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Follow this guide to quickly set up your account for vhelpme and be ready to engage your customers.

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Express setup

  1. 1. 5 minutes to setup and go
  2. 2. What we will help you do ?
  3. 3. So lets get started
  4. 4. Login ->
  5. 5. Paste the integration code in your website code Code integration is just like google analytics. Follow similar steps to get up and running.
  6. 6. Now its live on your site It will appear on the bottom right part of your website, which can pop open on click. It will follow your visitor around their visit on your website.
  7. 7. Ready to help your visitors
  8. 8. Open your salesportal Login to
  9. 9. Live sales portalVisitor pane Interaction pane Resources pane 1 2 3
  10. 10. 1 Visitor pane Normal visitor appear without any additions Visitor coming from ad campaigns get tagged with the campaign descriptions. 1a On clicking the visitor name the details of them become visible in interaction pane and resource pane.
  11. 11. 2 Interaction pane Visitor coming from ad Clicking the cross mark campaigns get tagged with the closes the interaction campaign descriptions. pane On clicking the visitor name the details of them become visible in interaction pane and resource pane. You can chat upto 5 Visitor then can get acquired tocustomers in one go. All Clicking the bulb allowshelp, with override the autothe visitors appear as you tohuman help. add repeatingtabs and interaction with questions to be addedthem follow in those tabs to Answerbay
  12. 12. 2 Interaction pane - control panel 2c 2b On click, it allows to With redirect you can release the visitor from cobrowse with the the pane. customer. 2a 2dOn click you can Tag lead allows you to post theacquire the customers visitor info to the lead table,you want to interact which can be pushed to CRM
  13. 13. 2a,b Acquire and release 2a On click you can acquire the customers you want to interact 2b Release tab allows you to release visitor from chat
  14. 14. 2c RedirectPaste the URL whereyou want to route yourvisitor to..Paste the message for yourvisitors like"I am taking youto the payment page"
  15. 15. 3 Resource pane Logout of the session. Previous 3b Change the chat name interaction for the sales agent. history of visitor 3a Create quick short cuts Click on search to quickly search through to power your the knowledge base interactions. 3c Click on edit option to modify lead information of the visitor
  16. 16. 3a Semantic search Click on search to quickly search through the knowledge base. You can search an entire question to get the answer.
  17. 17. 3c Create quick short cuts You can create shortcuts for common phrases or greeting through short cut tab. You can access it by typing "/shortcut" I response
  18. 18. Now fine tune the settings
  19. 19. Settings for chat widget Enter your company details, which will appear on chat bar and contact email to which messages will be sent
  20. 20. Settings for chat widget You can select manual agent or auto agent. We suggest that you start with manual agent and slowly add to your knowledge base, after that auto agent becomes more smarter and can truly help your visitors when you are not around.
  21. 21. Settings for chat widget Do you want to ask visitor to enter their names ? If yes, then toggle to true. If you see too many visitors put off by you asking them to fill up too much information, you might have to revise it.
  22. 22. Settings for chat widget This allows you to engage proactively with your customers. So visitors will get an welcome message when they land up on your website.
  23. 23. Settings for chat widget This allows customers to leave messages behind, when there is no one logged into chatportal and there is auto agent enabled.
  24. 24. Settings for chat widget You can rename the auto agent. The default is Maya, meaning the mystical one, thats all pervasive, in Indian philosophy.
  25. 25. Settings for chat widget You can selectively show the chat bar to a percentage of visitors, allows you to do a simple A/B testing of how effectively vhelp is working.
  26. 26. Settings for chat widget If you are trying to test how good is your lead into sales conversion is , just put in the payment / thank you page URL and you can easily tracks visitors that are getting converted.
  27. 27. Settings for chat widget You can selectively show it to visitors which on certain page by entering the URL here, like you only want to help on payment page , so you can paste our payment URL here.
  28. 28. Settings for chat widget You can selectively target to only customers in certain geos. Like if you ship only in us, then you want to focus on visitors which are coming from there.
  29. 29. Manage by dashboard
  30. 30. Type login...
  31. 31. Get highlights quickly
  32. 32. Populate your Answerbay You can start by putting your FAQs into answer bay through the add button . You can edit and remove answers by selecting them and then choosing edit or remove.
  33. 33. See detailed reports You can slice and dice into reports by choosing multiple tabs. If you dont get see any data into reports dont worry. It takes 24 hours to get initial data points to generate.
  34. 34. See visitor transcripts Filters allow you select transcripts by date , agents, or length or even by sentiments.
  35. 35. Manage your account Onboard or retire your Manage your billings agents by simple actions
  36. 36. You are ready to delight your visitors
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