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Boating program designed specifically for resort guests, providing a much needed amenity and additional profit to resorts. We make boating easy!

Boating program designed specifically for resort guests, providing a much needed amenity and additional profit to resorts. We make boating easy!

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  • 1. Company OverviewUSOBE, LLC (USOBE® brand)Founded in 2008Ultimate source of boating excursionsThe company of choice for over 27 hotels in Charleston SCConducted over 3000 excursions and taken over 15,000 peopleon the waterIndustry leader in training, scheduling and boating managementResort Boating, a division of USOBE, operates a unique programtargeted to luxury resorts
  • 2. Typical Boating at ResortsMost waterfront resorts do not offer managed boating servicesThose that do rely on local boating or charter companies andhave to deal with these issues:  Booking captains is time-consuming and frustrating for the concierge or guests  Most captains aren’t trained to meet professional standards  Safety of boats is questionable and liability is a concern
  • 3. Unique Market Opportunity7+ years of experience at a 5 star resort has shown us exactlywhat resort guests want in boating tripsA high percentage of guests would like some type of boatingexperience – excursion, party, fishing or eco-tours80% of resort and hotel guests want boat trips other than fishingEco-tourism is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry
  • 4. Resort Boating DescriptionOur program is focused on your guests and your ultimatesuccessBoating is seamlessly integrated into your resort’s brand andservice strategyYour concierge/front desk will have your guests on the water inas little as 2 hoursBooking is easy with our proprietary scheduling software andcall centerCaptains and boats meet professional standardsBoating becomes part of your resort’s overall experience
  • 5. Concierge & Front Desk BenefitsIt’s fast and easy to get your guests on the waterYou will have dedicated captains with increased availabilityTrips will be scheduled anytime with our simple, web-basedformOr book your guests through our highly trained, friendlyreservation staffOur call center is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, 7 days a weekat your local timeWe also have an attractive, optional, concierge incentiveprogram
  • 6. Guest BenefitsA wide variety of boating excursions catered to their exact needs– eco-tours, fishing, corporate bonding, family reunion, partyand moreQuick and easy reservations with as little as a two hour noticeQuality experience with a trained, certified and professionalcaptainsClean and maintained boats for a pleasant experienceA new activity in addition to the traditional golf, tennis and spaoptions
  • 7. Resort BenefitsExpand your guest activities to attract more guests or extendtheir stayOffer a turn-key program that meets the needs of your guests,hotel personnel and operating budgetOffer a variety of high quality boating excursionsIncreased guest satisfaction through new and quality activitiesIncrease the opportunity for a guest to returnIncreased revenue per roomNo liability issues (2 layers of liability protection)Incentive program
  • 8. Quality CaptainsPartnered with Clemson University on the development of anextensive captain training programAll captains must go through our training classes and passstringent examinations in order to qualifyOur captains are trained on professionalism for a positive guestexperienceOur certified captains are trained to provide an accurateinterpretation of your areas ecology and historyWe understand what training each captain needs in order todeliver a great experience on the water – eco-tours, fishing,family reunion, etc.
  • 9. Your Guest Experience on the WaterWhatever they want, we will deliver:  Dolphin watching is always a family favorite  Couples enjoy relaxing and romantic sunset cruises  History tours, nature tours or in-shore or off-shore fishing  Boating as a great team-building activity for corporate groups  Or custom tours are available for your guestsAll excursions are tailored to the specific waterways and sightsunique to your area
  • 10. Other Boating OptionsNo other company executing the resort boating experience theway we areWe have created a boating formula specifically for luxury resortsWe offer captain selection and trainingWe continually monitor our captains and boatsWe solicit resort and guest feedback to make sure we alwaysdeliver a positive experienceNo one else is doing what we are doing…
  • 11. Incremental Revenue for YOUR Resort20% commission on every trip bookedAt a 750 room resort, your incremental profit is estimated at$76,000 per year…or more
  • 12. Why Resort Boating?It’s a new activity for your guests, in addition to traditional golf,tennis and spa activitiesWe offer a turn-key solution that is simple to integrate into yourcurrent activity strategy, and that takes only minutes to executeEverything is extremely professional – captains, boats, bookingformula and customer serviceYou will receive increased revenues without additional staffing oroverheadResort Boating is a great competitive advantageTested in a 5 star resort and city environment with a success rateof 17.2% growth per year