5 reasons to "waste your time" coming to O-Week

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OK you've got your offer letter, you've enrolled, now what? Here are our 5 reasons to waste your time coming to O-Week.

OK you've got your offer letter, you've enrolled, now what? Here are our 5 reasons to waste your time coming to O-Week.

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  • 1. 5 Reasons to “waste your time” coming to O-Week
  • 2. #1 Build your study self-confidence
  • 3. OK you’ve got your offer letter, you’ve enrolled, now what? You may be starting to wonder ‘can I actually do this?’ Everyone has the same reservations about starting something new and O-Week is a chance to get the most out of your course and your time at uni. Nothing puts you off more on your first day than being unprepared and not knowing where to go. Don’t stress, O-Week is full of people wandering around, looking for buildings and finding out the go-to spots on-campus. The USQ Team will also be around to point you in the right direction, or help you find that much-needed first coffee. Before you get here for O-Week, take some time to focus on your achievements. You’ve applied and been accepted! That in itself is an incredible achievement and shows how much we believe in you. You can do this. O-Week is the perfect time to set yourself some study goals and think about ways you can celebrate when you complete them. Seeing each goal being ticked off the list, will help build your confidence and take you one step closer to starting your dream career.
  • 4. #2 Belong to something great
  • 5. When you graduate, you will always remember your time as a USQ student and O-Week will be one of those milestones that stands out in your memory. The experiences that will make your time at university great, will start in O-Week. It’s a chance to get involved. Not just in your classes, but also in finding opportunities to grow yourself and contribute to the community of students that will be with you, from the time you start studying, to the time you graduate. You’ve already been initiated in to the Phoenix Pack with your very own Phoenix T-Shirt. Wear it with pride and share your experiences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #usqpride Look into becoming a student representative, joining sports programs and connecting with the clubs and societies that interest you. If there isn’t already a club that interests you, create one! Hello USQ Mudcake Appreciation Club! These programs are a great way to meet like-minded people outside of your study area and set you up with a diverse group of study friends that will help you find your place at USQ. Stay up to date with what is happening on-campus on our Facebook event pages www.facebook.com/usqedu
  • 6. #3 Start off on the right foot
  • 7. Your first day will always be a mixture of emotions – happiness, excitement, but also a little bit of worry about how your life will change, when you start studying. O-Week is a fantastic way to ease yourself into your studies. It’s a week to organise your schedule and plan how you will balance your studies with your life. Like they say, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ and we’ll be your tour guide <insert David Attenborough voice here>. We know the way and will help you navigate the USQ systems, learn uni jargon and point you to resources to help with assessments. We’ll make sure you don’t get lost and show you how to contact us and find support when you need it. If you think you’ve missed something, check in with us and we’ll make sure you’re good to go with your studies! Coming to O-Week will also set a precedent for you for the rest of your studies; to say yes to all opportunities and get the most out of your university experience. Find other students starting study with you at the orientation activities planned for your campus www.usq.edu.au/orientation
  • 8. #4 Connect
  • 9. Are you one of those people who can strike up a conversation with anyone? If you are, brilliant! If not, don’t stress. There will be people all over campus to say hi to. Put yourself out there and start a conversation about the weather with the person in front of you in the coffee line. Approach the person sitting by themselves at lunch time and ask them what they’re studying. They may not be doing the same program as you, but having a group of uni friends from diverse study backgrounds will give you a rich source of ideas, inspiration and information that may just help you in your studies. They will also be there to help you celebrate your success, not just on that first High Distinction, but also on your footy team making it to the grand final. Start O-Week with an open mind and take the initiative to spark up conversations with people around you. You will meet some amazing people and learn valuable networking skills that you will take with you to your career. Friendships are formed over common interests and you have something in common with every single student on-campus; you’re all studying. Connect with other students on our social channels @usqedu /usqedu
  • 10. #5 Become
  • 11. This is your future and the start of your new career. Coming to O-Week is just the first step and the experiences you have at university will be with you for life. One day you will wake up and feel not only that you belong at university, but that you have become the person and student you have always wanted to be. You can feel proud to say you’re a USQ student… you are joining 27,000 amazing students all studying towards their dream job. Come to O-Week! If you can’t make it, make sure to check out our online orientation resources www.usq.edu.au/orientation
  • 12. To find out all you need to prepare you for your studies, check out the Orientation site at usq.edu.au/orientation Share your O-Week experience with us! #usqoweek CRICOS:QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA:PRV12081 13.1.A 08.2014 usq.edu.au