Think about your Social Footprint


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Social media is a great place to connect with your friends and family. It is also a place where employers research their applicants so it's important to think before you post. Check out these tips for making a positive Social Footprint!

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Think about your Social Footprint

  1. 1. CHECK YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS Social media sites regularly make changes to their privacy settings. It is worth the time and energy to investigate the changes and the fine print. Also be mindful of what the public can see, including your interests, likes and photos. THINK BEFORE YOU POST Before you vent or rant about your most inner thoughts /share a picture/ post/ hashtag or pin, think about how this reflects on you. Give yourself a couple of moments to really digest the potential outcomes. What if this was shared? Put yourself in an employer’s shoes, would you hire yourself with that status or be impressed by the fact that you go to The University of Star Wars and your religion is Jedi? REGULAR CLEAN UP PHOTOS/STATUSES We have all had bad hair days and that selfie angle that let’s be honest, wasn’t overly attractive or flattering. Regularly review your photos and those that you are tagged in and also your statuses. You can easily remove them from your profile at a click of a button. Would you add these to an appendix to your resume? PROFILE THE RIGHT PROFILE PICTURE Whilst you can restrict your privacy settings, your name and profile picture will be visible. Think about your profile picture as first impressions count and it is an online billboard of yourself. Are people noticing you for the wrong reasons? Ultimately social media is a really fun place to spend your time and connect with friends and family. Just consider that your digital footprint doesn’t wash away…unless you are very good friends with Mark Zuckerberg. UTILISE SOCIAL MEDIA TO YOUR BENEFIT With the introduction of the internet, every organisation is a global business. Think about how your clothing, gestures, poses in photos and even humour could be misinterpreted by future colleagues. Network and align yourself with positive influencers. Here are our 5 tips: As you are reading this you are more than likely logged onto a social media site…or two. We encourage you to think about how social media can impact upon your employability long term. Potential employers regularly use social media as a way to research their applicants; you want to make the right impression. You are in the position to ensure that you are putting your “right foot forward” and considering what you post/pin/tweet or upload. CRICOS: QLD00244B  NSW02225M  TEQSA: PRV12081 5.1.D 08.2014 THINK ~ about your ~ SOCIAL “FOOTPRINT”