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Uscm 2012 part 2


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  • We try not to work with cities two years in a row
  • We try not to work with cities two years in a row
  • Transcript

    • 1. Jennifer Pahlka
    • 2.
    • 3. Making government work better for everyone with the people and power of the web
    • 4. What you don’t need: MORE TECHNOLOGY What you do need:A DIFFERENT APPROACH
    • 5. Peace Corps for Geeks
    • 6. 2012 Fellows
    • 7. 2012 Cities
    • 8. access
    • 9. Neighborhood data collection, the old way...
    • 10. Shareable software. Shareable practices.
    • 11. It’s not about the apps.
    • 12. Interfaces to government can be simple, beautiful and easy to use.
    • 13. Better, faster and cheaper.
    • 14. Show what’s possible and set a higher bar.
    • 15. Culture trumps strategy
    • 16. “They were mysteriousstrangers who came and taughtthe city’s staff that they had the magic in them all along.” -Jeff Friedman
    • 17. What now?
    • 18. MONUMMayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics
    • 19. 2014 Fellowship
    • 20. The Community is the Capacity: Work with your Brigade
    • 21. Above all:find, activate, support, andconnect your change agents
    • 22. Join the conspiracyCode for America
    • 23. “…what good governance and good society look like arenow inextricably linked to the digital.” - Tom Steinberg
    • 24. Join the conspiracyCode for America
    • 25. Aneesh Chopra
    • 26. Digital Infrastructure to Spur Productivity Wireless, “Gig” Networks Key to Unlock Future Growth Cloud Computing and Mobility Unlock Potential National Wireless Initiative (Wi3) US-Ignite Marquette, MI Cleveland, OH Source: ; “A Dozen Facts About Innovation,” Hamilton Project, August 2011
    • 27. Permitting Costs Inhibit Solar Growth We are Within Reach of $1 a watt cost by 2020 “Race to the Rooftop” “Crowdfunding” Solar Projects $12.5M Competition to Solar Mosaic Lower Costs Asian Resource Center (Oakland, CA) raised $100K from 134 investors to Competition designed to address $1BN install solar; will save $100,000 in “hidden tax” through permitting costs energy bills; awarded Dept Energy incubator grant Source:; Cleanweb Hackathon, Jan 22nd, 2012
    • 28. Want to Solve Food Deserts through Innovation? Sanofi US Diabetes and Maya Seeking “Alpha” Partners# Households no car & > 1 mi to store, 2006 Let’s build a Calling all Mayors! Send a note conveying your passion to solve Low-income preschool obesity rate, 2009 this problem to