and wait for spring.” — Rogers Hornsby "The Rajah"Spring Training Begins: February 10th -21st The Annual Yankees vs Phillies, 26 Feb Florida State Fair Steinbrenner Field, Tampa is a salute to the states Phillies vs Yankees 27 Feb best in the agriculture and Bright House Field, Clearwater equestrian industry includ- ing an abundance of USSOCOM Para-Commandos sh o w s , m u s i c , r i d e s, will jump in to kick off the season food and shopping for 12 consecutive days. Excitement is in the air all over the fairgrounds with plenty of free entertain- ment included with admis- sion. Make sure to plan your day in advance to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and tastes the state fair has to offer. Parking is free during the Fair. For more information visit their website; http://www.floridastate- Para-Commandos Shedule Cont from front page... 5th Annual Ta m p a Clean City Day Event Raymond James Stadium 3/12/2011 April 16 - Sun n Fun International Fly-In- Ma x P a r t i c i p a t i o n o n Weekend Lakeland Linder Regional Airport 3/29/2011
  7. 7. USSOCOM and the Ragnar Florida Keys RaceBy TSgt Larry Carpenter, SOPA Operations warriors and their their time was 24:03:58, which Eighteen members from families. In support of the Special was enough for them to win firstU.S. Special Operations Operations Warrior Foundation, place in the ultra division by twoCommand participated in the the team raised nearly $4300 and half hours, finishing in sixthinaugural Ra g n a r F l o r i d a($4279 to be exact) for college place overall.K e y s e ndurance relay race scholarships and providing family SOCOM6 members were Col.Jan. 7-8. support to members of the Special Frank Donovan, Col. Lex Brown, Operations Forces community Cmdr. Todd Gagnon, Lt. Col. The Ragnar Florida Keys affected by combat and training (AUS) Stuart Davies, Maj. Robrelay race is a 191-mile course casualties.that took racers from Crandon Bailey and Lt. Cmdr. Brian SOCOM 12’s lead-off runner O’Lavin.Park in Miami Fl., located on the broke his ankle the night before The members of SOCOM12barrier island of Key Biscayne, the race and could not compete. were Mr. Donovan Haggas,all the way to the famous Duval In true SOF warrior fashion, the Col. Christopher Leyda, Col.Street in Key West, Fla. team decided to run with eleven Stephen Goto, Lt. Col. Thomas members. The team finished third Hancock, Lt. Col. Cynthia The command was repre- in their division with an overall Hazel, Lt. Col. James Higgins,sented by two teams: a 12-man time of 28:58:50. Maj. Matthew Razvillas, Maj.regular relay (SOCOM 12) anda six-man “ultra” relay team Battling injuries sustained Billy Moore, Maj. Eric Young,(SOCOM 6) who ran around during the race, SOCOM6 mem- Capt. Trevor Nolan, Masterthe clock for more than 24 bers missed their goal of finishing Sgt. Brian Burns and Mr.hours honoring fallen Special the race in less than 24 hours; William Lengner, SOCC-SC. Left to right: starting line--Davies, Bailey, Gagnon, Brown, Donovan, Olavin Left to right:Team at the finish line with their medals- -Gagnon, Olavin, Brown, Bailey, Davies, DonovanColonel Donovan handing off the baton to Major Bailey
  8. 8. 2011 Thrift Savings Plan Contribution Limits TAX ASSISTANCE TSP is a long-term retirement savings plan that gives investors AVAILABLEan opportunity to lower their taxes each year they contribute, Tax assistance will bebecause taxes are deferred until the employee withdraws from provided at MacDill’s Retireethe account after retirement. Activities Office (RAO) from 1 February to 18 April 2011. Federal Retirement Thrift or when the maximum catch-up This service is free forInvestment Board members dollar limit is reached. Eligible retirees, spouses and active dutyannounced the 2011 elective employees must submit a new families.deferral limit for regular Thrift election each year. Walk-in service or appoint-Savings Plan contributions will ments are available Mondayremain $16,500, and TSP For more information about TSP, through Friday from 0900-1500,catch-up plan contribution limits go to: active duty members who walk inwill remain at $5,500. between 0900 and 1100 visit the Air Force personnel in uniform, will have priority. TSP options include stocks, ervices website or call the The RAO are now takinggovernment securities or lifecycle Total Force Service Center at appointments by calling;funds. 800-525-0102. 813-828-0248. Regular TSP contributionsstop when contributions reach the ELECTRONIC FILINGannual maximum limit and Starting 1 February the Tax Assistanceautomatically resume the next RAO will have five computerscalendar year. The MacDill Family available for electronic filing. Catch-up contributions are Re s o u rc e Center in Using the e-filing service youad d i t i o n a l t a x - d e f e r r e d Brandon (A&FRC satellite can receive your return incontributions, separate from office) is offering a free approximately two weeksregular TSP contributions. To be If the RAO did not prepare tax assistance service by your 2009 Tax return, pleaseeligible for catch-up contribu- appointment from 0900- bring a copy with you.tions, investors must be age 50 or 1600, Monday through The program is sponsored byolder the year the first deduction Saturday. For more the Staff Judge Advocate and isfrom pay occurs. Contributors information call: operated under the supervision ofmust also be in a pay status and 813-655-9281. the RAO. Tax preparers areable to certify they will make, or trained under the VITA (Volunteerhave made, the maximum regular They are located at Income Tax Assistance) programcontributions by the end of 710 Oakfield Dr, Suite 153, and are certified by the IRSthe year. Catch-up contributions Brandon FL for performance at a levelautomatically stop with the last commensurate with most retireespay date in the calendar year incomes.
