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  • Companies that do make the investment in developing technology-enabled learning capabilities, the positive effects are felt in many ways: More efficient learning delivery Learning that is more easily adapted to changing conditions Learning that can be delivered regardless of location or schedule Learning that scales to reach more employees, with greater consistency And learning that has been proven to actually be more effective than classroom training in numerous studies And finally, learning that can be delivered with a lower cost per learner than traditional approaches. So that is why we’ve seen so many companies increasing their reliance on technology-enabled learning – even with the constraints on budgets and resources. And some interesting trends have emerged.
  • SkillSoft is recognized as a leader in the e-learning market by thousands of organizations, analyst firms and publications. (bullet points are self-explanatory)
  • The SkillSoft Leadership Advantage provides current and future leaders with a set of focused resources targeted at key leadership and management competencies. Recognizing that today's learners are busier than ever, SkillSoft’s Leadership Advantage was designed around targeted resources ranging in length from a few minutes to 15 minutes which, when combined, provide a comprehensive treatment of each competency in under 2 hours.
  • Drawing from the wealth of assets in the SkillSoft leadership library, each Leadership Advantage learning track includes a wide range of learning resources offering users choices, if they prefer to read a best selling book summary, watch a 5 minute video clip from through leader, or start a management meeting with a 10 minute leadership development moment on a critical topic. All of these assets are hand picked by the subject matter experts and organized into the must know experience, but also easily accessible for integrate into live workshops or facilitated sessions.
  • By drawing on collections like our Leadership Development Channel, ExecSummaries, and ExecBlueprints, we’re able to include compelling content from key leadership and industry thought leaders. This real world material ensures that the learning contents of the SkillSoft Leadership Advantage are not just theoretical, but practical as well.
  • Top 10 E-learning platforms of the World for Year 2011
  • Sidat Hyder e-learning

    1. 1. SIDAT HYDERe-LEARNING PROGRAMIn Partnership with
    2. 2. AgendaTraditional/Technological ApproachUnderstandingsE-Learning?Understanding & BenefitsSidat Hyder & SkillSoft?Company ProfileLeadership Advantage/SkillSoft PackagesProgram overview
    3. 3. The traditional approach• Classroom based• One time event• Apart from work• Inconsistent• Inflexible scheduling• Travel required• Impossible to scale, inefficientTechnology-Enabled Learning• Online or blended• Continuous• In the flow of work• Consistent• Anytime, anywhere• No travel required• Efficient, economical & scalableTechnology Enabled Learning
    4. 4. What is e-Learning?e-Learning is the use oftechnology to enablelearning/training, anytime andanywhereProvides access to courses,videos and books from all overthe world with a reach to morelearners at lower costPre & post online assessmentand learning pathsEnsure productivity and minimizetime away from workEliminate Scrap Learning
    5. 5. SIDAT HYDER MORSHED ASSOCIATES (SHMA) has a strategic alliance withone of the world’s leading e-Learning provider.• Offers a wide spectrum of courses, simulations, online books, videos, live virtualclasses• Currently has over 6,000 training courses in over 10 categories• Publications and Book Extracts from over 300+ business publishers and growing• Audios and Videos of reputed trainers and CEOs of Fortune 500 companiesspeaking on key management issuesIntroducing E-Learning Revolution in Pakistan
    6. 6. Market Leadership – 3,000 customers, 11+ million end-usersInnovation – $40-50m R&D invested annuallyExperience –numerous and tenured client facing expertsFlexibility – adaptable offerings and business termsDepth & Breadth - comprehensive e-learning portfolioThought Leadership – best of breed without aggregationQuality – repeatedly recognized and awardedGlobal Reach – present in 58 countries, support for 19 languagesCustomer Service – extremely high loyalty, year after yearResults – proven track record for business impact and ROISolutions and Expertise of this program help ourcustomers to deliver meaningful business resultsSkillSoft
    7. 7. IntroducWho ‘s Choosing SkillSoft Globally
    8. 8. SkillSoft Offers
    9. 9. • SkillSoft Leadership AdvantageSLA is intended for a senior audience targeted for CXOs, business leaders anddepartment heads and consists of online courses, business simulations, job aids (toaid in real time implementation), videos and quick talks from reputed businessleaders and management thinkers and online books and articles from SkillSoft’sown extensive library on the latest in leadership thought.• SkillSoft Select PlusSkillSoft Select Plus is somewhat general in scope as opposed to theLeadership Advantage package and provides access to 300 online courses fromwhich to choose, 500 book titles covering IT and Leadership topics, and 300 videoprograms from the Leadership Development Channel.SkillSoft Packages
