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A powerpoint walking church members through setting up a facebook page so the congregation of Desert Hills Presbyterian can utilize Facebook for church life activities and sharing.

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Desert hillsfacebooktraining

  1. 1. Desert Hills PresbyterianFacebook: Connecting membersconnecting lives
  2. 2. What is Facebook?- Facebook is a hugely popular website thatlets people connect with each other by sharingthoughts, ideas, photos and interests.With over 1 Billion users, every single one ofyou probably knows somebody who usesFacebook.-Kids, grandkids, neighbors, friends, co-workers, organizations and clubs.
  3. 3. How do I start?Do you have an email address you use?Do you already have a Facebook account? Ifnot, create one, using your name and an emailaddress.Add as little or as much information as youfeel comfortable with. (Settings allow you tocontrol who gets to see what)Most people add at least a profile picture,whether they are married, their birthday and afew personal interests.
  4. 4. I have a profile. Now how do I use this thing? Tell your family, friends and loved ones you are now on Facebook. Yes, you’re being serious. Use the search bar at the top-middle of the screen to find friends.
  5. 5. When you find somebody you want to “friend,” orconnect with, send them a friend request. Next timethey sign into Facebook, they’ll see the request.
  6. 6. The NewsfeedOnce you have a few Facebook friends, you’reready to begin using the site.Every time you go to Facebook, you will seeyour “newsfeed.” It lists all of the recentactivity of your friends and the pages you’veliked. Think of the newsfeed as windowshopping.Think of the newsfeed as window shopping ora chance to join a conversation betweenfriends.
  7. 7. Your TimelineEach person’s Facebook page is arranged sothe most recent posts and photos appear at thetop, like a vertical timeline.You can add items by date as far back asyou’d like. If you have photos from yourchildhood, you can add them with the date theywere taken and friends will see your timeline allthe way back to 19XX.
  8. 8. How to Keep Yourself Safe1) Use your privacy settings to control whosees what2) Be smart about what you’re sharing aboutyourself3) Only “friend” people you know well andtrust. This isn’t a popularity contest.
  9. 9. How to Keep Yourself Safe1) Use your settings to decide who gets to seewhat.
  10. 10. There’s very little reason to haveposts set to “public” instead of just your friends and family.
  11. 11. If for some reason you don’t want any interaction with a specific person, you can block them.There are also games and “apps” on Facebook. You might get invitations to use them. It’s all personal preference. -Comment sections on news websites
  12. 12. Keeping Yourself Safe2) Be smart about what you’re sharing aboutyourself-Travel plans-Home alone-Daily routine
  13. 13. Same goes for travel or routines. “Heading out for 3 hours of shopping.”“Cancun for a week of R&R! Can’t wait!”
  14. 14. Keeping Yourself Safe3) Only “friend” people you know well andtrust. This isn’t a popularity contest.
  15. 15. Whatever information you put out there can beseen by those you friend or can due to yoursettings.Information safety starts at the source.
  16. 16. How Desert Hills Will Use Facebook Church doesn’t have to just be on Sundays! Facebook can be an extension of congregational life! -Prayer requests -Announcements -Photos and stories from church events Bible study passages Lets local friends and family see that DHPC is here and all the great things we do as a congregation
  17. 17. If we want new members to come to DHPC,they’ll only come if we invite them, or if they hearabout us and want to look into us first.Younger people are more likely to look to socialmedia to find out more about our church.First impressions count! Photos of fun events,warm, inviting comments and discussion all painta welcoming, positive picture of who we are as achurch family.
  18. 18. Sign into FacebookSearch for Desert Hills PresbyterianVisit our pageHit LIKE!!!!