  9. 9. Emergency Management Corner By Matthew Management element, HQ disaster plan. Stork, CPM US S O C O M d e v e l o p e d a About the Author: Mr. Each y e a r, supporting program called Matthew J. Stork is the disasters th e C o m m a n d C o n t i n u i t y USSOCOM Continuity Program disrupt count- Management Office (CPMO). Manager. He is responsible for le s s lives One key responsibility of development and maintenance of aro u n d the the CPMO is development the HQ Continuity of Operations World. It is no and maintenance of the HQ Plan, the Disaster Preparedness revelation that a USSOCOM Disaster Prepared- Plan, and the Survivability,disaster can have lasting impact, ness Plan (DP). Key emergency Recovery, and Reconstitutionto both people and property. management responsibilities Plan. Matt is also an AssistantUnfortunately, many of these and procedures are outlined in the Professor at American Militarypeople are military service DP Plan, which focuses on our University, and teaches Graduatemembers and their families who Personnel. In short, the DP Courses within the Schoolsuffer the wrath from a wide plan prepares the Command for of Public Safety and Health.variety of events. Examples the possibility of a natural or Matt’s Emergency managementmay include wi l d f i r e s , manmade disaster with little or no background includes Nationalhurricanes, earthquakes, floods, warning. certification as an EMT and Firetornados, etc. However, having a The HQ USSOCOM DP plan Fighter, is FEMA certified as aplan and being prepared can seeks to ensure the safety of our Continuity and Emergencyreduce fear, anxiety, and the loss personnel and their dependents by Planner, and is a Lt Col in thethat accompanies disasters. providing guidance on roles and AFR, assigned to the 927 ARWFor this reason, its important responsibilities, and is directly Aerospace Medicine Flight,everyone be prepared and supportive to the installation MacDill AFB. He can beready…as best we can. emergency management plan. contacted at: To meet the challenge of The USSOCOM DP Plan orpreparedness and readiness for outlines policy and procedures to M a t t h e w. S t o rk @ u s . a f . m i lall hazards, each installation educate command personnel andCommander has an emergency their families on how we will Health andmanagement planning element respond to any threat any hazard Wellness Centerthat provides guidance, oversight, that could or would impact our Ma c D i l l ’ s Health andsupport, and when necessary, SOCOM family. The plan strives We l l n e s s C e n t e r ( H AW C)action to help mitigate, respond to ensure each member and bo a s t s a s t a t e - o r - t h e a r tto, and recover from a disaster. their dependents are informed, facility providing programsThe emergency management prepared, and ready when faced and preventive wellbeingelement ensures plans, resources, with a disaster event. services which increase readiness, reduces health risk,and procedures are in place when In the next quarterly newslet- striving to improve the qualityfaced with any situation, be it a ter, we will outline family of life for active duty, familylittle or no warning situation. disaster planning responsibilities, members, retirees and DOD At MacDill AFB, the Emer- procedures, and recommenda- civilians. The HAWC is opengency Planning Element is the tions on how to prepare for and be Monday-Friday 0730-1630responsibility of the 6th Air ready for the upcoming hurricane closed during lunch fromMo b i l i t y W i n g ( A M W) season. We will also discuss 1130-1230. Call today for moreCommander, who provides specific programs and services in information 813-828-4739 orsupport to all on-base Commands place at MacDill each family visit us on line at:and their personnel. In support of member should know when 6th AMW Emergency preparing to develop their family
  10. 10. Influenza (or “the Flu”)INFLUENZA Antibiotics will NOT cure influenza or In adults, seek emergency(OR “THE FLU”) colds, which are caused by viruses. An- medical attention for:Influenza virus is spread from tibiotics are only useful in combatingperson to person via the respiratory bacterial infections. Only time and your -Difficulty breathing orsystem (coughing/sneezing). Flu may immune system can cure influenza and shortness of breathalso spread by touching something that cold viruses.has been contaminated with the virus. -Pain or pressure in the chestA person can infect another person a day Make an appt to see your health or abdomenbefore they notice symptoms. Affected care provider if: -Sudden dizziness or confusionpersons are infectious for a week afterbecoming ill; young children may be -cough lasts more than -Severe or persistent vomitinginfectious for 10 days or more. 10 days -Flu-like symptoms improveInfluenza Frequent Signs and -fever lasts several days or is but then return with fever andSymptoms: over 101 F worse cough -Stuffy or runny nose -painful earache or Flu Prevention Measures -Nasal discharge severe headache -Avoid contact during the -Throat