    10. 10. A targeted, concise, rich-media treatment of key leadership competencies• “Must know” contents forcurrent leaders and high-potential future leaders• Concise learning tracksaddress key leadershipcompetencies• Combines foremost theorywith real-world application• Easy access andstreamlined navigation –access as much or as littleas you needSkillSoft Leadership Advantage
    11. 11. • Compelling content from keythought leaders• Summaries of top businessbooks• Executive Blueprints• Videos• Interactive Case Studies• Key Concepts• Tools and Leader LedActivities• Assessments• Social Collaboration withinGenius• Mobile access to manyprogram elements• And more . . .SkillSoft Leadership AdvantageSkillSoft Leadership Advantage
    12. 12. Bill GeorgeHarvardAnn Mulcahyfmr. CEO, XeroxSteven CoveyAuthorJohn KotterHarvardTom PetersAuthorLinda HillHarvardMarshall GoldsmithAuthorGary HamelAuthorRam CharanWhartonClayton ChristensenHarvardLynda GrattonLondon BusinessSchoolJeffrey ImmeltCEO, GEPatricia WoertzCEO, ArcherDaniels MidlandGeoffrey MooreAuthorMichael RaynorAuthorPat LencioniAuthorMichael HammerAuthorMichael TreacyAuthorBusiness School Faculty Thought Leaders, Authors, Speakers CEOsplus plusSkillSoft Leadership Advantage
    13. 13. Leading Organizations• Developing a BusinessExecution Culture• Leading Change• Leader as Motivator• Leading Innovation• Building and Leading TeamsStrategic Agility• Strategic Thinking• Globalization• Competitive Awareness &Strategy• Leading Organizational VisionAnalytical Skills• Problem-Solving & Decision-Making• Setting and Managing Priorities• Critical ThinkingManaging• Managing Performance• Developing People• Delegation• Coaching• Goal Setting• Hiring New Employees• New Manager TransitionsWorking with Others• Managing Conflict• The Emotionally IntelligentLeader• Influence and Persuasion• Listening• Leading Effective Meetings• Negotiating• Communicating Bad News• Managing UpwardRelationshipsSelf-Management• Ethics, Integrity & Trust• Accountability• Perseverance and Flexibility• Creative Thinking• Career Development• Work/Life Balance• DecisivenessTalent Management• Giving & Receiving Feedback• Managing Diversity• Attracting and RetainingTalent• Dismissing an EmployeeBusiness Acumen• Finance for non-FinancialManagers• Customer Focus• Project ManagementEssentialsLearning Tracks
    14. 14. SkillSoft Select PLUSThe courses available in SkillSoft Select Plus cover a range of needs which include:Business strategy & Operations (10+ Courses)Management & Leadership (30+ courses)Professional Effectiveness (35+ courses)Finance , Human Resources and Admin (30+ courses)Desktop Computer Skills (55+ courses)Operating systems and server technologies (10+ courses)Software Development (10+ courses)Web Technologies (30+ courses)Internet and Network Technologies (20+ courses)
    15. 15. Unlimited access to thousands of• Thousands of digitized business, technicaland engineering books, research reports,book summaries and best practices• Partnerships with 300+ publishers andanalyst firms• Web-accessible from any location at anytime for employees at all levels of anorganization• Complete search and browse functionalityfor targeted resultsBooks 24x7 solutions
    16. 16. • Quick Talks• Interviews• Learning Solutions• Presentations• Seminars• Clips from CEOs, ManagementTrainers, Authors etc.Unlimited access to thousands of videoscovering:Video Library
    17. 17. InterpersonalCommunicationBusiness WritingCross-culturalCommunicationNegotiating &InfluencingTimeManagementDealing withConflictCareerDevelopmentBalancingPersonal &Professional LifeCritical ThinkingDealing withChangeProfessionalEffectivenessManagementEssentialsManagingPerformanceDelegationCoaching &MentoringManagingChangeLeadershipEssentialsLeadingWorkforceGenerationsSuccessionPlanningManagement& LeadershipProject Mgmt.EssentialsIT Project Mgmt.ProjectIntegrationProject ScopeProject Time &Cost Mgmt.Project HRProject QualityProjectCommunicationProject RiskMgmt.ProjectProcurementTeam LeadingTeamParticipationProjectEffectivenessCustomerSupportSpecialistIT InfrastructureLibrary (ITIL)FoundationsCustomer ServiceEssentialsCustomerRelationshipMgmt.Consulting withInternal &External ClientsStrategicAccount SalesSkillsSelling at theExecutive LevelIndustryOverviewsSales &CustomerFinance for Non-Financial Mgrs.AccountingAuditingBudgetingHRCI HumanResourceCertifications(SPHR & PHR)InterviewingRecruiting &RetentionDiversityAdministrativeSupport SkillsFinance, HR &AdministrationSix Sigma- Overview- Green Belt- Black Belt- ChampionASQ CertifiedManager ofQuality/OrganizationalExcellenceStrategicThinkingMarketingEssentialsOperationsManagementSupply ChainManagementBus. Strategy &OperationsIntroducSample: Business Skills Courses
    18. 18. For Demo via LinkedInClick the link below
    19. 19. Learning Leader – 2007for KnowledgeCentersBest IT Content – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010Best Soft Skills Content – 2007, 2008, 2009Best Compliance Content – 2008,2010Highest Satisfactionlarge enterpriseLMS, 2007 Military Training TechnologyMagazine Top Training andSimulation Company, – Top 20 ITTraining Companies, 2008, 2009,2010Top 20 Learning Portal Companies 2010LearnX Asia PacificPlatinum Award, 2010;Gold Award, 2009Brandon HallExcellence in Learning TechnologyBest Advance in Virtual Classroom,2009Excellence Awards for: Best Learning Management System forSkillPort, Best Leadership Development Program for SkillSoftLeadership Advantage, and Best Soft Skills Content for SkillSoftBusiness Skills Library- 2010IntroducAWARDS
    20. 20. THANK YOUContact:Muhammad Usman BashirSidat Hyder Morshed Associates, BlueArea 051-2805401-3