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Utkarsh srivastava

  1. 1. Utkarsh Srivastava – 13BSP1230 Ranjeet Mani --13BSP1231 MotivatioN TheorieS
  2. 2. Motivation means a willing to expand the energy to achieve a goal or reward. In other sense Motivation is a desire stimuli inside the person to accomplish the desire goals. Objective Of Motivation- To Build a fire inside the employees. To satisfy the economical, Social and psychological needs. To develop and harmonize human relation in enterprise. To increase efficiency and team effectiveness. To enhance Moral and Job satisfaction. To maintain Healthy relationship with Management and Labour To maintain Less Labour Turn over To achieve Operational excellences
  3. 3. Features of Motivation 1.Motivation is Psychological concept-That means There is no outside force to motivate him . He is motivated to satisfy the needs of himself . 2.Motivation is a force of organization and environment-Individual goal, needs and desire, Nature of Jobs ,facilities ,Organization culture, Norms. 3.Motivation can be Positive or Negative-Like Rewards, Timely Salary, Exact Payment, Less reduction creates a positive motivation and the inverse creates a negative motivation. 4.Motivation is a unending Process-That means Motivation is always cyclical order , the needs and wants of human never ends. 5.Motivation Leads to satisfaction-Motivation always relates to satisfaction and minimize the frustrations. 6.Motivation is a degree of readiness-That means he is prepare and willing to innovate and give his 100% for productivity and his reward.
  4. 4. Motivational Theories Content Theories Maslows Needs Theory Herzberg Two factor Theory. Aldefers ERG Model. M.C Gregor X & Y Theory Process theory Vrooms Expectancy Theory. Adms Equity Theory.
  5. 5. Maslow’s Needs and Motivational model
  6. 6. Herzberg Two factor Theory This in known as two factor theory .Herzberg asked 200 Engineers about their good and Bad times in Organization. They Described that… Poor relationship with Boss Unfair Practices. Poor Payment Lack of Industrial Relationship.
  7. 7. M.C Gregor X & Y Theory
  8. 8. Aldefers ERG Model.
  9. 9. David McClelland Theory Indentified three types of basic needs: i) Power Motive: ability to influence or induce What he observed? ii) Affiliation motive : likes to interact and be with other’s where they belong and accepted. people with high need of affiliation try to maintain pleasant relation, understanding , help others, consoling etc. iii) Achievement motive :People have intense desire of achieve.
  10. 10. Vroom's Expectancy theory
  11. 11. A process theory that focuses on individuals’perception of how fairly they are treated relative to others. A situation that exists when the ratio of one person’s outcome to input equals that of another person. Input – an individual’s contribution or effort Output – what an individual receives from his or her contribution or effort Adam's equity Theory
  12. 12. Cont…Equity theory… !
  13. 13. Thanking You