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It can be tough breaking the ice and striking up a conversation with a new study buddy, but we’ve got your back! And with a few classic movie and television quotes, you’ll be on your way to making loads of new friends in no time!

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Shy Guys Guide

  1. 1. The shy guy’s legen... wait for it… dary guide to making friends
  2. 2. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.’ Sport… when you’re not thinking about food, you’re thinking about who’s playing on the weekend, either on the local field or on TV. Sport can be an easy first go-to line to find like-minded uni friends. When you’re waiting for your session to start, turn to the person next to you and ask them their thoughts on the weekend footy scores or that questionable ref decision on Friday night. Whether you love soccer, footy, cricket, basketball or even UFC, chances are you’ll find someone who is as passionate as you are about sport.
  3. 3. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends O-Week is a great opportunity to find other coffee-fiends. Whether you are an occasional coffee buyer or ‘got to have it’ connoisseur, the coffee line is an excellent place to meet people. Ask the person in front of you what they’re studying or if they have any recommendations. Meeting someone in line might provide you with a mate to spend time with before and between classes. ‘Go ahead, make my day.’
  4. 4. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘Haaave you met my friend Ted?’ If you come along to Uni with a group of people, add to your wolf pack by introducing your friends to others. It’s always a good idea to diversify your friendship group and find friends outside of those you’ve known for a while. Make your introductions with a fun fact – ‘This is Leon, he’s a Cowboys supporter, but we don’t hold that against him!’ Sharing a little bit about your mates is a great way to get the conversation going and find those things you have in common.
  5. 5. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘I’m Ron Burgundy?’ At the end of an info session when everyone starts to pack up to leave, say ‘Hi’ to the person next to you and ask them if they’re headed to grab food or a drink. If they’re already meeting someone, chances are, they’ll invite you to tag along. Put yourself out there and say yes to every invitation; you just never know who you’ll meet.
  6. 6. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘This one time, at band camp.’ When you meet someone for the first time, be open to sharing your story. By letting others in on your experience, you may find that you grew up in the same town, were part of the same grassroots junior football team or even went to the same school. All of these similarities will build a strong foundation for your budding new ‘bro-mance’.
  7. 7. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘Winter is coming.’ There is nothing like a good battle to bring two people together; whether it’s on the field or a disagreement on the latest plot twist of Game of Thrones. Take the time to find out more about the sports and student clubs available at USQ. Nothing catches your eye? Start your own! Hello Game of Thrones / House of Cards / Suits Appreciation Society.
  8. 8. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘Well that escalated quickly.’ Everyone is always so awkward and quiet in the elevator. If the person across from you has hit the same floor number you’re headed to, chances are you’re headed for the same class. Pluck up the courage to ask them. You may get to talking and have someone to sit with when the session starts. Some of the best places to meet people on-campus are the easiest and often the most over-looked.
  9. 9. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘May the force be with you.’ Uni is the perfect place to embrace your inner nerd and show your love for science fiction or gaming. You’ll see people in common areas playing games or watching classic sci-fi flicks. Don’t be afraid to approach them and let them know how much you also love Master Chief or offer advice to get through a difficult level of your favourite game. Knowing classic Yoda quotes or helping someone through Call of Duty will definitely initiate you into their clan.
  10. 10. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘My name’s Forrest, Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.’ It’s a lot easier to have a chat with someone when they’re introduced by their nickname. ‘Hey Steve, this is Dougie, he’s studying Mechanical Engineering as well.’ If you have a nickname and feel comfortable using it, it can be a great way to break the ice.
  11. 11. The shy guy’s legendary guide to making friends ‘Suit Up!’ It can sound a little bit cliché, but if someone is rocking their Metallica tee or wearing a really cool jacket, tell them how awesome you think it is. A compliment is a great way to get the conversation going. By wearing your favourite band on your chest with pride, you’ll find others with similar musical tastes and the conversation will make itself.
  12. 12. CRICOS:QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA:PRV12081 13.2.B 08.2014 Don’t forget to jump on social media and use #usq to meet new mates studying online You’ve got the conversation starters, now you just need to put them into practice!