Usm eBook: How to Make Meetings and Events Awesome


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Learn how you can use technology to enhance your meetings and events and improve the participant experience.

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Usm eBook: How to Make Meetings and Events Awesome

  1. 1. How to Make Your Meetings and Events
  2. 2. Contents: 1. Lay the Foundation Build a Community 2. Choose Your Tech Tools Create an Event App Develop a Social Presence Incorporate Digital Technology 3. Turn Tools Into a Toolbox Integrate Tools for a Seamless Experience
  3. 3. Engage attendees so they walk away feeling event was valuable, enjoyable and memorable Build attendee engagement before, during and after event. Study feedback from prior events and information from current attendee registrations to determine the best ways to communicate with attendees. Why? • personalized event experiences • more relevant content • communication with attendees “where they live” • ability to facilitate networking opportunities Lay the Foundation Build your community before, during and after the event
  4. 4. ww . Steps to Engage Your Attendees now that’s awesome! Create an Event Webpage • registration, speakers, schedule, location, social links Develop an Event App • anywhere, anytime access to event information • maps, venue information, social communication, interactivity Establish an Event Hashtag • real-time conversation and sharing, drive event discussions, track and analyze conversation trends Create a Social Presence • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Integrate Virtual Technology • virtual event environments, social community, networking and learning Converge Your Resources for the Most Awesome Experiences • converge registration, website, mobile, community/networking and virtual extensions into a single solution.
  5. 5. Choose Your Tech Tools Meetings and Event App An app designed specifically for your event enables attendees to connect and communicate, network, receive immediate announcements, build their own event schedules, and more. App features: • Attendee lists • Speaker and exhibitor profiles • Schedules and session information • Interactive maps • Contact sharing and messaging • Social communication • Flight and hotel information • Venue and local city information • Gaming, contests, polling Wait! There’s more… App benefits: • Insight from your event through app analytics • Branding opportunities with custom apps • Ability to extend the life of your event • Reduced time and money printing event material • Attendee engagement through interactivity • Provide attendees with immediate updates Want to be awesome too? Click here to learn more!
  6. 6. Choose Your Tech Tools Social Media Use social media to promote your event, network, post updates, elicit feedback before, during and after your event. Platforms The most popular platforms are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube; however, you may want to consider photo sharing sites like Instagram or presentation sites like SlideShare as well. Twitter Create a customized event page or to post tweets about an event on your existing page. You can create a hashtag to create a conversation about the event, encourage attendees and sponsors to tweet live during events and post information about the event after it’s over. LinkedIn You can post events on your company LinkedIn page, set up a separate group, start a discussion about the event and post updates and information.
  7. 7. Facebook Facebook has some unique features to help promote meetings and events. The Milestones tab allows page owners to list events when they occurred in the past—for example, dates of past meetings and events. The Tagging feature allows certain posts to be featured, a great way to promote a current event. You can also customize your page, post contests and polls as well as updated information. Facebook’s event feature allows you to post the time, location and description of an event with an RSVP reply function. . Choose Your Tech Tools YouTube YouTube’s publishing platform includes features such as channels, comments, ratings and recommendations as well as integration with other social networks. You can post content for your event as well as videos from past events
  8. 8. Choose Your Tools Digital Technology Digital Technology Digital Technology’s benefits of economic value, global reach, reduced environmental impact and more dispersed workplaces, have driven the development of new tools for hybrid and exclusively virtual events. Today’s platforms offer virtual elements that allow participants to move around from room to room or across a trade show floor in a realistic 2D or 3D environment. Attendees can interact with presenters or other attendees, view presentations, network and chat with peers, download documents and more. With social sharing features, attendees and organizers can share information in real-time. Click here to see this awesome technology.
  9. 9. Choose Your Tools Optimize event registration with a customized tool with features that enhance the attendee experience make your job easier. An effective registration tool allow you to: • Link to your event site from your organization's website • Collect critical registrant data • Enable attendees sign up for different sessions • Brand the site for your event • Add custom data fields and feedback functionality • Access real-time reporting • Email or Text Features Custom Event Registration Tools Learn more about awesome custom event registration tools!
  10. 10. Combining all of these tools enables you to offer value-added products and services that helps your event stakeholders have an awesome experience. Create Your Toolbox Website : app download, links to event registration and virtual event Event app: schedules, speakers, maps, updates Event registration tool: app download, link to virtual site Virtual event environment: social features presentations networking Social Media: Updates, links, videos, networking
  11. 11. Request a custom demo of the USMotivation’s Meeting and Event Solutions. Find out more about making your next meeting and event awesome.