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Progressive Presidents

Progressive Presidents






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    Progressive Presidents Progressive Presidents Presentation Transcript

    • Progressive Presidents
    • Who were the three progressive presidents?
      • Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson
    • How did Roosevelt become president in 1901?
      • Republican President McKinley was assassinated in 1901
      • The VP, TR became the nation’s youngest Pres ever at 42
    • How was TR's view of the role of the president different from Presidents before him?
      • Believed in strong, active government
      • Believed government should protect people from big business
      • Beginning of “big government”
    • What did TR mean when he said people would get a “square deal?”
      • Government would protect people from big business
    • What labor precedent did TR set in 1902?
      • Set up arbitration (negotiations) over a coal strike
      • Owners refused to negotiate
      • TR threatened to send in the Army & nationalize the mine
      • Gov’t could intervene if a strike threatened public welfare
    • What was TR’s belief about trusts?
      • Nicknamed “trustbuster”
      • Some could be good
      • Sued big businesses using the Sherman Anti-trust Act if the monopoly hurt the public
    • What was TR’s reaction to Sinclair’s The Jungle ?
      • He was grossed out
      • Pure Food & Drug Act required mandatory labeling
      • Meat Inspection Act enacted food inspection
      • More gov’t intervention in business
    • Why is TR considered the 1 st environmental president?
      • Active in conservation
      • Believed in preserving natural resources
      • Established the national parks system
    • What happened in the election of 1908?
      • Roosevelt chooses Taft as successor
      • Taft failed to live up to TR’s expectations
      • TR returned to run for President again in 1912
    • Who Ran in the election of 1912?
      • Taft won the Republican nomination
      • TR formed his own Progressive Party: “The Bull Moose” Party
      • Wilson got the Democratic nomination
    • Comparing TR’s “New Nationalism” to Woodrow Wilson’s “New Freedom.”
      • Names of the Platforms for each candidate
      • Both were progressive
      • Both believed govt should be more active in regulating business
      • New Nationalism (TR)
      • Some trusts beneficial
      • Only get rid of monopolies that hurt consumers
      • New Freedom
      • All trusts bad
      • Govt should restore competition
    • What happened in the election of 1912?
      • TR & Taft split Republican voters
      • Democrats were united: Wilson won