Preparing for QCS


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QCS can be a stressful time for many Year 12 students. We've compiled some quick and easy tips to help you prepare for the Queensland Core Skills test!

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Preparing for QCS

  1. 1. Preparing for QCS QUEENSLAND CORE SKILLS SERIES  |  1 of 3
  2. 2. Prepare for QCS with these quick tips Get organised Check what you will need to sit for the QCS test and write a to-do list. For the love of stationery! Stock up on pens, highlighters and post-it notes to keep you on track with regular homework and prepare other assessment items early so you don’t have to worry about them during QCS. Sitting for the Queensland Core Skills test is one of those things you just have to do even though, quite frankly, there are other things you’d rather be doing. Just like you should eat lots of veges to stay healthy, taking the QCS test is important if you want to get an OP and is a great step in preparing you for life after high school.
  3. 3. Practise tests Practice makes perfect! As annoying as your parents sound when they say this, they’re right! Continue doing your homework and revise basic maths and spelling terms. Get your Masterchef on! Stock up on healthy snacks, eat well and drink lots of water so you stay focussed, nourished and alert! Manage stress Exercise is a great way to manage and reduce nerves and study-related stress. Even simple stretches will help you feel great! Get rid of shiny things Turn off your mobile phone, TV and limit the internet during study to help you focus.
  4. 4. CRICOS:QLD00244BNSW02225MTEQSA:PRV1208115.1.G08.2014 Put up your hand Your teachers and guidance counsellor should be happy to answer any questions you have about QCS. Catch some zzzs Make sure you get a good night’s sleep so you can make it through the day without falling asleep on your desk. Get inspired Think about the end game and organise a way to celebrate with family or friends after you’re finished! You’ve prepared, studied and looked after yourself… now you’re ready to ace the QCS test! #youcandoit #yougotthis
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