scratchy and sore -chills, chest pain, shortness contagious stage (first 2-4 days) -Coughing and sneezing of breath -Loss of voice -Wash hands often, especially -skin rash or unexplained -Fever (> 100.5 F) after blowing nose or before bruised skin handling food -Mild headache -pain in sinuses or teethCold symptoms start slowly -Cough/sneeze into your upperand symptoms are mild. Flu -severe throat pain or white/ sleeve (not your hands)symptoms are more sudden and yellow spots on the tonsils orinclude higher fevers, severe body aches, other parts of the throat -Eat a well balanced diet andchills, sweats, weakness, severe sore increase fluidsthroat, cough, and chest discomfort. -enlarged, tender glands in the neck -Avoid touching hands to faceMEDICATION and (especially eyes, nose,TREATMENT Emergency Warning Signs and mouth)Try treatment on your own for 3 days In children, seek emergencybefore seeking medical attention.Increase fluid intake and get ample medical attention for: -Avoid unnecessary personalsleep. Use nonprescription drugs such as contact especially with persons -Fast breathing or troubleTylenol, cold and sinus medicine, nose who are obviously ill breathingdrops or spray, cough remedies andthroat lozenges to reduce symptoms and - Bluish or gray skin -Stay home and away fromdiscomfort. others when not feeling well - Not drinking enough fluidsDO NOT GIVE ASPIRIN TO -Severe or persistent vomiting -Increase sleepCHILDREN LESS THAN 12YEARS OF AGE; -Not waking up or not -Get vaccinated interactingit can cause Reye’s Syndrome. -Being so irritable that the child Whether you see a health careFor more information about Reye’s provider or not, stay home untilsyndrome, visit: does not want to be held you have no fever or otherh t t p : / / w w w. n i n d s . n i h . g o v / -Flu-like symptoms improve symptoms for at least 24 hours.disorders/reyes_syndrome/rey but then return with fever and Flu may take 5 to 10 days toes_syndrome.htm . worse cough completely resolve. to get the most up to date information on the flu/H1N1.
  11. 11. MacDill’s Veterinary Treatment FacilityNew Year Healthy Pet… weak, could be hypothermic. Call your pet’s health care. Design a diet and exercise your veterinarian immediately. Mac D i l l ’ s Ve t e r i n a r yplan to meet your pet’s specific 3. Before traveling with Treatment Facility hours ofneeds your pets, make sure they have operation are Monday through Obesity leads to serious dog all required vaccinations and Friday from 0800-1600, closed onand cat health problems such health papers. If they are on all federal holidays and the lastas heart disease. Exercise is medications, have enough to last working day of the month forimportant, but a pet will only ex- through the trip. inventory. Patients are seen byercise if there is an incentive to do 4. Remember that even the appointment only scheduled oneso . Yo u r v e t e r i n a r i a n w i ll most gentle and trusting pet may week in advance.consider what stage of life your bite when in pain. If you must Services provided:pet is in, the amount of activity muzzle, use a soft towel or clothyour pet enjoys, and the time of strips and remove it as soon as • Vaccinationsyear before outlining a specific possible so the pet can breathe • Microchippingplan. The right kind of food and more easily. • Health Certificatesphysical activity can add to the 5. If you must transport an • Treatment andquality of your pet’s life. injured or ill animal, a blanket, prevention of vinyl mat, and even a door make Zoonotic diseasesFollowing are five general pet excellent stretchers. The trick is to • Prescription heartwormcare tips: immobilize the animal to avoid 1. Mmm... All that choco- further stress. prevention andlate! None for your pets please! The American Animal flea controlChocolate contains a toxic Hospital Association asks you to Appointments can be madesubstance, theobromine, which is provide a safe environment, qual- in p e r s o n o r b y c a l l i n gharmful to pets. So, just say NO! ity diet, exercise, and adequate 828-3558/3559 If you have 2. Is it an emergency? A veterinary care for your pet. questions or concerns call or stoppet exposed to bitter cold that Consult your veterinarian if you by the clinic during normal duty Quick Reference Numbersbecomes lethargic, depressed, and have any questions regarding hours. USSOCOM MacDill AFB ID Card Office 828-2276Chaplain 826-5080 Air Force Aid Society Legal Office 828-4421Care Coalition 826-3099 828-2721 Lodging 828-4259Command Post 826-5300 Airman & Family Readiness MacDill Family ResourceEmergency Center 828-0145 Center (Brandon) 655-9281Information Line American Red Cross Medical Clinic–866-686-3653 1-877-272-7337 6th Med Group 828-5393FRG Coordinator 826-3742 Base Command PostHQ Commandant 826-3722 828-4361 Pharmacy 827-9300First Sergeant 826-4869 TRICARE 827-9900 Family Advocacy 827-9172Medical Clinic 827-9870Security Police 826-2888 Military One Source Housing Harbor Bay at 800-342-9647OPSEC Family Representative MacDill 828-3166826-5383 840-2600